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Marjorie by Chuck Sperati Marjorie by Sep. 22, 2018 Free! 4,700 words Read a sample
A series of intertwined supernatural stories that will make you wonder where the darkness ends and the light begins. All small towns keep secrets, but in Coal Ridge when the secret gets out, it begins to feed…again.
Redemption by Stephanie Huesler Redemption by Sep. 22, 2018 $4.99 86,680 words Sample 15%
Mary Northing, beautiful and naive, embarks on an adventure into the Georgian society of Bath. Revolution is brewing in France, making military officers a romantic and intoxicating topic for every young woman looking to her future. Two men profess their love: One, the heir of a wealthy miser, and the other, the son of a nobleman. Will she be guided by vanity or listen to her heart?
End One: S1L0 by Boris D. Schleinkofer End One: S1L0 by Sep. 22, 2018 $2.99 19,250 words Sample 20%
There are no secrets. Everything leaks. And in the end, there’s no place you can hide from what you’ve done. General Maquino wanted to end civilization and rebuild it in his image. His plan required recruiting the best and brightest and promising them a place in the new world. The smartest of them were too smart for that. These are the Ends of the World.
The Art of Parsi Cooking: Reviving an Ancient Cuisine by Niloufer Mavalvala The Art of Parsi Cooking: Reviving an Ancient Cuisine by Sep. 22, 2018 $4.99 21,200 words
Born and raised in Karachi, Pakistan, Niloufer's love for food combined with extensive world travel from a young age inspired her to experiment with world cuisines. Niloufer gave her first cooking class to a group of school girls at the age of 17; loving the opportunity to meet new people who share her passion for food,
Still Waters: Masonic Meditations on the Book of Psalms by Jonti Marks Still Waters: Masonic Meditations on the Book of Psalms by Sep. 22, 2018 $6.99 34,960 words
A new book in the series of 'Masonic Meditations' by Jonti Marks, inspired by the Book of Psalms.
Polska Dziewczyna W Pogoni Za Angielskim Snem by Monika Wisniewska Polska Dziewczyna W Pogoni Za Angielskim Snem by Sep. 22, 2018 $3.99 85,210 words Sample 10%
Największym marzeniem Moniki było zamieszkać w Anglii. W 2004 roku podobnie jak wielu innych młodych ludzi decyduje się zrealizować to marzenie, rzucając się w objęcia przeznaczenia, wyjeżdżając w nieznane. Pomimo ogromnych wyzwań od samego początku, pozostaje nieugięta, przezwyciężając swe obawy i słabości, dzielnie zmierzając ku przeznaczeniu.
La fabrique by Saïd La fabrique by Sep. 22, 2018 Free! 3,990 words
À l'ombre de nos vies, des êtres d'esprit et de fiction ne rêvent que d'une chose : détruire la réalité en brouillant sa frontière avec la fiction.
Agony of an Orphan by Festus Top Agony of an Orphan by Sep. 22, 2018 Free! 13,740 words Read a sample
Victor sold out his brother’s children to enable him claims his inheritance which was be stored to his younger brother by their father. will he succeed? find out.
Los cuatro jinetes del Apocalipsis by Vidente Blasco Ibáñez Los cuatro jinetes del Apocalipsis by Sep. 22, 2018 $2.99 131,990 words
Esta novela, ambientada en 1914 en Francia, narra las vicisitudes de la Primera Guerra Mundial. El punto de vista es el de un argentino, neutral ante el conflicto aunque claramente decantado por el lado francés de los Aliados frente a Alemania. Debido a sus diferencias políticas, dos familias provenientes de un tronco común, los Desnoyers y los Von Hartrott, se enfrentan.
Calma y Tempestad by Cedric Daurio Calma y Tempestad by Sep. 22, 2018 $2.99 52,960 words Sample 10%
Un thriller romántico que te atrapará en su ritmo ascendente hasta su vertiginoso final. Al mudarse de Buenos Aires a Nueva York una pianista japonesa vive su dulce romance a la par que toma ciertas decisiones que la introducirán en el mundo donde sectas terroristas orientales batallan con los servicios de inteligencia japoneses. el torbellino resultante conduce a un alucinante desenlace
La Gaviota by Cecilia Böhl de Faber (Fernán Caballero) La Gaviota by Sep. 22, 2018 $2.99 93,000 words
La Gaviota es una creación literaria de la escritora hispano-suiza Cecilia Böhl de Faber, que firmaba sus obras con el seudónimo Fernán Caballero. Esta novela refleja la integridad humana y sus valores, y cómo desaparecen desplazados por el progreso del siglo XIX.
La Gaviota by Cecilia Böhl de Faber (Fernán Caballero) La Gaviota by Sep. 22, 2018 $2.99 92,990 words
La Gaviota es una creación literaria de la escritora hispano-suiza Cecilia Böhl de Faber, que firmaba sus obras con el seudónimo Fernán Caballero. Esta novela refleja la integridad humana y sus valores, y cómo desaparecen desplazados por el progreso del siglo XIX.
The Assassin by Suilan Lee The Assassin by Sep. 22, 2018 Free! 72,100 words Read a sample
Kian spills his strawberry milkshake on Daven at a Mall Food Court. Daven is caught between irritation and fear when Kian follows him to the men's bathroom. In mere minutes, Dr. Daven Noland meets Kian Raja, an Assassin with a warped sense of humor, and a valid contract with Daven's name.
Falgorin by Rod Briault Falgorin by Sep. 22, 2018 $2.99 194,110 words Sample 15%
Forcibly taken to the world of Falgorin, can Adam prevent its destruction, or will he too succumb to the malevolence? A dragon, an elf and magic are his allies.
Sea of Stars by Nicole Kimberling Sea of Stars by Sep. 22, 2018 $6.99 133,020 words
In a rising storm of magic with the power to strip away men’s souls, the thread of desire connecting three men could be the kingdom’s last lifeline… (Series previously published as Ghost Star Night and Heir of Starlight now combined in one volume.)
Making Mountains into Molehills by Heidi Sprouse Making Mountains into Molehills by Sep. 22, 2018 $3.99 70,020 words Sample 20%
Wyatt Henry has always been his brother’s keeper and learning how to be a horse farmer and a man above measure like his father. When Emmett jumps in to help a damsel in distress in a barroom fight, he suffers a severe head injury that leaves him blind. It nearly destroys him, taking Wyatt with him. While dealing with Emmett’s challenges, Wyatt will face a life-threatening illness of his own...
The Catch of Misee Sue by Mary Jane Bryan The Catch of Misee Sue by Sep. 22, 2018 $2.99 58,270 words Sample 20%
When Misee Sue makes a miracle baseball catch, no one sees it. Everyone thinks she’s lying. The title goes to the other team. Everyone totally ignores and shuns her. Then a farmer comes home from a week-long vacation, raving about the catch he saw Misee Sue make. Everyone runs to find Misee Sue, now convinced she was telling the truth. But the knowledge is bittersweet. It’s too late. She is gone.
Last Gasp by Howard Levine Last Gasp by Sep. 22, 2018 $3.99 83,050 words Sample 20%
Last Gasp—a novel that resonates with today’s politics—unfolds in a way that mingles personal and societal issues and intertwines the past and present while moving relentlessly forward.
Boston by Hannah Howe Boston by Sep. 22, 2018 $0.99 40,470 words Sample 20%
Boston is book fourteen in the Amazon #1 Sam Smith Mystery Series. Each book in the series contains a complete story and can be read as a stand-alone. Print length, 236 pages.
From, A Homosexual Hazard by Edwin Betancourt From, A Homosexual Hazard by Sep. 22, 2018 $2.00 7,950 words Sample 20%
This book features 15 monologues and scenes of a diverse group of Gay men all telling their own stories of Love, Relationships, Online Dating, Body Image Issues, TV Representation of Gay Men, Suicide, Abusive Relationship and many more!
Maid to the Mafia: Totally Captivated by Wanitta Praks Maid to the Mafia: Totally Captivated by Sep. 22, 2018 $2.99 42,150 words
Upon uttering the word coffee, Jenny Stone somehow finds herself paying off her father’s debt by working as a maid to the billionaire mafia boss, Giovanni Dente. Between serving him coffee and doing his dirty work, she finds she stuck in this intricate web that he binds around her. She wants to escape. But what can she do when her heart is totally captivated by him?
Good Samaritan—The Toby Garrison Chronicles, Book Two by Ellen Boyd Good Samaritan—The Toby Garrison Chronicles, Book Two by Sep. 22, 2018 $2.99 62,000 words Sample 20%
After his Uncle Jake agrees to one final mission for the US Army, Toby is forced to live with his Aunt Amy, Uncle Clayton, and their 13-year-old son, Asher until Jake is able to return. But Toby's new family may not be as squeaky clean as they appear—and this temporary living arrangement may turn out to be permanent when Jake is suddenly listed as MIA.
Scath Oran by Stacy Overby Scath Oran by Sep. 22, 2018 $1.99 6,620 words Sample 20%
The Wee Folk. The Fae. Fairies. Whatever you may call them, they have whispered secrets in this collection of poetry plucked from the halls of Tír na nÓg. But, be forewarned, not all is as it seems on a journey through the shining realm. Come, take a step into the fairy ring as songs of the Fae drift on the damp night air.
Torn: Tales from the ASAP by Tanya Cole Torn: Tales from the ASAP by Sep. 22, 2018 $2.99 46,260 words
In Memphis, Tennessee, there’s a thin line between love and hate. But when is going too far acceptable? In this tale of love, lust, lies, and deceit, you will find out just how deep love is willing to go.
The Last Priestess (The Chronicles of Hawthorn, Book 8) by Rue The Last Priestess (The Chronicles of Hawthorn, Book 8) by Sep. 22, 2018 $0.99 54,810 words
Her destiny has arrived. War is inevitable. The number of lives lost is up to her…
49 Excuses for Not Doing Your Chores by James Warwood 49 Excuses for Not Doing Your Chores by Sep. 22, 2018 $1.99 5,170 words
Does doing your weekly chores make your stomach churn? . . . Are your parents constantly chewing your ear off to vacuum the spare room? . . . Is your playstation going to play itself? . . . Then here’s 49 (extremely silly) excuses for not doing your chores! With an illustration for each haphazard attempt you're guaranteed to laugh, smirk, and chuckle for hours.
Gabriel's Fire by Lotchie Burton Gabriel's Fire by Sep. 22, 2018 $4.99 82,360 words
A race to save a life. A ruthless killer.Time is running out. Gabriel Cummings is trained to expect the unexpected. Until a rogue federal agent crosses his path, disrupts his life and challenges every lesson he’s ever learned. Beautiful. Defiant. Naomi James ignores the rule of caution. Tracking an elite criminal and hired assassin—alone, she gives new meaning to the phrase a dangerous woman.
The Guinevere's Tale Trilogy by Nicole Evelina The Guinevere's Tale Trilogy by Sep. 22, 2018 $9.99 302,990 words
Guinevere is remembered for her role as King Arthur’s wife and for her adulterous affair with Lancelot. But there is so much more to her story… Priestess. Queen. Warrior. Experience the world of King Arthur through Guinevere’s eyes as she matures from a young priestess who never dreamed of becoming queen to the stalwart defender of a nation and a mistress whose sin would go down in history.
Cuarenta y un relatos de terror y misterio by Luis Molina Aguirre Cuarenta y un relatos de terror y misterio by Sep. 21, 2018 $1.99 94,020 words Sample 20%
Estamos ante una recopilación de cuarenta y un relatos de terror compuesto por cincuenta y cinco capítulos que harán las delicias de los aficionados a la literatura de terror, suspense y misterio. Zombis, vampiros, hombres lobo, demonios, posesiones, monstruos de distinta índole…, serán los encargados de poblar las páginas de este libro que, a buen seguro, hará la delicias de cualquier lector.
La campaña libertadora de 1819 Tomo II by Documentos Históricos de Colombia La campaña libertadora de 1819 Tomo II by Sep. 21, 2018 $7.99 167,340 words Sample 20%
Tomo II de III, La Campaña Libertadora de 1819, que concretó la independencia de la Nueva Granada de la corona española y abrió el espacio para que Simón Bolívar iniciara a materializar por medio de la Gran Colombia y luego con la independencia de Perú y Bolivia, su sueño de Unión Panamericana, que se perdió por problemas políticos internos, mezquindades, y visiones parroquiales de caudillos.
The Easter Eggs by Tracey Williams The Easter Eggs by Sep. 21, 2018 $5.00 150 words Sample 20%
Ms. Bunny lost her eggs to Mr. Mouse and spoil her party. Find out what happen!
Galaxies and Oceans by N.R. Walker Galaxies and Oceans by Sep. 21, 2018 $3.99 86,880 words Sample 20%
Between Aubrey’s love of the stars and Patrick’s love of the ocean, these two fragile hearts must navigate new waters. If they can weather the storm of their pasts, they could very well have a love that eclipses everything.
A Belly Full of Baby Tigers by Akita StarFire A Belly Full of Baby Tigers by Sep. 21, 2018 $2.99 15,040 words Sample 5%
Dravin, the were-mouse king, never wanted to rule. That was what alphas were for. But the fate of the kingdom was thrust upon him. Now, he must secure his position before his banished brother seizes the throne from right beneath his nose. But fate had other plans. (cont)
Pied Piper's Song : A Psychological Thriller by Noah Alexander Pied Piper's Song : A Psychological Thriller by Sep. 21, 2018 Free! 15,630 words Read a sample
A serial killer is on a morbid mission to kill children. His weapon of choice - The Blue Whale Challenge
Three Cakes by Kim Davis Three Cakes by Sep. 21, 2018 $1.99 7,040 words Sample 20%
When Chicago ophthalmologist Patrick Holt meets transplanted southerner Clayton Teal at a dinner party, the attraction between them is immediate and mutual. Two men bond over Patrick’s love of food and Clay’s love of cooking. But Patrick and Clay soon realize tasty dinners and delicious desserts aren’t enough to make a relationship work. Can Clay and Patrick keep their romance from falling flat?
Hearts at Sea by Cristina Bruni Hearts at Sea by Sep. 21, 2018 $2.99 14,270 words Sample 20%
Benjamin Scott is a fearless sea captain with a broken heart. During a fierce battle he witnessed the death of his best man Jack, who died before Ben could confess his love. In Gibraltar, he happens to run into John, who bears an uncanny resemblance to his lost love. Friendship grows into love. Will Benjamin find the courage to confess his love this time before losing John, as well?
Carnival Cowboy by Temple Madison Carnival Cowboy by Sep. 21, 2018 $3.99 21,380 words Sample 20%
At the end of a bloody trail, Johnny Redd finds an incredible secret. When he’s shot, he falls under the care of a man -- er, woman --named Frenchy Starr. She’s a mystery, a dangerously beautiful mystery, and Johnny slowly becomes ensnared in her trap. But a jealous fan shoots Frenchy, leaving Johnny heartbroken. He leaves in search of something to fill the hole she left ... and meets Kit Dalton.
At Long Last: Scott and Preston by Shawn Lane At Long Last: Scott and Preston by Sep. 21, 2018 $3.99 33,530 words Sample 20%
Preston Reynolds feels the same attraction for Scott Trask that he felt years earlier. Scott is as interested in Preston and they begin a passionate affair. Scott is sure he can handle Preston wanting to keep their life a secret but he’s wrong. Yet when Preston promises to change, there is hope. Preston must learn to accept their love at long last or risk losing Scott forever.
A Secret to Die For by Edward Kendrick A Secret to Die For by Sep. 21, 2018 $4.99 40,540 words Sample 20%
Brian was an average guy until he became the heir to his grandfather Alistair's fortune. There was a proviso, however. He had to live in Alistair's house for a year first. Alistair's confidant, Conley, had a deep secret and part of it required Brian in his life -- as a friend. However, Conley and Brian fell in love. That small problem would impact their lives in ways neither of them could imagine.
The Photograph by Andrew P. Jackson The Photograph by Sep. 21, 2018 $2.99 70,490 words Sample 10%
Death doesn't have to be the end. It just takes good planning.
The Pugilist at Rest by Gordon Phillips The Pugilist at Rest by Sep. 21, 2018 $3.99 20,410 words Sample 20%
Ian is intrigued by the idea of “servicing” straight guys and contacts Shawn. The two connect, and Ian hopes something might develop. Then Shawn dies unexpectedly. Now Ian faces the suspicions of the investigator Glen. Things heat up between them, but the cop is keeping secrets from him. Will Ian still be interested when he discovers why Glen initiated things between them in the first place?
Rekindled Love by Jodi Hutchins Rekindled Love by Sep. 21, 2018 $2.99 14,680 words Sample 20%
Kelly feels she's finally found her spot in life ... until the familiar face of her high school crush and estranged friend Reese ignites an old blaze of feelings within her. The two haven’t spoken in years and she still holds tight to the guilt surrounding the situation that ended their friendship. Will Kelly let this guilt muddle the potential rekindling of their old romance?
Just Say the Word by Elizabeth L. Brooks Just Say the Word by Sep. 21, 2018 $4.99 45,260 words Sample 20%
New to the BDSM scene, Gabe is a switch who flips between stern Dom and sweetheart sub, which makes him perfect for his more experienced boyfriend, Tom. But not everything goes smoothly as they explore their new dynamic. Will Gabe embrace the lifestyle, or ask for it all to stop?
Horseplay by Kassandra Lea Horseplay by Sep. 21, 2018 $1.99 10,310 words Sample 20%
Derrick has a strong attraction to his riding instructor Seth. But is pursuing the May/December romance worth risking his riding career? Seth is winding down for the day when there’s a knock at his door. It’s Derrick, soaked, shivering, and in need of assistance. Maybe there really is something to the whole teacher/student fantasy?
Ketsumeidan by Mark Morey Ketsumeidan by Sep. 21, 2018 $3.95 159,030 words Sample 20%
Japan in the early 1930s is suffering badly after a decade of economic depression. Young geisha Aiko Orikasa is convinced Japan is moving towards war in Asia, and ultimately a war with America. Aiko forms an alliance with police inspector Yuudai Sato, and together they work against a military determined to take Japan to total war. But forces are working against them as Japan goes to war in China.
Elemental by K.L. Noone Elemental by Sep. 21, 2018 $2.99 13,050 words Sample 20%
Author Daniel Rose has run out of inspiration on this dark and stormy night -- but then an adorable young man knocks at his door and announces that their building needs an exorcism. Sterling Friday’s a very good clairvoyant but less good at spells, and he could use some help; he’s hoping Dan won’t turn him away. And on a night full of magic, rain, and ghosts, the attraction’s elemental.
Solomon's Dreams - The Hunting at Huntington by Eric Suddoth Solomon's Dreams - The Hunting at Huntington by Sep. 21, 2018 $5.99 104,070 words Sample 15%
What if your dreams of last night became your reality for today?
Staying the Course - October 1967 to September 1968, United States Army in Vietnam Combat Operations, Official Comprehensive History of Battles in Southeast Asia Against Viet Cong and North Vietnamese by Progressive Management Staying the Course - October 1967 to September 1968, United States Army in Vietnam Combat Operations, Official Comprehensive History of Battles in Southeast Asia Against Viet Cong and North Vietnamese by Sep. 21, 2018 $7.99 283,340 words Sample 3%
Staying the Course describes the twelve-month period when the Viet Cong and their North Vietnamese allies embarked on a new and more aggressive strategy that shook the foundations of the South Vietnamese state and forced the United States to reevaluate its military calculations in Southeast Asia.
MAS QUE VENCEDORES, 7 Pasos Para Ser Un Victorioso by Walter Hugo Sanchez, Sr MAS QUE VENCEDORES, 7 Pasos Para Ser Un Victorioso by Sep. 21, 2018 $2.99 10,660 words Sample 20%
MAS QUE VENCEDORES, 7 Pasos Para Ser Un Victorioso, es. Es un libro breve pero es una poderosa herramienta donde vas a encontrar las armas para vencer las grandes batallas que puedas estar enfrentando en tu vida. Animo, motivación, perseverancia, inspiración, fortaleza y sobre todo FE son algunas de las características que identifican a un vencedor y victorioso. Adelante tu eres uno/una de ellos.
Saving Eridu by Ravek Hunter Saving Eridu by Sep. 21, 2018 $4.99 91,380 words Sample 10%
Mysterious symbols written in the blood of murder victims, a respected government official no longer in possession of his own will, a High Priest clever enough to work the political system and ruthless enough to dispatch anyone who gets in its way. The list of challenges facing Namzu, High Priest of Eridu, is as long as it is daunting. In the end, his very survival will be at stake.