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Introducing Cravings

CRAVINGS: RECIPES FOR ALL THE FOOD YOU WANT TO EAT by Chrissy Teigen (with Adeena Sussman) is a bestselling recipe book. Written by the model known for her Sports Illustrated swimsuit photos, the recipe book does not at first sound exciting to food enthusiasts who are always on the lookout for recipes created by the best chefs. But Teigen had been cooking, collecting, and Instagramming her favorite recipes in the past years that her followers started asking her to share more and keep sharing. She has been talking about her recipes whenever she's doing her modeling or appearing on TV shows. This book is the result of all her efforts and her passion for food. She shares the dishes that she cooked up for family dinners, for date nights, for parties, and for feel-good moments when she or somebody close to her is feeling down. In her Introduction, she right away admits that she may not be the ideal person to be writing a cookbook because of her fondness for fast-food, her Waffle House adventures, and her Taco Bell Thanksgiving dinner. But she says she is doing it anyway because of many reasons. She says food has always been her second language since she was small. As a little girl, she used to fall asleep wearing her chef's hat or her "mom's chile pepper apron with oven mitts on." She admires her mother for cooking great food without using the kitchen tools and gadgets that other people had in their kitchens. She spent her childhood watching her Thai mother work in the kitchen. After her Introduction, she includes a section on basic cooking guidelines that will help readers in the kitchen. She says she is putting this section, titled Before You Start Cooking because she wished others told her some basics when she was a beginner cook. She specifies the kind of salt she uses and how to use salt. She says freshly ground pepper is incredibly flavorful compared to ground pepper stored in a jar. She identifies different kinds of chile sauces she uses in her dishes. She also gives tips on how to use parmesan cheese, on how to toast nuts, the basic knife cuts, and some basic measurements. The book is divided into the following sections: Breakfast All Day, Soupmaster, Salads (For When You Need Them), Noodles and Carbs, Thai Mom, Party Time, Sh*t on Toast, Vegetable Things, Things that Intimidate People But Shouldn't, and Supper. She ends the book with Acknowledgments and an Index. The book features beautiful food photography that often includes her. She is shown working in the kitchen, holding greens or eating chicken legs while her equally famous husband John Legend watches her. She tells stories of her childhood and how she spent time sitting cross-legged on the kitchen counter, "an annoying trait I still possess," she says. She buttered many piles of crackers for her father's chicken soup while in this position. She also ripped bacon for her mother's scalloped potatoes in this same kitchen counter. She says she pretended to hate her mother's exotic fish sauce when her friends were with her. She has memories of debating her father about flaky pastry. Thai food, homemade dishes, and TV dinners shaped her food choices. No wonder that her favorite place in the house is the kitchen, which has to be "completely open and social." Her heart is in the kitchen and thinks it should be the heart of any home. She makes candid statements about her kitchen lifestyle. cooking. "I am not lying when I tell you I can hang out in the kitchen for twelve hours straight without stopping," she says. She also reveals her feelings and state of mind while in the act of cooking: "When I am cooking, I am in the moment. I'm very slowwww…" She reads recipes repeatedly, sips wine, munches, sips other kinds of alcohol, munches more, and so on. "Cooking is my peace," she says.

Publisher’s Weekly lauds her “self-deprecating wit and down-to-earth charm” which shows her enthusiasm and passion for home cooking. Jezebel applauds the book’s near-pornographic images” featuring the author’s mouth-watering food. Eater review likes Teigen’s sense of humor and self-awareness. She presents herself as a cooking enthusiast and not to be compared to food experts. Saveur likewise cites her humor, saying that readers will laugh out loud while reading the cookbook, though its the recipes that will entice readers to keep coming back. Bon Appetit review says the cookbook has realistic recipes. It reminds readers “not to judge a cookbook by its cover.”

Cravings is a New York Times bestseller and hailed by Publishers Weekly as “the second-best selling cookbook of the year.” SELF calls it “Maybe the best celebrity cookbook of all time.” Epicurious cited it as one of the Best Cookbooks of 2017.

Discussion Questions

Get Ready to Enter a New World”

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question 1

She admits that she may not be the ideal person to be writing a cookbook because of her fondness for fast-food, her Waffle House adventures, and her Taco Bell Thanksgiving dinner. But she says she is doing it anyway because of many reasons. How does she describe her relationship with food?

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