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You need to know

By Godsplan Kelechukwu Ugwuja

Copyright 2019 Godsplan Kelechukwu Ugwuja

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If knowledge is power.... And power is the ultimate.

Then it stands to reason that knowledge also, is the ultimate.

Knowledge is everything.






1. Who are you?- Recognize your identity

2. Dealing with inferiority complex - It’s in you

3. Underachievement - An insidious killer

4. According to the time of life - The need for patience

5. Why worry when you can pray? - Kicking the habit of worrying

6. Fear - The greatest assassin of dreams

7. Persistence and Perseverance - Necessary traits for success

8. Indecision - A major cause of stagnation

9. Forgive, forget and move on - It’s not worth it

10. Procrastination - The thief of time

11. How do you handle criticism? - It will define you

12. Love - The greatest of them all

13. Hope - The essence of life

Epilogue - All He wants is you


Author’s Note


I dedicate this book to you.

Because picking up this book to read shows your desire for knowledge.

It shows that you indeed realize that you really need to know.


First and foremost, I give all the glory to the Almighty God for his grace, love, mercies upon my life and family. I also thank Him for giving me the inspiration to write this book.

I would also like to appreciate my parents – Mr and Mrs Ugwuja, for their unflinching support during the course of writing and publishing this book. I also give a special mention to my siblings for their continued support.

I also extend my gratitude to Dr, Mrs Ifeoma .I. Onwumelu (Phd) for taking the time to painstakingly review this book and to also foreword it.

I also appreciate my pastor Rev D.E Otunji for his invaluable input in my life – both physically, spiritually and all round.

May the good Lord richly bless you all.


In the times we are currently in, it is disheartening to find a generation caught up in a quagmire of social, moral, economic and spiritual struggles, which has an unpalatable spill-over effect. Concomitantly, the almost eroded culture of reading, studying and writing is almost at the point of extinction.

Interestingly, the motivational articles in this book, written by a vibrant youth, are a soothing encouragement that all is not lost. There is hope for this upside down generation to get connected to the old time generation given to reading. The messages in this book You need to know are basically God-oriented. This makes this book to be rich, healthy, prophylactic and therapeutic to any reader – young or old, educated or not, christian or not. This work is truly generic.

With this, a clarion call is being sent out to a confused, deceived and ill-occupied generation to drop the cloak of lousiness, day-dreaming, secret cults and violence and instead, embrace the appropriate utilization of their God-given talents, regardless of age.

I sincerely commend the author of this book for his display of intelligence, wisdom, knowledge, divine inspiration and the understanding of human frailties so as to tactfully attack them and sagely proffer solutions. I am therefore highly pleased to recommend this book for circulation and use in churches, schools, banks, hotels and other places where people can easily be accessed.

- Dr. Mrs Ifeoma .I. Onwumelu (Phd).


Every one’s life – man, woman, boy, girl – is defined by the choices they make. Your life is a product of your choices and beliefs. The things you see unfolding in your life, career, academics etc are as a result of the choices you made and the decisions you took some time in your past. The things that will ultimately take shape in your life will also be brought about by your choices and decisions sometime in the future.

Your choices - not chance - are what will define you in the long run. This does not mean that external factors like luck and other circumstances - some beyond your control – will not affect your life in one way or the other, but the majority of the things you experience results from your prior choices and decisions.

The choices a person makes distinguishes him or her from his or her peers and contemporaries. The right choices make a man outstanding in his life and endeavors while the wrong decisions will certainly ruin a person’s life, destiny, career etc. The articles in this book have been written to help you make the right choices and decisions as you journey through life.

The points in this book are presented in a simple to understand and very matter-of-factly manner, that jumps at you but aren’t too obtrusive. There are no complex or esoteric solutions in this book. Some people believe that the more complex a thing is, the better it is. Well, I am not a member of that school of thought. I believe that simplicity is elegance. The simpler a thing is, the more beneficial it is to the greater majority.

I am therefore thoroughly confident that after carefully reading this book, you would have known a lot of the things you need to know in order to make better decisions and choices. Truth is, there is no limit to the accumulation of knowledge. You always need to know.

Perhaps, the most important factor in making astute decisions is the quantity of information (how much you know) and the quality of information (how much of what you know is relevant) available to an individual. It has been widely said that knowledge is power, and this is very true because who you know may get you the job but it is ultimately what you know that will keep you in that job.

Therefore, access to the right quality and quantity of information is imperative to the success of any individual and that is what this book expertly offers – in spades. The beauty of the whole thing is that this book not only tells you what you should do but it also goes ahead to reveal and itemize how you should do it. Wonderful, isn’t it?

What are some of these things which you need to know? First, you need to discover who you are. If you don’t understand your kind of person, don’t be surprised to find yourself walking aimlessly through life. Why you must recognize your identity and how to do this are discussed in chapter 1.

Next, you need to know the cause for the complex of inferiority in a person. An inferiority complex does not develop because you are somehow less than others. It develops because you think you are somehow less than others. More on this and how to break out of the bondage of inferiority complex will be handled in chapter 2.

Also, you need to be aware of how deceptively deadly underachievement is - it kills without seeming like it kills. This is because when you underachieve, you are actually doing something, but the bummer is that it is not nearly enough. Chapter 3 has more details.

You need to take cognizance of the need for patience - the need to slow down once in a while. A lot of us are actually too busy for our own good. Motion doesn’t always bring about movement. Check out chapter 4 if you’d like to know more about this.

You need to know just how devastating excessive worrying is and how to massively reduce the extent of your worries. Note that I said reduce, not eliminate. Only a dead man has no worries. Sometimes the best we can do is to put these worries in check and to ensure that we control them and not the other way around. Chapter 5 contains ways of check-mating our worries.

You need to know how stifling fear is and how to suppress your fears and become fearless. Yes, those fears can be effectively handled. You can be rid of them. Chapter 6 has practical ways of doing this.

You need to know that to succeed at virtually anything requires continuous efforts, trials and retrials. This is where persistence and perseverance become indispensable. If you give up after a few defeats, you’ll achieve very little in life. Chapter 7 deals extensively on these brothers-in-arms.

You need to be made aware of the fact that being indecisive is one major reason why so many people don't make progress in life. They keep vacillating like a pendulum, wasting everybody’s time – theirs included. You can learn to be more decisive though. It’s a skill that can be acquired. In chapter 8, you’ll find ways to overcome indecision.

You need to know the need to forgive offences and move on, holding on to wrongs done to you is not worth it - trust me. It may not be easy but it’s absolutely necessary. Also, you must learn to forgive yourself, that’s the only way you can move on with your life. Chapter 9 has more on forgiveness.

You need to know that the habit of procrastination steals valuable time from you. It makes opportunities go begging because you are waiting to do it later. You also need to know how you can stop being a tomorrow or later kind of person. Chapter 10 is there to guide you.

You need to know the proper way to handle criticism because how you handle criticism determines how far you'll eventually go in life. You can’t control what people will say about you. The only thing you can control is how it affects you. You want to know how to properly handle criticism? See chapter 11 for more details.

Maybe above all, you need to know that love should be the nucleus of our lives, actions and interactions. Love should guide our actions, thoughts, lives and all. Only Love can make the world a better place. Chapter 12 expanded this further.

You need to understand that hope is the one thing we can’t lose, no matter how bad things get. It’s the only thing that’ll get you through the darkest nights. Hope is the essence of life. Chapter 13 has more on this.

You see, my deepest fear, your deepest fear, our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate but that we are powerful beyond measure. We ask ourselves, “who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?” Actually, who are you not to be? We are born – all of us – to make manifest the glory of God which is within us.

That is the whole purpose of this book. The major reason I wrote this book is to help you make manifest the glory of God, which is within you. It is to help you unleash your potential and to live a fulfilled life. Even as you read on, I wish you a very successful journey through life. As you heed and apply the things you are about to know to your life, I wish you everything you wish yourself. BON VOYAGE!!!

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The most important discovery a man can make is self-discovery”.

Ugwuja Godsplan Kelechukwu

The question above is probably the most frequently asked questions ever, but still a great number of people do not even understand the question. I bet that if I walk up to you and ask you outright, “who are you?” you would begin and end by telling me your names and probably your titles, wouldn’t you?

However, the question above goes way beyond mere names, titles and designations. The question above is simply asking, “What do people know you for? What do you stand for? What can be said about you? What is your legacy? And above all, what is your identity?”

The question is asking, “Are you an honest man? Are you a cheat? Are you a man of integrity? Are you a thief? Are you a man who loves peace? Are you a woman who stands for what is right and fair? Are you a person who cares for his or her neighbor? Are you hot-tempered? Are you a person who loves God? Who exactly are you? ”

When the seven (7) sons of Sceva were confronted by the demon in Acts 19:15, the demon said to them, “Jesus I know and Paul I know, but who are you?” The demon was simply asking for their identity and since they had none, they were disgraced.

Do you know who you are? Can you really explain your personality? Have you discovered your identity? Do you know your strengths, weaknesses, abilities and limitations? Do you even know what you can or cannot do? Have you discovered your gifts and talents?

A person who does not know his or her identity will not do anything worthwhile in life. Such a person cannot and will not amount to much. How can you get something done if you don’t even know that you can do it? How can you affect people’s lives with your songs, when you have yet to realize that you can sing?

If you don’t know your weaknesses, how do you avoid them? If you don’t know your limits, how would you know where and when to stop and sit back? For instance, if you don’t know that you are strong enough to lift up a bag of cement, you will never get around to lifting it. If you don’t know who you are, those who have discovered their identity will easily kick you about.

I ask you again, what is your identity? Who do your friends and colleagues know you as? If someone were to make enquiries about you at your workplace or in your neighborhood, what report would your co-workers and neighbors give about you? Can people refer to you as a man or woman of good repute even in your absence? Can your works speak for you? What mark have you left on your family, friends, community etc?

Do you affect the people around you positively or negatively? Do you make people’s lives easier or are you a burden? Are you someone whose absence would be felt? Remember that if your presence does not add value to people, your absence would make no difference. What are your strengths, your weaknesses, your capabilities, and your limitations? What are your talents? What is your skill set? What are your natural abilities and endowments? Just what exactly is it that you can do?

Dorcas’ works spoke for her. The widows gave a favorable report about her. The Bible even described her as “a woman of charitable works” in Acts 9:36. Ahab was described as “a king who did evil in the sight of the Lord above all that were before him” (1 kings 16:30). David was said to be “a man after God’s heart” (1 Sam 13:14). Job was referred to as “a perfect and upright man, one who fear God and eschewed evil” in the book of Job 1:1. Noah was written of as “a just man, perfect in his generation and he walked with God” (Gen 6:9).

There are several of such reports in the Bible, some good and some bad. We know these men and women from their respective reports. These reports succinctly tell us about the lives and times of these people. Now, supposing a book is written about your life, what would be in it? How would you be portrayed? How would you be described? I ask you again, who exactly are you?

Who do you say you are? Who do men say you are? Who does God say you are? May I point out that God’s report about you is the most important and valid one. He knows you more than you could possibly know yourself – He created you after all.

Two very important questions you need to answer, do you know who you are? Do you know who God says you are? Who God says you are is your true identity – recognize it. As respected philosopher Aristotle once sagely said, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom”.

So you’re probably wondering how to discover who you are, right? I’ll tell you how. The best and most certain way is by praying. This entails asking the creator of all things – yourself included – to reveal to you who you are. You can ask God to reveal to you who he created you to be. The Holy Spirit will reveal who you are meant to be if only you can ask Him in prayer and then listen when He speaks.

Going further, here are six questions you need to honestly and carefully answer in order to discover who you really are. (Heads-up; some of these questions are not new. You've probably seen them before).

1) If you had all the money you'd ever need, who would you be?

Although it shouldn't be so, the reality is that money is a big determinant of the kind of things a lot of people find themselves doing and the kind of people so many of us find ourselves being. Money determines who so many of us are presently. So many people today live fake lives because it brings in the cash.

A lot of people are living lives that they know are in dissonance with who they really are just because that lifestyle pays the bill. I know people who are still labouring with jobs that give them little or no satisfaction, just because the job puts food on their table.

Now, let's do something fairytale-like and suppose that your fairy god-mother appears to you out of nowhere, swirls her magic wand and poof! you just happen to have all the money you're ever going to need throughout your life. Let's just imagine that there's absolutely no danger of you going broke ever again. Please, just humour me and actually imagine being so rich that your wealth puts Solomon's wealth to shame. It shouldn't be too hard.

Now in that your alternate reality, what kind of person are you? What kind of things do you do with all that wealth? Who are you over there on earth 2? That person is the real you. This is because money is the great revealer of everyone's real identity. Wealth brings out everyone's true nature. Power is the ultimate litmus test of every man's actual self.

I'll know who you really are when crazy money enters your pocket. A man may be humble when he has nothing. Give him money though - lots of money - and you'll get to know for sure if he is truly a humble person. That's why you see people who are nice and caring when they haven't made it big. But immediately the big bucks start to roll in, you see their true nature. That's when you'll see that they are selfish and cruel people.

You see, it's what you do when you have the power to do and undo at will that spells out your true identity. Power doesn't actually change people or intoxicate them as we always say. Power isn't beer or vodka. Power only removes the inhibitions he or she had before, revealing his or her true self. Power removes restrictions, giving the individual the means and the opportunity to do all those things which he or she had always wanted to do, but didn't have the means or opportunity to.

It's your behaviour when you have it all that shows who you really are. So I ask again; if you had all the money you'd ever need in your lifetime, who would you be? What kind of things would you do with all that money? If you become as wealthy as Bill Gates tommorow, what kind of life would you lead? What kind of person would you be? That's the real you.

2) What would you do or who would you be if you know that you can’t fail?

The risk of failure terrifies most people. How many times have you wanted to change jobs or careers, move to a new city, promote a cause that is important to you or become an expert in a certain field, but couldn’t or didn’t because you were afraid that you may fail?

Now think about it, no risk of failure. If you are 100% certain that you could do anything or be anything you wanted and not fail, what would you do? Who would you be? That person is the real you.

3) What is your ninety (90) seconds personal description?

Supposing someone who is meeting you for the first time asks you to describe yourself in a minute and a half, without any prior notice or information. What would be your impromptu speech? What would be the first things about your personality that would come to your mind? Those things most likely points to the kind of person you are.

How would you describe yourself so that the person asking the question truly understands who you are and what things are important to you? What is your impromptu bio? That's the real you.

4) What are your core personal values?

Your personal values are the things you believe are crucial to the way you live. They are the codes and principles by which you live. They give a reference for what is beneficial, important, useful, desirable, expendable, destructive etc. Once you are able to determine exactly what values are most important to you, you can better determine your priorities, goals, dreams and ambition.

Your personal values are also a blazing arrow that point out just the kind of person you are. If, for instance, speaking the truth in every situation is a core personal value of yours, you can rightly conclude that you are a man or woman of integrity. So if you want to know who you are, examine your core personal values.

5) What makes you genuinely happy?

Find out those things that make you really happy or excited. They are very close to your personality and they indicate who you are meant to be. For example, if speaking to people is something that always lifts your spirits, then a public speaker is most likely who you are or who you are meant to be.

Also, the things that make you genuinely happy are most often closely linked to your core personal values. For instance, if your family is one of your core values, then taking a job that involves a lot of traveling would definitely not make you happy.

The things that make you happy are your passion. Who you are or who you are meant to be is your purpose. Your purpose always follows your passion. If you can determine what things genuinely lifts your spirit, you are close to discovering your identity.

6) What sustains your interests?

Your interests include your passion, hobbies and anything that draws and holds your attention over a sustained period of time. To figure out your interests, ask yourself these questions; “What do I pay attention to for a lengthy period of time without any decline of enthusiasm? What am I always curious about? What gives me concerns each time I come across it?”

Your passion and interests point the way to the kind of person you really are. For instance, if your passion is to help people or you are always interested in alleviating suffering, then you are most likely meant to be a humanitarian of some sort. If you are always concerned about lost and perishing souls out there in the world, you are very likely an evangelist.

I advise you to thoroughly think through and even re-think your answers. The questions are somewhat tough but are necessary in order to really understand yourself on a deeper level. Answering these questions require a great deal of introspection and soul searching. Take out a notebook and write down your answers to each question and then go over your answers again and again. The need to understand one’s self is paramount and cannot be over-emphasized. This is probably why renowned philosopher Socrates once stated unequivocally, “Man, know thyself”.

At this point, I’d like to recommend that you read Tim Lahaye’s book Why you act the way you do. This book would open your eyes and mind to understand the importance of your temperament. Your temperament is the most basic description of who you are. It is the most vivid indicator of the kind of person you are. Your temperament influences everything you do. Your temperament is who you are.

The thing is, you need to know why you act the way you do!


1) “When I discover who I am, I will be free”.

- Ralph Ellison

2) “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”.

- Mahatma Gandhi

3) “The easiest thing to be in the world is to be yourself”.

- Anonymous

4) “Whatever you are, be a good one”.

- Abraham Lincoln

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