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Be careful with your kisses. They make promises you’re not prepared to keep.


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Alesha prided herself on being everything that her husband Malcolm wanted or needed. Juggling busy careers and raising two young children, they still shared a wildly passionate sex life. So when Malcolm challenged her to make one of his fantasies come true, she turned to her best friend Traci for help. Traci was sexy and uninhibited, and it didn't take much coaxing to get her to agree to help Alesha with her dilemma. What started out as an innocent adventure quickly turned into a suffocating web of secrets and betrayals that threaten to destroy not only their marriage, but Alesha’s life. 

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Threesomes for Dummies

like braiding hair

Can’t unsee it now.

Are we getting jealous?

Absence makes…

Send Traci.

I’m the father.

Sleeping in the bed we made

Threesomes for dummies

“Alesha, can you hear me?”

“Alesha, baby, please wake up!”


Alesha stirred and blinked to block out the bright light from the hospital window. She tried to raise her arm to cover her face but found they were strapped to the bed rails with leather belts. She jerked against the belts in a useless attempt to free herself but the woman standing next to her bed placed her hands over her wrists.

“Stop, honey, they’ve got you strapped down for your own safety.”

The woman’s hand felt so soft and comforting that Alesha stopped struggling and turned her head to see who these hands belonged to. She didn’t recognize the older black woman standing there with a concerned look on her face. Her gray hair was brushed back into a single long braid, and the color was in sharp contrast to her blue dress, and she wore thin silver-framed glasses down on the tip of her nose.

She could tell that Alesha was confused so she placed a hand over Alesha’s forehead to calm her.

“My name is Doctor Wayne, sweetie. I’m the resident psychiatrist. I want to help you, don’t be afraid,” she said.

“This doctor here is tryna help you girl!” Alesha recognized the gruff voice of her father at the foot of her bed. She raised her head a little so she could look at him. He was standing there with his arms crossed and his usual angry expression on his face. He had one of those faces that always looked angry, even when he was sleeping or watching television. Growing up, the neighborhood kids called him Black Bert, because he favored Bert from Sesame Street. Now Black Bert was in his least favorite place - the hospital - and this time he really wasn’t happy.

“Wake up and talk to this doctor so we can find out what the hell is wrong with you!” He added, glaring at her from underneath furry eyebrows.

“Calvin, calm down, she’s sick, don’t talk to her like that,” Alesha’s mother spoke up from the side of the bed. She had always been the voice of reason in their 20-year marriage but now that they were divorced, her words didn’t have much of an effect on him. She reached out and patted Alesha’s leg underneath the sheet. “Don’t pay him no mind, honey.”

“I think your parents just wanted to make sure you were okay, but now if you’re awake, I’m going to ask them to step out in the hallway so we can talk for a moment - do you understand?” asked Dr. Wayne.

Alesha nodded.

“Why we gotta leave? We ain’t heard the girl talk yet, how we know she alright?” Alesha’s father was getting louder.

Dr. Wayne turned to him and hit him with that soothing stare that calmed you down and made you want to stretch out and tell her all of your problems. It was easy to see why she was a psychiatrist. She had a gift.

“Listen to me, Mr. Jones. I understand that you’re worried about your daughter, and I understand that you need to be assured that she is safe and going to be taken care of. I am here to give you that assurance,” Dr. Wayne reached out and rubbed his arm, and he moved closer to her. Alesha could tell he was softening up.

“She can’t hurt herself right now and even though her eyes are open, she’s still a little groggy from the sedative that the doctor gave her. However, I just want to get some information from her, and then I am going to let her get some sleep for the rest of the night. Tomorrow, I will meet with you and your wife-”

“She’s not my wife,” said Mr. Jones stubbornly. “We divorced.”

Dr. Wayne stroked his arm again, thinking to herself, what a piece of work this guy is. No wonder the poor girl tried to off herself.

“I’m sorry, Alesha’s mother - tomorrow I will meet with you both and we will discuss Alesha’s situation. Now I want you both to get some rest. Your daughter will be okay. I promise you.”

Alesha’s mom stood up and kissed Alesha on the forehead. “I’m sorry I had to bring him,” she whispered. “I’ll be back tomorrow, without him.”

She turned and shook Dr. Wayne’s hand. Dr. Wayne covered her hands inside of her own, in that way that makes you believe the person really cares about your feelings.

“Sleep well, your daughter is on the road to recovery,” said Dr. Wayne.

“Thank you very much, Dr. Wayne,” Alesha’s mom grabbed her former husband by the sleeve. “Come on, Calvin, let’s get out of here so baby girl can talk to the doctor. She don’t need you standing there looking at her like you crazy.”

Calvin snatched his arm, grumbling, and followed behind her. “I just don’t understand this mess, it’s ridiculous! Got babies at home and tryna kill herself. Makes no damn sense! She got that from YOUR side of the family!”

Dr. Wayne followed behind, wishing them a pleasant evening, and closing the door softly. She walked back to the bed and stood stroking Alesha’s hair away from her face.

“Okay, my dear, it’s just you and I now.” She tapped the leather wristbelts. “I can remove these if you promise me that you’ll stay calm. If I sense that you might try to harm yourself again, I’ll ring this buzzer -” she tapped on a plate on the wall with a large red button in the middle of it. “- and nurses will rush in and subdue you, and they may sedate you again. I don’t want that, and I don’t think you want that.”

A single tear rolled down Alesha’s face. “I won’t do anything, I promise.”

Dr. Wayne unlatched the clasps on the wristbelts and loosened them so Alesha could withdraw her hands. She pulled a chair close to the bed and sat down, then began pushing the controls on the hospital bed to lower Alesha to her eye level.

“I heard your father say that you had babies at home, is that right?”

Alesha nodded.

Dr. Wayne took Alesha’s hand into hers and looked into her face. “Then please tell me, Alesha, why did you try to end your life tonight?”

“Oh, baby, damn, you feel so good!” Malcolm moaned as he slid his stiff and swollen cock into Alesha's pussy from behind.  He gripped her hips and held her body up to support the pounding he was giving her.  Pushing into her and pumping quickly and forcefully, he held still and let Alesha tighten her juicy walls around his cock, anticipating his next stroke.

“You know, you’ve got the best pussy I’ve ever had,” he leaned over and breathed into her ear from behind.  “I just love the way you grip me and squeeze me.  Nobody does that like you, Alesha baby.”

Alesha was shaking with pleasure as she craned her neck to hear his every word.  She maneuvered her body around so she could see his face, she loved watching him loving her; she loved the expressions on his face.  

Sex with her husband was the most incredible, and she wanted to do everything he loved to give him the greatest pleasure he had known.  As much as he pleased her, she wanted to please him with the same intensity.  It was the one thing she knew they agreed on, that sex between them was exciting and toe-curling and she never found any reason to not want to enjoy the opportunity.  Malcolm spent a great deal of time caressing and pleasing her body before he entered her, and even then, he made it a personal challenge to make sure she achieved a mind-numbing orgasm before he allowed himself to erupt deep within her slick tunnel.  He always moaned in her ear terms of endearment and phrases of the nasty dirty things he wanted to do to her and what he wanted her to do to him.  

So if it was so good to them both and they were, by all accounts, sexually compatible in every way - why did he want to bring another woman into their bed?  Alesha couldn't understand.  She engaged him in every way and actively participated in his fantasies about having a threesome with a male coworker, or attending a swinger’s party and having group sex in a room with strangers.  She would tell him the dirtiest kinkiest stories she could think of while she slid her hands up and down on his stiff rod, getting him to the brink until he would grab her head and force her down to catch his fluid as it shot out of his cock.  She would even whisper in his ear while he was sweaty and pounding between her legs held up in the air, she would craft for him a story of being spread out on his desk with his coworker bent over between her legs licking her pussy while she cried out in pleasure.

“Fuck me good, Daddy,” Alesha cried out, egging him on.  She knew that kind of talk really helped push him over; he loved for her to call him Daddy when he was deep inside of her.

She did it all for him, whatever fantasy he wanted, she went along with it, and if it was something she didn’t know much about - like when he wanted to talk about having anal sex with her, something they had never done - she went on the internet to research it, read about it and watch videos, so she could better put together a sexy story to whisper at him while she was riding in his lap with his cock inside of her.

It was all good as long as it was just a fantasy.  They could say and do whatever they wanted as they shared the nastiest and freakiest stories of things they knew they would never actually do.  But when Malcolm dropped the idea in her lap, so to speak, Alesha froze mid-stroke.  She had been on top, grinding and riding on his stiff cock and using her hands to rub and squeeze her nipples, putting on quite a show for her lovely man.  Her head was thrown back with her thick Marley braids flying around her head and matted in sweat around her neck.  She knew how she looked and she knew by the look in Malcolm’s eyes that he appreciated her efforts.  Suddenly, he reaches around her and starts rubbing her ass and slapping it gently, then pulling her down into him so he could raise his hips and force his cock deeper inside.  The intensity of him going deeper caused her eyes to fly open and she moaned and looked down at him, their eyes locked, and that’s when he asked her, “Do you know what would make this moment perfect?”  

Alesha couldn’t speak, she was caught on the edge of an orgasm that began its descent from the very pit of her cervix and she was almost frightened at the intensity it promised.  “What?”  she breathed.

Malcolm hesitated a moment and then she thought she heard him say, “If Traci was sitting on my face right now, and I had my tongue inside her sweet pussy.”  As soon he got out the sentence, his cock started quivering and Alesha began her climax at the same time.  But she froze at his words and her body stopped moving while the climax rippled up through her body and took her breath away.  Malcolm was groaning as his cock spurted out ripplets of cum deep inside of his wife.  He was totally unaware of the fact that she had stopped moving, since he could feel her pussy vibrating in an orgasm; he knew she was there with him.  He didn’t open his eyes until he had finished emptying inside of her and caught his breath. When he opened his eyes, Alesha was staring at him.

“What did you say?” she asked, wide eyed, her heart beating hard in her chest.

Malcolm smiled and slid his hands up to her breast, where he began massaging them both in small circles.  That usually melted her resolve and helped him avoid any argument that might be brewing.  This time he could tell it would be different.

“I was just saying, you know how we talked about doing a threesome, I just thought that if we did it, we would want somebody we could trust, right?” Malcolm wet the tip of his index finger with his tongue and moved it back and forth across her nipple.  “That’s not something you can just do with anybody, right?”  He flashed that wide bold smile at her with his perfectly straight white teeth.  Then he licked his other index finger and started on the other nipple; soon he was rolling both nipples between his fingers in tandem.  But Alesha was no longer aroused; she was disturbed by the mention of her best friend sitting on her husband’s face.

“I thought...I thought that was just one of our fantasies, you know, one of our stories that we tell each other for excitement,” she spoke softly, feeling the dread building in her stomach.

Malcolm chuckled.  “It was a fantasy, but why can’t we make it happen?  We have a lot of fantasies, we can’t make them all come true, I know that, but why not make just one come true?”  He raised his upper body off the bed and started licking her nipple, slipping it into his mouth and sucking on it.  “Mmmmm, I love your nipples.  You know I love you, right?”

For the first time, Alesha wasn’t joining him in his game. She sat very still and stiffened her back, not giving in to him as she usually would.  She usually would raise her hands to run through his hair while he played with her nipples, she would moan and whisper his name to let him know how good he made her feel.  But not this time.  She wasn’t letting him off that easily.  Was he serious?

“What’s the problem?” Malcolm asked.  “I figured if we do it with somebody you can trust then it’s all good.  We can trust Traci, don’t you think so?”

“That’s not the point, Malcolm,”  Alesha said finally.  “Of course I trust her, but I can’t let you fuck my best friend!  This is crazy!”

Malcolm pulled her head down to meet his lips and kissed her deeply, probing her mouth with his tongue; Alesha's body betrayed her by moaning into his kiss.  She didn’t want to give in but he had that kind of hold on her and she always wanted to make him happy.  She’d never considered that there might be limits to how far she would go.  They’d never tested the limits.  Anything they had not done was simply because they just had not done it yet, not because she ever said no.

Malcolm broke the kiss and grabbed her hair, forcing her to look into his eyes.  “That’s just it - we make LOVE, I make LOVE to you, I LOVE you, we LOVE each other.  I wanna FUCK her.”  And then he plunged his tongue into her mouth again.

Alesha felt his cock twitch and began to swell as he became aroused again.  It didn’t escape her attention that his own words had excited him.  He was hard again and her body was still holding his stream from minutes earlier.  

“But...but, we FUCK too!”  She said weakly, feeling her resolve melt as his cock rose up to press into her belly.

He reached one hand between them and aimed the head of his cock toward her pussy and took his other hand and pressed on her ass to pull her into him.  He slid inside smoothly as she was still wet from their last session.

“Not like I wanna fuck her,” he said, looking right into her eyes as he went in as far as he could go.

Alesha didn’t want to feel good at that moment but she couldn’t stop it.  His words scared her and excited her at the same time.  A voice inside of her head screamed, what the fuck are you saying to me?  And she wanted to be angry, she wanted to slap his face, but she watched his eyes roll up in the back of his head as he began making love to her, and she could no longer fight the passion that she felt for this man.  No matter how outrageous his words were, that he wanted to fuck her best friend in a way different than the way he had her, she knew above all that she loved him and would do anything for him.  She was insulted, and offended, but at the same time she felt powerful.  And she realized how insane that concept was - to feel powerful in the face of her man telling her that he wanted another woman.  She felt powerful because he included her and asked her to agree and he didn’t go behind her back and cheat like so many other men would do.  

She wouldn’t lose her man the way her mother lost hers.  She wouldn’t have Malcolm Jr. and Ebony growing up in a home without a father.

She wrapped her arms around his back and held on tightly, thinking, this is MY man, and I must give him anything he needs.

Alesha sat at her breakfast table, idly running her finger around the rim of her coffee cup.  She was so deep into her own thoughts that she was barely aware of the activity around her.  Malcolm Jr. stood in the middle of the kitchen floor holding a whisk and spinning around in circles, making himself dizzy.  “Whoa, whoa, whoa,” he said, stumbling around and trying to steady himself before spinning again.  Alesha briefly wondered if she should take the whisk from him, but then she realized that the whisk was actually pretty flimsy and would probably collapse under his weight if he fell on it, so she didn’t move from her spot at the table.  

Malcolm Jr. was a chunky two year old with curly black hair and brown eyes.  He looked like a miniature version of his father, Malcolm.  He had sensed that she was concentrating on something other than him, so he grabbed the whisk off the counter and started a game with rules that only he knew.  

“Mama, mama, mama,” Malcolm Jr. sang in his tiny voice.  He was at that strange age when he said everything in multiples; somehow he’d figured out that Alesha heard him better that way.  “Things goin’ round, Mama!”  Malcolm Jr. shouted before he fell into the floor, laughing.

“Yep, I see you!” said Alesha, without taking her eyes off of her coffee cup.  

In the other room, she could hear Ebony making goo goo sounds in her crib.  The faint music from her overhead mobile floated through the air as it wound down to the last minutes before it would cut off.  Alesha would soon have to go and rewind it or else Ebony would become bored and cry.  Alesha figured she had another 15 minutes before she would have to move from the table.

She had been there since she heard Malcolm’s car pull out of the garage as he left for work.  She rolled out of bed and grabbed her robe, then ambled down the hall to the kitchen for coffee.  Malcolm Jr. was in a toddler bed so he would climb over the security rail and hit the floor running as soon as he heard Alesha moving around.  He found her sitting at the table staring at her cup.  

She knew she needed to fix breakfast for Malcolm Jr. and prepare a bath for Ebony, but she had to process the events of the night before.  

It had been difficult to sleep with so much on her mind, so she was grateful when Malcolm left so she could get up and think.  She kept replaying the scene in her head and hearing Malcolm’s words, “I wanna FUCK her.”  Did that really happen?  Yes, it happened just the way she remembered.  Her husband wanted to fuck another woman.  And she had agreed to facilitate it.  For him.  And now he was on his way to work, probably driving through traffic playing Jay Z on the stereo, singing and drumming his fingers on the steering wheel.  Not a care in the world.  She imagined he felt pretty damn good this morning.  After all, he was going to get everything he wanted, why would he have anything to worry about?  She made sure his every need was taken care of, even those needs that she couldn’t fulfill, she would enlist backup to get the job done.  Because that’s what she did, she took care of her man.  If he wanted steak for dinner, even though she was a devout vegan, she would take a deep breath, pound, season and cook the steak and try not to gag as the smell of the sizzling meat filled the kitchen - because that’s what he wanted and she was going to make sure he had it.

When he wanted to own one of the last rare autographed jerseys from his favorite basketball team’s championship season, she spent all night on eBay, furiously clicking and bidding, because she wanted him to be able to wear it to work on Casual Day and be the envy of all of his coworkers at the bank.  She won the jersey, paying $1500 for a $50 cotton jersey bearing 25 names signed with a washable Sharpie.  But it made Malcolm happy, so it made her happy.

Now her husband wanted to experience another woman in their marital bed, not another woman to replace her, but another woman in addition to her.  He wanted another woman to sit on his face while his wife sat on top of his cock.  That was his fantasy.  And Alesha was sitting and staring into her coffee, trying to decide not only how to make his wish come true but also when to make it come true.  How long would he wait?  She definitely needed more time.  This wasn't something she could make happen quickly.  Not only did she need time to wrap her brain around it, but she needed time to figure out how to approach the other woman and then make arrangements for a babysitter, go on a crash diet to see if she could lose a few pounds and tighten up - after all, she couldn’t be naked in front of another woman without being as close to perfect as possible!  She also had to schedule it around her periods so that she wasn’t bloated and cranky while the other woman was perky and non-PMSing.  So much to organize and coordinate!  

Malcolm had suggested her best friend Traci, but she wasn’t sure she could actually put Traci through that.  Not that it wouldn’t be enjoyable; Malcolm was an amazing lover and she knew any woman would be happy to lie under his naked body.  But since Traci was her best friend, that meant she would also be around after the threesome took place.  How awkward would that be?  Would they do it once and forget about it, so Traci would feel like they’d used her and tossed her aside?  Or would it be a regular thing, so Traci could expect to be invited into their bedroom whenever Malcolm gave the signal?

No, that would never work.  She needed to discuss it more with Malcolm, as much as she dreaded it, but she needed to know how to proceed in making it happen.  Was he looking for a one-time special thing, or was he looking for an occasional partner that could join them for special holidays?  Alesha giggled to herself at the thought of sexual holidays.  Happy Threesome Day, baby!  Enjoy this extra pussy I got for you!  Don’t waste it - you know you don’t get another one until the Spring!  

Was there a website for this?  Was there a blog or a Threesomes for Dummies book on how to do this properly?

Alesha sighed as she heard the first whine coming from Ebony.  She would have to find time later to sit and ponder it all again.  Motherhood was calling her right now.

…like braiding hair

“So your husband asked you to bring your best friend into the bedroom for a threesome,” Dr. Wayne repeated what Alesha told her. “How did that really make you feel?”

“It scared me at first,” Alesha answered. “I didn’t know what to think, or do. It didn’t really seem real. I don’t think I took it seriously until he asked me about it again and again.”

“He asked you? Was he asking if you had made arrangements for it?” asked Dr. Wayne.

“Yes, he would text me during the day when he was at work and ask me if I’d talked to Traci yet and when was I going to. Stuff like that. And once I was over my mom’s with the kids and he called me and wanted me to have phone sex with him. So I did, but then he starts talking about the threesome as a way to…you know…excite himself.”

Dr. Wayne nodded that she understood. “Were you afraid that he was substituting your friend Traci, for you, in his sexual desires?”

“Well, of course, he most certainly was when he was masturbating on the phone with me and talking about her. That made me feel…inadequate.”

“But you were considering going through with it. Did he know that you were thinking about it?” asked Dr. Wayne.

“I hadn’t really given him an answer yet but he knew that I loved him enough to at least try anything he asked me. I think he knew that if he kept pushing that I would give in. That was the way it was in our marriage. He even pushed me to have another baby because he wanted to try for a boy.”

“You did not?”

“I almost died having our daughter. I didn’t want to risk it again, but he wanted a son, so I gave in. Can I have some water, please?” asked Alesha.

Dr. Wayne picked up the front desk buzzer attached to a cord on the bed and pressed the button. A voice answered quickly and she made a request for water.

“So your husband exerted quite a bit of control in your marriage, I see,” continued Dr. Wayne.

“Yes, I wanted to do whatever I had to do to keep him happy. I wanted to be a good wife.”

“Did you approach your friend about helping you fulfill this fantasy of his?”

“Yes, I figured if I didn’t ask her, then he might go and get someone else. She’s my best friend – correction, was my best friend, so I decided to talk to her about it.”

“Tell me how that conversation went,” said Dr. Wayne, leaning back in her chair as a nurse brought in a tray carrying two cups of water.

“It’s not that big of a deal, Lesha,”  said Traci.  “Women do it all the time; it’s easier than you think!”

“Are you serious?”

“Hell, yeah!  I did it a lot in college, we all did, I mean, it was just what we did, like braiding each other’s hair,”  laughed Traci.  “It was kinda weird at first, when I first got to college and I was all awkward and uncomfortable around everybody.  But after I got closer with my roommates and we all trusted each other, it wasn’t a big deal.”

Alesha was stunned.  She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.  Her best friend was admitting that she had had sex with women in the past.  Years ago, she said.  How many women?  How many times?  Did that mean she was a lesbian?  She needed to know more.  She heard Malcolm Jr. cry out in the den so she stood and walked to the doorway to peek in.  

“What are you guys doing?  Is everything okay?”  She asked.  Malcolm was sitting in the middle of the floor with his fat arms crossed against his chest.  He was glaring at Baby Alesha, who was holding one of his action figures in her hand and chewing on the arm.

“She took!”  said Malcolm, pointing at Baby Alesha.

“Aw, Malcolm, can she play?”  Alesha approached him and ruffled his wild curls with her hand.  “She’s just a baby.  Let her play with it.  Do you want something else?”

“No!  She took!”  Malcolm Jr. was not giving up so easily.  Alesha was a bit annoyed at being distracted from her conversation with Traci and wanted to hurry back and continue before the mood changed.  She spun around the room looking for a toy that might be a good exchange for the super hero currently in the mouth of Baby Alesha.  She spotted a bright yellow and orange water gun against the far wall.  ‘That must belong to one of the neighbor kids,’ she thought as she marched over to it and picked it up.  She didn’t allow Malcolm Jr. to play with guns and for a moment she considered throwing it in the trash - but for now, it was going to keep him quiet so she could get back to Traci.  She pushed it into his face and he lit up and accepted it.

That’ll keep him quiet for a while,’ she glanced at the baby in the crib on her way out the door.  She was sound asleep on her tummy so Alesha needn’t worry about a peep out of her for a while.  She returned to Traci.

“So….does that mean you’re a lesbian?”  She asked Traci as she walked into the room.

Traci fell back on the bed laughing.  “You are SO naive!  Just because I had sex with women doesn’t mean I’m a lesbian!  I like dick too much!  I had a baby, for pete’s sake!”

“Well, hell, I don’t know how this works, I’m confused!”  Alesha sat next to her.  “How do you even get turned on?  I mean, you said you did it, like, a lot….”

Traci sat up and leaned over toward Alesha, staring deep into her eyes.  “Girls do it.  I don’t know why.  Boredom?  Experimentation?  Practice?  I don’t know but my theory is that women are just sensual and emotional like that.”

Alesha returned her stare without blinking.  ‘Why have I never noticed before how deep brown her eyes are?’

“We just feel things differently.  We need comfort….”  Traci raised her hand and stroked her fingers along Alesha's arm.  “...and release.  Guys can’t do that with each other or they’re gay.  But we can and it’s not a big deal.  Pretty much everybody around me did it, sometimes at the same time, sometimes together, sometimes watching each other….”

Alex squirmed a bit as Traci spoke.  She was starting to feel a little warmth rise in her chest.  She watched Traci’s lips move and she stared at her gorgeous straight white teeth.  She found herself thinking of sticking out her tongue and running it across Traci’s teeth.

Traci leaned in closer until she was right in Alesha's face and her breath danced across Alesha’s lips.

“What do you do when you want to be touched and there’s no man around?”  asked Traci, and she moved in and lightly stroked Alesha's bottom lip with the tip of her tongue.  Alesha jumped slightly, then closed her eyes, waiting for the next stroke of Traci’s tongue.  Traci licked her again, softly, then kissed her.  Alesha parted her lips and just held still, not wanting to move and do the wrong thing like kiss her back badly and break the spell.  She kept her eyes closed until she felt Traci’s fingers rub across her nipple and she jumped.  The thin t-shirt she was wearing did nothing to conceal her erect nipples, and she moaned as Traci pinched and played with first one, then the other.

“See, it’s easy, it feels good, and we girls just get each other,” whispered Traci, as her fingers continued to excite Alesha.

Alesha started to squeeze her thighs together as she felt herself begin to moisten and tingle between her legs.  Where is this going?  This is my best friend!

Traci kissed her again and Alesha met her tongue - suddenly, the fingers left her nipple and Traci broke their kiss.  Alesha snapped open her eyes to find Traci pulling away from her with a smile.  

“If the babies were sleeping, I could show you a thing or two,” said Traci.  “Maybe tomorrow.”  Traci stood and walked to the bedroom door, where she turned and threw a peace sign at Alesha before leaving.  

Alesha suddenly felt bashful and she didn’t know why.  Traci had been her best friend since they were 10.  Now they were 25 and they knew each other better than anyone else in the world.  They had been through everything together and their friendship grew stronger as the years went by.  Traci held Alesha's hand when Alesha had to go through chemo five years before, and Alesha was there for Traci when her married boyfriend abandoned her after she announced she was pregnant.  He had been financially supporting her as long as she kept her mouth shut and her legs open, but when she told him about the baby, he cut all ties and threatened to hurt her if she ever came near him or his wife.  Alesha and Malcolm let her move into their guest room while she struggled through the pregnancy, and Malcolm helped her secure a nice secretarial job at his bank.  When the baby was born, she named her after Alesha, and she was able to move out on her own and get back on her feet without the baby’s father.

She was like a sister to Alesha, and they had never had such an intimate discussion, nor had Alesha any clue that Traci had engaged in sexual affairs with other girls while she was away in college.  She remembered that Traci went away as a quiet bookish girl who kept her long black hair in braids and preferred to wear jeans, hoodies and boots year round; and she returned as a girl with a short auburn-colored big chop and swollen boobs that seemed to be more often uncovered than covered.  Something had changed during the two years period when she and Traci didn’t see each other, a lot had happened, apparently.  A lot that Traci hadn’t bothered to share with Alesha during all of those emails, texts and webcam sessions.  Alesha just watched her slowly change right before her eyes, and she never had any idea that Traci had possibly spent the previous evening with her face buried in between her roommate’s legs.

She felt both betrayed and titillated at the thought.

She could still feel Traci’s fingers stroking her nipple and she wished the house was empty so she could crawl under her blankets and rub her herself.  She wanted to continue the fantasy, imagine what might have happened next if the kids were not in the next room - or if the kids were all asleep.  

Alesha was fascinated at the idea that two women could sexually stimulate each other to orgasm without it being a thing.  Without being lesbians, or being in a relationship with each other, or having it turn into some crazy drama afterward.  Was it really possible?  According to Traci, it was!  Traci did whatever she did away at college, came home, then proceeded to chase after every man who showed her a little bit of interest.  She had never appeared to Alesha to be unsure about her sexuality in any way, in fact, during her affair with Baby Alesha’s father; she often entertained Alesha with tales of their sexual activities.  Traci was very wild and freaky and not only loved sex but she loved talking about it.  It seemed that after every climax she would either send Alesha a text or call her on the phone to tell her about it - except for the two years in college.  Alesha thought Traci had been celibate since she’d broken up with her high school boyfriend before she left.  Apparently, Alesha was wrong; not only was Traci not celibate, but she was the keeper of a wealth of secrets.  Alesha wondered what else Traci had kept from her over the years.  

Suddenly, Alesha felt that she really didn’t know her friend at all.  She’d opened the door to this conversation by confiding in Traci that Malcolm wanted her to participate in a threesome, and he suggested Traci as the third party.  Alesha had thought it over for weeks and finally concluded that she could tolerate it only if it was her best friend having sex with her husband.  So when she approached Traci with the idea, Traci wanted to discuss the details, the How, the When, and the What exactly.  Alesha thought it was a joke when Traci suggested that they practice with each other so they wouldn’t be awkward doing it in front of Malcolm.

“Practice what?” asked Alesha.

“You know, get our show together, practice doing it with each other so we can put on a good show for hubby,” replied Traci in a very matter of fact manner.

Alesha had laughed, thinking it surely had to be a joke.

“Uh, girlfriend, there will be no sex between us, this is Malcolm’s fantasy, I’m pretty sure he just wants to experience the whole sex with two women thing, not watch us go at it!”

Traci laughed heartily.  “You don't think he’ll want to see us together?  Are you kidding?  That’s part of the whole point!  Did you ask him?”

“No, I didn’t ask him, I just assumed -”

“You ASS-umed alright!” snorted Traci in a way that hurt Alesha's feelings.

“You seem pretty confident about this - is this something you’ve done before?” she asked Traci.

And that’s when Traci dropped the bomb on her.  And she did it as if Alesha had asked her if she’d ever eaten corned beef.  Why, of course I’ve eaten a girl out before - haven’t you?  It was surreal.  

Just those few minutes of Traci confidently sliding her fingers across Alesha's nipple and licking her lip was enough to convince Alesha that Traci knew what she was doing.  And now more than anything, she wanted to give her a chance to show her what she knew.  After all of these years, she found herself yearning for the taste of another woman, yearning for the taste of her best friend.

“I can’t stop giggling!” exclaimed Alesha.  “Everything you do tickles!”

Traci rolled her eyes.  “Look, if we’re gonna do this then you have to cooperate.  It’s not gonna be comedy hour, damn!”

“I know, it’s just weird, I can’t get serious!”  Alesha giggled again.

Traci rose up and looked at her.  “Look, this was YOUR idea; I’m doing this for YOU and your freaky husband.  It’s not new to me but I’m trying to help you so you don’t look like a rape victim when we’re doing it.  Geez, I can’t believe you’ve never made out with a girl!  What the hell were you doing while you were playing girl’s basketball?”

“What do you mean - I was playing basketball!” laughed Alesha.

“I mean, didn’t you players ever get down in the shower after a game?”  asked Traci.

Alesha howled.  “Why would we do that?  Who does that?”

“Everybody does that!  You’re all in the shower soaping up, all of those hard nipples popping out in the lather, “ Traci uses her finger to stroke Alesha's nipple as she talks.  “You look across the shower and see who is checking you out, who's got the same thing on their mind.  You catch the eye of that hot ass center point left fielder with the nice bubble butt-”

“What’s a center point left fielder?” asked Alesha.

“Hell, I don’t know! Whatever those positions are, shut up and listen!” replied Traci.  She slips Alesha's robe completely off of her shoulder and pushes her back on the bed.  “Damn, you have a hot ass body yourself, girlie!  Didn’t know you were hiding all of this!”  Traci slides her hand across Alesha's flat stomach, stopping at the top of her clean shaven mound.  “Niiiiiiice,” she murmured.  “This won’t be much of a chore for me at all.” She licked her lips and said softly, “You’ve grown nicely since we were young.”

Alesha squirmed under her soft touch.  It surprised her when she felt herself stirring inside at the touch of her best friend.  Traci’s hands moved up and down her torso, then moved up to caress and massage both her breasts.  Alesha caught her breath as she watched Traci wet her fingers and lean in to stroke Alesha's nipples as she continued her story.

“As I was saying…..that one player with the long hair that she keeps up in a ponytail - she’s got a big round ass like a video vixen, like what’s her name – Lila -”

“Who?” Alesha interrupted.

“Lila? Isn’t that her name? The really pretty one, she’s from the islands,” Traci rolled her eyes. “She RAPS now! You know who I’m talking about! Hell, I don’t even watch videos!”

Alesha started laughing. “You mean Lola!”

“Yeah, whatever, same difference – just picture somebody with a big fake ass, okay?” Traci bent to Alesha's ear and continued. “You’ve always had a hard time keeping your eyes off it, and now you see her right across from you rubbing lather all over that fatty.”  She ran her tongue around the outside of Alesha's ear then gently nipped at the earlobe.

Alesha was feeling aroused and her breath quickened.  She’s seducing me!   She thought to herself.  How strange that I like it!  She relaxed and raised her head closer to nuzzle Traci.  With her robe lying open and Traci’s hands traveling up and down her naked body, Alesha found herself moving slowly under her touch as she tried to silently urge Traci to linger in some spots.  She was ready for Traci to touch her there.  It was a little intimidating at first but ever since Traci had texted her this morning and told her the plans for them to ‘practice’ today, Alesha had been tingling with nervous excitement.  Traci told her in the text message that she had kept Baby Alesha from her nap this morning, so that she would be certain to sleep over Alesha's house, and she suggested that Alesha do the same with her kids so they could all sleep at the same time.  When Traci arrived, they gave both babies their warm baths and Alesha gave Ebony a bottle while Traci breastfed Baby Alesha. Then, according to plan, both babies closed their eyes and drifted off to sleep.  Malcolm Jr. had the last bath and then he was put into his bed with the rail raised and locked while he played with his musical rings on his way to sleep.

Alesha was even aroused and excited at watching Traci stick her nipple into Baby Alesha's mouth.  She sat across from her holding Ebony’s bottle and squeezing her thighs together at the sight of Traci’s full swollen breast giving sustenance to the child named after her.  The baby’s tiny hands clamped onto the fleshy tit while her mouth made sucking noises around the fat dark nipple.  Alesha's eyes were locked on the other bare breast as the milk dripped and flowed from the nipple onto the towel draped across her lap.  Traci would switch the baby from one breast to the other, but when Baby Alesha got going really good on one, the other would ooze teasingly with warm drops of milk.  Alesha had visions of herself crawling across the floor and sticking out her tongue to catch it, then slowly licking the wet nipple.  It was a vision that both shocked and excited her, but it was all the fault of the promises made in Traci’s texts.

One text read, “Do u like it wen Malcolm eats u out?”

Alesha didn’t know how to respond, she just sat staring at her phone.  

Hello?  R u there?” asked Traci.

Alex finally texted back, her hands trembling, “Well, yeah.”

Gud.  Then I’m going 2 sho u how much btr it is wen a woman does it.”

Alesha stared at her phone screen again, her hands still.  Traci continued.

U will b the best wif ever wen we put on this sho 4 Malcolm!”

Alesha felt herself getting wet between her legs.  She might have leaned back and started stroking her clitoris had it not been for the kids across the room!  But she was definitely ready for her lesson.

By the time Traci arrived an hour later, she was like a small child herself, following Traci around the house, doing whatever she told her to do without question.  Now the kids were sleeping and she figured they had at best an hour so she’d better not waste it.

Traci kissed her from her ear over to her lips, where she pressed her tongue inside her mouth and licked around so gently and sweetly, as if Alesha was her lover.  She wondered if Traci was imagining that she was the father of her baby, the last man that she’d known Traci to be with and love.

The two women kissed each other passionately, pulling away and looking into each other’s eyes every few seconds, then ducking back in to join their lips again.  Their tongues wiped across each other and they moaned at the pleasure that awakened inside of them.  Alesha arched her back and used her arms to pull Traci into her.  Traci, who was also wearing a robe, reached quickly to untie the belt and expose her naked body so she could touch the skin against Alesha.  Her breasts were much larger than Alesha’s due to her breastfeeding the baby; Alesha brought her hands up and caressed the soft skin along the side of Traci’s breasts.

Suddenly, Traci dipped her head down and held her mouth above the nipple of Alesha breast, just holding it there and looking up into her eyes while she spoke. “So this girl with the nice ass, she comes over to you and starts rubbing in the soapy lather on your body.”  She takes the nipple into her mouth and sucks it hard, nibbling a bit with her teeth, then pulls out and licks slowly across the top.  “She presses your back against the shower wall and starts rubbing both of your titties with the soap, pulling on the nipples, making them long and hard.”  

Alesha closed her eyes and imagined the action as Traci described it in vivid detail.  Her nipple is rock hard now and straining upward for Traci to take it again.  Traci sucks on one while rolling the other between her fingers as she talks.

“The other girls in the shower have started watching.  They’ve seen it before but they’ve never seen you get off in there, they’ve all been wondering when you would get initiated!”  Traci chuckled, and switched to the other nipple.

“So this girl - let’s call her Shawna - Shawna takes the shower head and uses it to wash away the soap from these beautiful buds.  Then she bends over and starts sucking on them.  The other girls have made a circle around you, watching.”  Traci is pushing both of her breasts together and swiping her tongue back and forth across both nipples.

Alesha frantically moves her hips up and down, reaching for her orgasm, but she doesn’t want to come yet because she knows there’s more in store.  She uses one hand to stroke Traci’s back and the other to hold on to the back of Traci’s head, urging her to not stop playing with her sensitive nipples.

Traci starts a trail of kisses down her stomach where she dips her tongue inside Alesha navel.

“Shawna gets down on her knees, with the water pouring over your bodies, and she pushes your legs open.  Now you’re standing spread-eagle against the wall.”  Traci continues kissing downward, using her fingers to stroke along Alesha's thighs.  “Shawna starts to lick your pussy, up and down, dipping her tongue in and out, tickling your little pink bud inside.”  

Traci licks softly along the lips of Alesha's labia, causing her to push herself up from the bed and beg for more.  Her lips vibrated against her soft wet flesh as she told her sexy story.  “The crowd goes wild!” she said, laughing.

“Ahhhhhhhh, oh goodness!”  cried Alesha, as Traci pushed her tongue in to stroke the side of her clit.  She moved it slowly all around, circling it, without touching directly on the top, knowing that pressure would be too great.  Then she concentrated on one side and licked more forcefully.

She moved her head back and looked up across Alesha's flat belly, up into her eyes.  She took one hand and slid it up to play with her breast.  “Shawna is licking you so good, your eyes are closed and your head is thrown back against the wall.  You know everybody is watching.  One of the other girls steps in and starts sucking on your nipple while Shawna is licking you.  Owwwwww!”

Traci takes two fingers and slides them inside of her wet hole, bending it slightly so she can hit that certain spot where she begins to rub.   She never lets up licking her clit and Alesha is holding her head and grinding her hips against her face, moaning intensely.

“Oh, God, Traci!”  she cried out as a powerful eruption let loose inside of her.  Alesha grinds her hips frantically and Traci thinks to herself, she looks beautiful right now!  Alesha has her head buried back in the pillow, her robe splayed open and her chest heaving.  Her mouth is gaped open and her tongue dashes in and out as she is caught up in her climax.  Traci continues to lick and rub inside of the wetness of Alesha pussy, keeping her eyes on Alesha's face.

When the shudders stop, she slows down and removes her tongue but not her finger, she can feel Alesha's walls tighten and quake around her fingers.  She kisses Alesha on her thigh, then sucks a bit of the skin to leave a hickey to mark her spot.

“Wasn’t that nice?” Traci asked her.  “And see, we don’t have to get married, you’re not a lezzzbo now,” she laughed as she exaggerated the word.  “It was just pleasure between two friends.”  She pulled herself up Alesha's body and kissed her, sliding her tongue into Alesha's mouth so she could taste her own fluids.  “Do you like that taste?”  She asked her.

Alesha nodded weakly.

“I wanna do you,” she whispered.

“You wanna try?  That would make the show even better if we do each other,” Traci responded.  “But I didn’t want to push you since you’re new at this….”

Alesha sat up and pushed Traci over on her back, then straddled her naked body.  

Looking down at her, she exclaimed, “Wow, I see why the guys love you.  You are hot!”  She was getting more comfortable with this girl on girl play and she wanted to perform as well as Traci.  She was fascinated with Traci’s huge breasts that looked like cantaloupes.  

“I should have breastfed so I could have big boobs like these.  I bet Malcolm would like that,”  She leaned over and lightly stroked the sides of Traci’s breasts.  “I bet he’s going to really like playing with these when we have our threesome.”

“You wanna taste?”  Traci squeezed her breasts and pumped the fleshy part until she forced milk out of the nipple.  “Oooooh, there you go, lick it.”  She offered her breast to Alesha, holding it in her hand.

Alesha bent over and licked the yellowish milk from the nipple as Traci moaned.  “Suck it,” she commanded, and grabbed the back of Alesha's head.

Alesha took the nipple in her mouth and pulled on it slowly, savoring the sensation of the warm milk squirting into her mouth.  She knew how to nurse, she had tried to nurse both of her babies when they were born but couldn’t do it successfully, so she knew not to suck on just the nipple but also the dark part of the nipple in order to activate the milk ducts.  She was able to get a steady stream of milk gushing into her mouth and she trembled as it hit the back of her throat.  It was so warm and mildly sweet, but knowing it was coming from the woman who just licked her to an incredible orgasm made it taste even better.  

Alesha moved from one breast to the other, sucking the sweet goodness from the nipple and massaging the other.  She was so turned on again, she ground herself against Traci’s lower body and Traci rose up to meet her.

“I wanna taste you now….down there,” said Alesha shyly.

“Go for it babe!”  Traci replied with a smile.

Alesha positioned herself between Traci’s legs and stared at her pussy.  It was shaved except for a thin strip of fine brown fuzz that outlined her slit.  Alesha pressed her nose to it and inhaled, then kissed her lips.  “Mmmmm, this is kinda nice,” she said as Traci wiggled herself at her face.

Alesha took her two fingers and spread her open so she could look at her.  Despite having one of her own, she had never really seen a vagina, especially not this close, and especially one that she was so aroused by.  She was fascinated by the glistening folds and the little swollen pink bud that seemed to beg for her to kiss it.  She went closer and gently sucked the clit into her mouth, then held her mouth over it, letting her warm breath envelop it.

She kissed it softly over and over, then slid her tongue down and pushed it inside of Traci’s hole, wiggling it around.  Traci squirmed and cried out, “Fuck me with your tongue.”

Alesha obliged and moved her tongue in and out, lifting Traci’s legs up over her shoulders so she could settle in for the job.  She wet her finger and used it to tickle Traci’s clit while she tongue-fucked her.  

“Ohhh, you’re pretty good at this - are you sure this is your first time, girl?”

Alesha giggled and raised herself to slide up Traci’s body.  “I wanna try something,” she whispered.  She moved until she could press her pussy against Traci’s and she began to grind against her.

“Ahhhhh, yes that’s nice,” cooed Traci.  “I’ve done this before, we used to call it scissoring!  Feels good.”

Alesha opened her legs and straddled Traci, twisting her body in a way that allowed her to press her pussy against Traci in the perfect way - their labias pressed open and their clits were rubbing against each other.

“Oh my God, this is so good!  It feels like your tongue!” exclaimed Alesha, excitedly.  Traci reached around and grabbed Alesha's ass and pressed her closer, guiding her movements as they ground into each other.  Alesha kissed Traci passionately and they both began to quiver with ecstasy.

“I’m cumming, oh yes!” cried Traci.

Alesha was riding the wave of another orgasm, amazed at how soft, wet and firm Traci’s clit felt rubbing against hers.  It was like a little tiny tongue, and she was rubbing herself into a climax, the same way she used to masturbate when she was younger.  She would lay on her stomach with her hand furiously working beneath her, stroking herself until she buried her face in the pillow and climaxed.

Traci began to shake and she raised her hips to pull Alesha even closer.  “Ahhhhhh, oh yes, that’s it, don’t stop!”  She could feel her juices flow and soak the sheet beneath her.  “I’m so wet!”

Alesha buried her face in Traci’s neck and started to climax herself.  She licked along her best friend’s neck and her body began to shake as she reached a tremendously satisfying orgasm.  She was breathless in pleasure and even as she felt the vibrations rolling through her body, she knew she wanted to do this again and again.  

It was different than when Malcolm entered her with his glorious thick rod, which she loved.  This was so different but just as fulfilling.  She heard Traci’s voice echoing in her head about how women could please each other when a man wasn’t around.  She was looking forward to their upcoming tryst with Malcolm and trembled with excitement for what was previously scary, now she eagerly anticipated.

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