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Meandering Fall of Wisdom Theory

Copyright 2019 Smashwords edition

By Gary Hawkes

November ‘18

An assessment of the past two

What a novel time to not think of it

And ponder what’s ahead

Given the obvious absurdities

Of what has proceeded

Where does this lead

So fast have things crumbled, ripped and decayed

What will we leave those that follow us

Other than horrifying dismay

Such a strange

If I’d known, back in the day

How unfortunately lame

What would I say

Get up, get on out

Before it’s too late

But instead, here I am

Living day to day

And in the present

Assessing the last two

Over there, it’s as low as low

Here, a sullen resolve

Can we continue to evolve?

Or sink further into the abysmal bog

Such a dire funk, thinking of the last two

But cheer’s to the present

And a hopefully a brighter future

This path might just get there

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