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Piano Bar

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Table of Contents

Piano Bar

A Shared Secret


A Movement of One


A Sturdy Door

Children of Gomorrah

To Go Orders

Empty Desire


Darkening Clouds

A Dozen Roses

Early Retirement

Foreign Song

Humming Along

Make a Wish


Mono to Stereo

Pray for Lisa



Silence of the Sirens

Something Borrowed

The Unnamed

Theory of Time

Climate Change

To the River

Unsure Steps

Summer Says Goodbye

Into the Light

Real Work

Piano Bar

The piano bar poster caught his eye,

Another new voice, another star,

A bold, imposing font,

As if he knew her or had known her,

An ingenue with piercing eyes;

He sat near the piano,

But in the darkness,

Imagined himself a record producer,

Waiting to hear her,

Ready to critique,

A voice demanding acceptance,

Offer her a contract,

Stories of finding a unique voice,

Bask in her fame for only a small cut,

She sat, not noticing him,

Rested her hands upon the keys,

As if feeling its breathing,

The piano came alive,

A strong melody, the full measure of the keys,

The kind he holds close,

Expands his emotions,

Her voice piercing, soul-searching,

And he knew she could not be discovered,

Not now before years of anonymity

Before careless crowds,

Constant conversations,

Eager for the next round,

Nursing drinks into the night,

Years on untuned pianos,

Moving from lover to lover,

Wanting only to play the next gig,

A weary voice grown hoarse

Pronouncing true sentiment

An overnight sensation once others have left,

Before the last round.

A Shared Secret

Shall we share a secret?

Disturb the shallow dawn,

Spent passion with time to fret,

Time for truth and love’s gone;

Each waiting for first light,

Sharing a piercing insight,

Privacy for two, boundaries fade,

Concealed but known to both,

The forging of a cold steel blade.

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