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The Kid at School 3

Written by Ron Knight

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Based on true events.

The names have been changed to protect their identity.

“Get on your knees,” the kid at school said, gripping the hammer with his black leather gloves.

A flood of tears drained down Morgan’s face as she lowered to her knees. Tomlin was still on the floor, dead, with blood pouring from his neck.

Morgan cleared her throat. “I don’t want to die…”

Neean formed a thin smile. “Really? Then why are you in this basement? In fact, you keep coming back to this house. I think you’re obsessed with me.”

Morgan glanced at Tomlin, then looked up at Neean with stern eyes. “Just get this over with.”


Neean leaned down and placed the hammer in Morgan’s hand. “Here you go. Now kill me.” He stood tall. “You’ve been looking me. You even went to see my sister at that pitiful jail she’s in. Well, here I am. Right in front of you.”

Morgan gripped the hammer with both hands and forced herself up, standing face-to-face with Neean.

She felt like the room was beginning to spin. “Why are you just giving up?”

Neean sighed. “This isn’t how horror movies usually work. You’re right.”

“We’re not in a horror movie.”

“Oh…yes we are.”


Morgan raised the hammer, seeing the Good Vibrations from the corner of her eye etched into the side with Tomlin’s blood stained on the words.

The strength in Morgan’s body quickly slipped away, taking her courage with it. She couldn’t kill anyone, not even if it meant saving her own life. She tossed the hammer behind her, watching it bounce between the wax statues and slide to the floor.

When she turned back around, Neean was heading for the stairs.

Morgan yelled, “I know who you are! You’ve been unmasked!”

Neean laughed as he hurried up the stairs. “I’ve never needed a mask. I’m just an average kid at school.”


Morgan waited.

The sound of Neean’s footsteps crossed the kitchen above her. She couldn’t hear the back door, but assumed Neean was now gone.

Morgan took one more look at Tomlin, then hurried to the steps, raced up, arrived in the kitchen and-

The back door burst open. Someone tackled Morgan, knocking the wind out of her, forcing her to the floor.


Fifteen minutes later, Morgan was sitting in the police station, placed in a small room and instructed not to move.

An hour passed, then another thirty minutes.

Finally a police officer walked in, holding a file box, placing it on the edge of the table. He remained standing as if guarding the contents of the box.

Morgan’s mother then walked in and took a seat without saying a word. Following her was a chubby man dressed in a wrinkled suit, who sat next to her mother.

No one spoke.

A minute went by, then the door opened again. A woman dressed in jeans and dark blue t-shirt with a badge and gun on her belt, sat down at the table across from Morgan. “Hello there.”

Morgan spoke, but her throat was dry and the words were mumbled.

The female detective gazed at Morgan. “Do you need some water?”

Morgan shook her head.


The detective stood up and left the room. She returned with two coffees, handing them to Morgan’s mother and the man dressed in the wrinkled suit. She quickly exited the room and returned with three bottle waters, handing one to the officer, placing one in front of Morgan and keeping one for herself.

“I’m Detective Unser, this is Officer Canin, behind me is your court appointed lawyer Mr. Laylor, and of course you know your mother.” She paused locking her eyes on Morgan. “Do you want to drink that water I brought you?”

With trembling fingers, Morgan opened the bottle water and took a healthy sip. “Why do I need a lawyer?”

Detective Unser: “Because we’re about to charge you with four murders along with attempted murder, kidnapping, breaking and entering, and some other things we can pull out of our hats.”

Morgan: “I don’t understand.” She looked at her mother for help, then her supposed lawyer, Mr. Laylor, but they were about as useless as the wax statues in the basement.


Unser: “Here’s the quick version. Tomlin is dead.”

Morgan: “I’m aware. I saw the kid at school murder him.”

Unser: “Kid at school? Which kid?”

Morgan: “Neean Radd.”

Unser: “Tomlin’s younger brother?”

Morgan: “Yes.”

Unser: “We have your prints on the bloody hammer.”

Officer Canin reached into the box and pulled out the Good Vibrations bloody hammer, which was inside a clear evidence bag. He placed it on the table.

Just the sight of it made Morgan’s stomach swirl. She took a quick sip of water, but for some reason that made it worse.


Unser: “We have letters you sent to Miri Radd, describing everything you’ve done.”

Officer Canin reached in the box and pulled out a stack of letters, spreading them in front of Morgan.

She looked at them, seeing the neatly printed writing and her name on each one.


Morgan: “First of all, I didn’t send these letters; Neean did. Second of all, this isn’t my handwriting. Third, why would I send letters to Miri?”

Unser: “Those are all interesting observations. I’m assuming you sent the letters to Miri because you two were close.”

Morgan: “I wasn’t close to Miri!”

Unser: “You were the only person to visit her at the youth correctional facility.”

Morgan opened her mouth, but then quickly closed it.

Unser: “The writing in the letters are print, which is convenient if you’re trying to hide the handwriting.”

Morgan: “I’m not hiding anything. I didn’t write them. Neean did.”

Unser: “You keep trying to pin the blame on Neean, but Miri claims you’re the one who has been terrorizing this town, especially the teenagers.”

Morgan: “She’s lying.”

Unser: “Did you ever send a picture of you and Tomlin to your friends? Did you attempt to blame him for all these horrific crimes?”

Morgan: “Yes, but-”

Unser: “And now you’re trying to blame his little brother?”

Morgan: “Look. Miri must have printed my name at the bottom of those letters. Neean obviously didn’t sign them in case a guard was checking them before giving the letters to his sister.”

Unser: “The guards at a youth facility don’t have to check incoming letters unless there’s a threat.”

Morgan: “Great. But that still doesn’t change the fact that I didn’t send them. I didn’t kill anyone and the hammer belongs to Neean, not me.” Morgan looked at her mom and lawyer, but neither moved. “Ask Shawn from school. He was in the basement with me.”

Unser: “Shawn is dead. So is his girlfriend, Shawna.” Unser leaned forward. “We found Shawna’s stolen cellphone in your bedroom with text messages that led Shawn to you.”

Morgan: “That’s a load of crap! I’m being setup by Neean!”

Unser chuckled and stood up, pressing her hands on the table. “We’re officially charging you. The only way out of spending your life in jail is to confess.”

To be continued…

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Part 2

Morgan pleaded with Detective Unser, stating that her and ten others were trapped in the basement, being attacked by Neean.

Detective Unser did a phone interview with the ten students. They couldn’t for sure say that Morgan was with them the entire time because of the chaos and fog.

To make things worse, Austin and William told Detective Unser that Morgan dressed up like the miner from the movie, My Bloody Valentine and attacked them.

If all that wasn’t bad enough, the police found the white van stolen taken by the kid at school. It was in Morgan’s father’s garage.

Morgan’s father was a drunk who only left the house to stumble down to the bar, drink till the bar closed, then stumbled back home. His license was revoked and his car taken away. He probably hadn’t been inside the garage for months.

Detective Unser had more than enough evidence pointing in Morgan’s direction. Neean had played this perfectly, spinning the entire case out of control.

The worst thing was Morgan couldn’t do anything to prove her innocence.


It started to make sense why Neean let Morgan live. He already set in motion a plan to set Morgan up as the kid at school killer. His sister Miri most certainly had some ideas in this plan to help Neean.

Now, Morgan was trapped and Neean was free to roam the school and continue recreating his favorite horror movies.


Mr. Laylor, Morgan, and her mom spoke alone in a private room at the police station. Morgan could already tell by Mr. Laylor’s expression that this would be the worst conversation of her life.

Mr. Laylor: “The prosecutor put a deal on the table.”

Morgan: “There shouldn’t be a deal. I’m innocent.”

Mr. Laylor: “Anyway, you have two choices. Admit to everything and they will send you to Tarun Youth Correctional Facility until you’re eighteen, which will be a two and half year sentence. Afterwards, your record will be clean and you can start your life over.”

Morgan envisioned being locked up at Tarun with the Friday night prison fight tournaments. Even worse, Miri would make sure Morgan never left there alive.

Morgan’s mother asked, “What’s the other choice?”

Mr. Laylor: “We go to trial and fight these charges. If Morgan is found guilty, they will prosecute her as an adult. She will be sent to the Reformatory for Women and wait on death row until her execution date.”

Morgan sat in silence as her mother broke out into hysterical crying.


This was worse than a horror movie. Morgan was in hell.

Everything had been blurred by Neean to protect him and send Morgan away until her death. She’d either be killed by Miri in the youth correctional facility, or wait her execution in the women’s reformatory.


Morgan was released on $100,000 bail. Her mother had to use their house as collateral. Morgan wasn’t permitted to leave town, nor was she permitted to attend school, although, her mother asked the school to send them the weekly homework assignments.

To Morgan, it was a waste of time to do homework when her life was on the line. Instead, she had to find evidence that the kid at school…Neean…was the murderer.


Austin arrived at the park and waited by the swing sets with yellow caution tape around them.

Morgan approached from the trails, careful to make sure no one was following her. She headed towards Austin while keep her eyes aware of her surroundings.

Austin: “When are they going to rip down these swing sets?”

Morgan: “I don’t know. Does it matter?”

Austin: “My lawyer told me that I shouldn’t be talking to you.”

Morgan: “Who’s your lawyer?”

Austin: “Mr. Laylor. He’s representing all of us who were in the basement.”

Morgan: “Well, he’s also representing me, so I think it’s okay we talk.”

Austin: “Do you want to get back together?”

Morgan: “Are you serious? I’m fighting for my life and you think the reason I asked you here was to get back together? Do you realize they are going to send me to prison?”

Austin: “What do you want from me?”

Morgan: “You saw the kid at school in the basement. You and William were right next to him. You need to tell the police what you saw.”

Austin: “I did.”

Morgan: “Did you describe the kid who attacked us?”

Austin: “Yes.”

Morgan: “Then why are they after me?”

Austin: “I heard they have plenty of evidence. You tried to set up Tomlin and Neean. Also, you went after their sister Miri, who’s defenseless and in prison.”

Morgan: “I didn’t try to setup anyone! And I didn’t go after Miri!”

Austin: “You did send us all a picture of Tomlin and claimed he was the kid at school.”

Morgan: “No! I asked you if he was the kid at school and then you sent that picture to everyone, which caused major problems!”

Austin: “Listen. I feel bad for you, but there’s nothing I can do about it, especially if we aren’t dating.”

Morgan: “Let me get this straight. If I agree to date you, then you’ll help me. But if I don’t, you’ll let me die on death row?”

Austin: “Something like that. It would be easier if you and I were dating.”

Morgan turned and walked away. Angry tears spilled from her eyes as she made it back to the trail.


When Morgan was deep down the trail, a shadow appeared from the right. Suddenly, Neean walked out of the woods and stood in front of her.

He looked around, then smiled at her. “So, how are things going?”

Morgan felt like her heart was going to bust out of her chest. Not from fear, but from rage. “You did a great job setting me up.”

Neean: “You did a great job sticking your nose into my business. It gave me the chance to shift all the blame to you.” Neean reached behind him and pulled out a hammer from his belt. “I replaced my old one with this one. It’s still a Good Vibrations hammer, but an updated model. It’s stronger and lighter.”

Morgan had trouble keeping her eyes off the hammer. “I’m not going to die in prison. I’ll keeping fighting until someone believes me.”

Neean: “Really?” He raised the hammer, pointing it at her. “Then you’ll leave me no choice.”

Morgan: “What does that mean?”

Neean shoved the hammer into his belt. “Every day you fight me, I’ll kill one of your friends.”

Morgan’s only reaction was to run at Neean, but he quickly punched her in the throat. She dropped to the path on her knees, choking, trying to breathe.

Neean grabbed her by the hair and said, “I’m the worst villain in the history of horror.” He spit in her face. “Next time it will be blood on those pretty cheeks of yours.”

To be continued…

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Part 3

1st Period: Theatre

Emily: “I can’t believe Morgan is actually the kid at school!”

Jacob: “I’m not allowed to discuss the case.”

Emily: “I know. But was she the one who attacked you in the basement?”

Jacob: “I can’t talk about it.”

Emily: “Sure, I get it. Have you spoken to Morgan since she’s been arrested?”

Jacob: “I can’t talk about it.”

Emily: “They let her out on bail, so I hope she doesn’t come after you.”

Jacob: “Um…thanks.”

2nd Period: Film Study

Hannah: “There’s no way Morgan is the kid at school who’s fascinated with classic horror movies. She’s not the type.”

Madison: “According to Emily, Morgan killed the Verizon woman. Also she murdered Shawn, Shawna, Tomlin, and attacked other students.”

3rd Period: Spanish

Michael: “I thought Morgan was attacked in the Horror House?”

Ashley: “I know. So why is she being blamed?”

Michael: “The police are screwed up on this one.”

4th Period: English

Matthew: “Was Tomlin Radd the kid at school?”

Joshua: “No. Everyone is saying Morgan is and that she murdered Tomlin!”

Sarah: “Madison told me that Emily said Morgan uses a hammer to kill her victims.”

Christopher: “Morgan isn’t the killer. I refuse to believe that.”

Matthew: “It’s what everyone believes. Plus, even the police think she did it.”

5th Period: History

Nicholas: “So did Morgan dress up like Jason in Friday the 13th?”

Andrew: “I guess. That means she also dressed up like Michael Myers in Halloween.”

Joseph: “Austin told me that Morgan dressed up like the miner in My Bloody Valentine.”

Nicholas: “Really? That means she’s the one who wants to murder high school girls.”

Joseph: “Morgan must have a collection of candy boxes for when she opens up their bodies with a pickax and takes their hearts.”

Andrew: “No, she uses a drill.”

Joseph: “Either way, she’s nuts.”


Emily: “I knew it was Morgan all along.”

Sarah: “I thought it was Tomlin Radd.”

Ashley: “You only think that because it’s what Morgan wanted you to believe.”

Hannah: “Tomlin was cute. It’s too bad he’s dead.”

Ashley: “No, Tomlin was murdered.”

Sarah: “Either way he’s dead.”

Emily: “They shouldn’t have let Morgan out on bail. Who knows what she’ll do next.”

Hannah: “Actually, Morgan is kind of cute.”

Sarah: “Let me ask you something, Hannah. Do you eat crackers and nuts on a daily basis?”

6th Period: Algebra

Andrew: “If Morgan dressed up like Michael Myers, then how did she make herself look so big?”

Sarah: “Who cares. I just want to know I’m safe.”

Andrew: “I’m sure the police have things under control.”

Sarah: “Oh yeah, sure they do. They let Morgan walk out of the police station!”

7th Period: Chemistry

Joseph: “Andrew says that Morgan walked out of jail dressed like Michael Myers.”

Sarah: “I was just in Algebra with Andrew. He didn’t say that.”

Final Bell

Tyler: “Did Morgan move into the Horror House?”

Samantha: “No, but she’s still next door, waiting for someone stupid enough to stop by.”

Jessica: “I heard John is still in the hospital after being attacked with a drill that went through his arm.”

William: “I was there when it happened. It was gross.”

Brandon: “So is Morgan really the kid at school?”

William: “I guess. She did dress up like a miner with a pickax and threatened to murder me…oh, and murder Austin as well.”

Jessica: “I was there in that basement, but I thought Morgan was with us the entire time. I don’t remember her attacking us.”

David: “We never did get a good look at whoever was swinging the hammer.”

Jessica: “Yeah, but, Morgan was one of the first up the stairs.”

David: “True, but no one was attacked once Morgan led the way out of the basement.”

William: “I don’t think Morgan is the one. It was a boy who tried to kill us, not a girl.”

David: “Well, our lawyer doesn’t want us talking about it. We should change the subject.”

Basketball Practice

Adam: “What’s this I hear about Morgan being the kid at school?”

Connor: “I was in the basement. She was with us, but then it got dark and there was fog. I can’t be sure what really happened.”

Adam: “What did you tell the police?”

Connor: “Sorry, I’m not allowed to discuss it.”

Adam: “Give me a break. Tell me what really happened.”

Connor: “Not a chance.” He paused, looking at Adam. “Honestly, everything is a blur. I really don’t know what happened other than I was being attacked with a hammer.”

Cheerleading Practice

Shelby: “I don’t think Morgan is the kid at school. Something isn’t right.”

Laura: “I know for a fact she isn’t, but the police convinced me she is.”

Mariah: “You were in the basement of the Horror House. You can testify it wasn’t her.”

Laura: “The police twisted the story around. I’m not supposed to be talking about this.”

Trinity: “Morgan could be put to death. You should tell someone what you think.”

Laura: “I tried, but no one is listening.”

Shelby: “Well, try harder. The real kid at school is still free.”

Laura: “You’re right. The police got this wrong.”

Trinity: “Which means, the kid at school could attack while they are focused on Morgan.”

Laura: “I’m not going to let Morgan rot in jail on death row. I’ll testify in her defense and even go to the newspapers if I have to.”

Shelby: “You go girl!”

Trinity: “Don’t forget about William.”

Laura: “What about him?”

Trinity: “He’s so desperate to get back with you, he’d say anything. Tell him to defend Morgan.”

Laura formed a grin. “That’s a great idea.”

To be continued…

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Part 4

While in her jail cell, Miri changed into a sleeveless black dress and black heels that her mom dropped off for her. It felt a bit strange, but she never gets to dress up, so she might as well take advantage.

A female officer searched her while the other cuffed her hands. Miri was then loaded into a correctional van and driven to the funeral, which was held outside at the large cemetery on the edge of town.

The air was cool, but the sky was a perfect blue. Miri breathed in the fresh air, missing her freedom.

As the guards walked Miri closer to the casket, one of them undid the cuffs. They stood back while Miri approached, knowing that fifty people around the gravesite were now looking at her.

Her parents were sitting near the casket and Neean was next to them. Miri hugged Neean, ignored her parents and sat in the chair. Neean reached over and held her hand.

That was the signal. Neean was planning for Miri’s escape. If everything was setup and ready to go, then he would hold her hand when she sat.

Miri was a bit nervous, but anxious to be free.

It was a perfect day for a funeral and even a better day for a prison escape.


Morgan’s father stumbled to the gravesite during the funeral. He held a bottle of whisky in his hand and yelled, “My daughter didn’t kill that boy! She’s innocent!”

Everyone turned, looking at the drunk man approaching.

Mr. Radd pointed to the guards, who essentially worked for him. “Do something!”

The guards hesitated. One of them approached Morgan’s father. He swung his bottle at the guard, then slipped backwards, landing hard on the grass.

The guard helped the drunk to his feet and escorted him out of the cemetery.

Neean smiled as he thought about how he paid Morgan’s father a hundred bucks to show up and defend his daughter. This bought plenty of whiskey at the pub.

When everyone turned around and focused back on the funeral, one of the guard’s noticed that Miri’s seat was empty.

Also, Neean was gone.


Morgan must have been sleeping, because she was dreaming of someone knocking on her bedroom door, which she had been keeping locked.

Peeling her eyes open, Morgan cleared her throat and said, “Mom? That you?”

No answer.

The knocking actually had been on the front door downstairs and became persistent.

Morgan flung off the bed and looked out her window. There was a green Ford Focus parked out front. All she could think about was Detective Unser was here to arrest her.


In quick fashion, Morgan changed her clothes, thinking what she would wear to jail. Or would they give her a prison outfit like the one Miri had been wearing?

The knocking never stopped.

Morgan walked slowly down the front steps, feeling like this was a preview of what she would feel like when walking down the hallway on death row.


After taking in a deep breath, holding back her tears, Morgan opened the door.

It wasn’t Detective Unser. Instead, it was a teenager, probably a junior or senior, but someone who didn’t go to their school.

The girl was holding a black briefcase and grinning from ear to ear. “Hey sleepyhead. Time to wake up.”

Morgan raised her eyebrows. “Who are you? My new lawyer?”

She laughed. “I might as well be. My name is Brooke. I work for T.I.P.S.”


“Yes. Teens Inspecting Paranormal Situations.”


“Oh.” Morgan was about to close the door. “I’m not interested, nor do I have any paranormal situations going on.”

Brooke laughed again. “Yeah right. Can I come in? I have some news about your case.”

“My case? What’s going on?”

Brooke: “If I say, ‘please,’ then can I come in?”

“Of course…I mean…you don’t have to say please…just…” Morgan shook her head. “Come in.” She stepped to the side, waited as Brooke walked in, then closed the door and led Brooke to the kitchen. “I didn’t know anyone else was assigned to my case.”

They sat down and Brooke placed her briefcase on the table.

Brooke: “I’m not officially assigned to your case. You only had that crappy court appointed lawyer Mr. Laylor. He’s worthless, but I got him to do his job.”

Morgan: “Really? How?”

Brooke opened her briefcase and pulled out a folder. “I was on my way to Millington when I read about your case. I could tell in five seconds you were being setup.”

Morgan: “Oh.”


Brooke placed a glossy photo in front of Morgan. “The horror video posted on YouTube was certainly terrifying and chaotic. There actually wasn’t a clear shot of you being attacked, except for this one brief second of you getting hit with the Good Vibrations hammer.”

Morgan looked at the glossy photo. It was difficult to see through the fog, but the hammer striking her arm was certain. She looked up. “Where did you get this?”

Brooke: “It was on the video and I did a snapshot.”

Morgan: “Oh. Does this mean I’m innocent?”

Brooke laughed. “Um…no.” She leaned forward. “I had your idiot lawyer ask for fingerprints in the white van, which was left at your father’s house. No fingerprints of yours came up, but there were fingerprints of Neean Radd and of the Verizon woman he killed.”

Morgan didn’t know what to say.


Brooke slid another glossy photo out of the briefcase and placed it in front of Morgan. “The neighbor next to your father had video cameras on the property. This is a shot of Neean walking across their backyard, from your father’s garage.”

Morgan stared at the photo. “I can’t believe this.”

Brooke placed another photo in front of Morgan. “Here’s a picture I took of Neean paying your father off.”

“What!” Morgan couldn’t believe her eyes. “My father wouldn’t…” The photo didn’t lie.

Brooke waited a moment. “I then told Mr. Laylor to have the police check the fingerprints on the letters sent to Miri.”

Morgan was holding back a flood of tears, still thinking about her father. “You can check fingerprints on paper?”

Brooke: “Yes. They found Miri’s fingerprints, along with her brother Neean, but not yours. Also, I had them check the handwriting from homework papers your teacher’s had, along with Neean’s homework assignments. Neean’s handwriting matches perfectly.”

Morgan: “What about my signature on each letter?”

Brooke: “The handwriting matched Miri.”


Morgan wasn’t sure if she should feel relieved or terrified this happened. “I don’t understand why Detective Unser was so willing to believe I did all this and not even investigate Neean.”

Brooke: “Actually, it’s not hard to believe.”

Morgan: “Why?”

Brooke: “Because, Detective Unser was having an affair with Chane Radd, Neean’s father.” Brooke placed a photo in front of Morgan. “Here they are meeting at the youth correctional facility, at an office outside the main building.” Brooke looked at Morgan. “After I showed this picture to the chief of police, Detective Unser has been placed under suspension and Chane is being forced to turn the youth correctional facility over to the local government.”

Tears drizzled down Morgan’s face. “So what does all this mean?”

Brooke formed a grin. “All charges have been dropped and police are hunting for Neean.”

To be continued…

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Part 5

Morgan walked with Brooke to the front door and asked her, “Why did you do all this for me?”

Brooke smiled. “Teenagers need to stick together.” She tapped Morgan on the shoulder. “Especially us girls.”

Morgan opened the door and they walked to the porch. “I really don’t know how to thank you?”

Brooke: “I’m going to be writing all this up and your story will be in Teen Paranormal Magazine next month. I may call you with some follow up questions if that’s okay?”

Morgan: “Sure! Anything you want!”


Brooke gripped her briefcase, staring at the house next door.

Morgan: “Is something wrong?”

Brooke: “I’ve been doing paranormal investigations since the fifth grade and know when something is evil. That house next door has a terrifying energy. It’s like…daring me to come inside. It wants me to walk around and investigate the horrors in the walls, then end up in the basement for a final, gruesome murder.”

Morgan looked at the house. “Yeah, I know exactly what you mean.”


Brooke: “My advice is to stay away from that house as much as possible. It won’t stop trying to lure you inside. Its energy is terrifying.”

Morgan: “Not going to happen. My days of being in there are over.” She gazed at Morgan. “Is something else wrong?”

Brooke: “I don’t know.”

Morgan: “Why are you going to Millington? Do you have another case?”

Brooke: “I’m just supposed to check something out, then meet up with my friends on another assignment.” She looked at Morgan. “Did you ever read about the nine teenagers in Millington who were haunted by their own ghost and eventually killed?”

Morgan: “Yeah. Last year I think. It was horrible.” She paused. “Is that why you’re going to Millington?”

Brooke: “Yeah. My boss really doesn’t want me there because something isn’t quite right about what happened.”

Morgan: “Oh.” She didn’t know what to say. “Well, be careful.”

Brooke reached into her back pocket and retrieved her cellphone. “Sorry, I need to check this message.” After reading the message, Brooke’s eyes rolled up and met with Morgan. “You’re the one who’d better be careful.”

Morgan: “Why?”

Brooke: “Miri and Neean escaped today from Tomlin’s funeral.”


Not knowing what else do to, Morgan decided to visit her father. She banged on the door, rang the doorbell several times, then used her key to get in.

The house was dark, despite the sun shining bright in the early afternoon sky. Every room had dirty dishes, empty beer bottles, and old newspapers randomly crumpled on the floor.

“Dad!” Morgan shouted. She checked the entire house, but he obviously wasn’t home. It was early for the bar, even for him, however it’s the only place he’d go.

Morgan thought about the photo of Neean paying her father off. He wasn’t a good dad. In fact, leaving her mom was the best thing he could have done. Even so, being paid off by a psycho to hurt his daughter was low, even for him.

There wasn’t much else she could do. Her father was throwing back drinks at the bar, using up whatever money Neean had given him, and will spend every dime until he runs out.


Morgan felt nauseous in the house and couldn’t wait to-

“Hey Morgan,” a voice said from the doorway.

It wasn’t her father. Instead, it was the kid at school…Neean, holding a new, shiny hammer with the words Good Vibrations on the side.

Morgan stepped back. “What do you want? This isn’t your house.”

Neean stepped in and slowly closed the door, then snapped the bolt into place. His eyes were hidden from the darkness of the house as specks of dust floated around him.

“This isn’t your house either,” he said calmly. “And it seems the police are now looking for me and my sister, rather than you.”

Morgan’s heart thundered uncontrollably. She became dizzy with fear, attempting to move her legs backwards. “You’ll eventually be caught.”

Neean laughed so loud, it sounded like someone from a psycho ward. “This is a horror film. You’ll have to kill me, or someone will keep telling my story over and over and over and over…”

Morgan spun around and ran full speed towards the back door. She accidently stepped on a beer bottle and felt her entire body drift towards the door as if she were floating in slow motion.

The door suddenly met with her in a horrific crash. Broken wood and glass exploded into the kitchen while her body thumped to the floor.

She barely looked up when Neean came running towards her with the hammer raised. Morgan twisted away from the broken door as the hammer came down with a powerful force, cracking into the floor and sending a chunk into her face.

Without thinking, Morgan made it to her feet as blood poured down her right cheek. In seconds, she was at the front door, tugging on the lock, sensing Neean right behind her.

Morgan was able to unlock the door and yank it open in quick fashion. She was about to take off when…

Neean had run around the house and was now standing in front of her on the porch. “Nice try,” he said with a grin.

As he swung the hammer, Morgan ducked, then instinctively plunged forward, knocking Neean over the porch. He fell backwards to the grass, but still held onto the hammer.

Morgan took off across the front yard and used all of her remaining strength to run down the sidewalk. She reached for her cellphone, but it wasn’t in her pocket. It must have fallen out.

She glanced back.

Neean was on his feet, running in a full sprint with the hammer.

His eyes…those insane eyes…showed that he wasn’t ever going to stop until she was dead.

To be continued…

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Part 6

1st Period: Theatre

Emily: “I knew Morgan wasn’t actually the kid at school!”

Jacob: “Wait, you told me that you thought she was.”

Emily: “No, you misunderstood.”

Jacob: “At least we know for sure Neean Radd is the kid at school.”

Emily: “Yeah, now the police need to catch him before he kills you and everyone else who was in that basement.”

Jacob: “Thanks.”

Emily: “No problem.”

2nd Period: Film Study

Hannah: “Neean Radd is cute for a freshman.”

Madison: “Yeah, he’ll be cute until he smashes your skull, or drills out your heart and puts it inside his special candy box.”

Hannah: “He won’t do that. I love horror movies. We have something in common.”

Madison: “The only thing you two have in common is you both need a team of psychiatrists.”

3rd Period: Spanish

Michael: “Did you hear Morgan isn’t the kid at school?”

Ashley: “I knew all along. The police were just trying to blame someone because they’re clueless.”

Michael: “If the police handle their manhunt the way they handled this case, the kid at school won’t ever be caught.”

4th Period: English

Matthew: “So it was Tomlin Radd’s little brother who’s the kid at school. I never saw that coming.”

Joshua: “You’re supposed to be surprised. That’s how old horror movies work.”

Sarah: “Did you hear Neean escaped from police during his brother’s funeral.”

Christopher: “That’s not all. His twin sister, Miri, also escaped.”

Matthew: “I heard Miri was arrested for dressing up like a clown and chasing middle school girls.”

Sarah: “Oh great. We have twin killers on the loose.”

Christopher: “That’s a great name for a horror movie! Twin Killers!”

Sarah: “Oy.”

5th Period: History

Nicholas: “It wasn’t Morgan who dressed up like Jason in Friday the 13th, it was Neean Radd.”

Andrew: “That means he also dressed up like Michael Myers in Halloween.”

Joseph: “It’s only a matter of time before he becomes a murderer like in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.”

Nicholas: “Maybe.”

Joseph: “Is he at school today?”

Andrew: “No you dipstick. He’s hiding, along with his crazy sister who escaped from the youth correctional facility.”

Joseph: “Should be a fun couple of weeks around here.”


Emily: “I knew Morgan wasn’t the kid at school.”

Sarah: “Well it’s even worse with twin killers running around.”

Ashley: “The police are idiots. They won’t find Neean and Miri.”

Hannah: “I just want at least one selfie with Neean holding his Good Vibrations hammer.”

Ashley: “Um…why?”

Hannah: “It will go viral!”

Sarah: “Get help.”

Emily: “Actually, Neean is just a freshman looking for attention. He just took things too far.”

Hannah: “Exactly!”

Sarah: “Okay, Hannah, you need to pay a visit to the vet and get fixed. As for Emily, you should meet Neean Radd and see if your theory of looking for attention is real, or maybe he’s just a killer. Let me know how it works out.”

6th Period: Algebra

Andrew: “Where do you think Neean and Miri are hiding?”

Sarah: “I don’t know. But you should hear what other students are saying.”

Andrew: “Like who?”

Sarah: “Hannah wants to date Neean and Emily thinks Neean is just a misunderstood freshman.”

Andrew: “I hope Neean murders Hannah and Emily next. It would really help this school.”

7th Period: Chemistry

Joseph: “Andrew says that Sarah said that Emily and Hannah said...”

Sarah: “I’m Sarah.”

Joseph: “Oh…sorry.”

Final Bell

Tyler: “Who wants to hit the Horror House later?”

Samantha: “Um…did someone HIT you over the head? Don’t you dare go there!”

Jessica: “I heard John’s going to be let out of the hospital soon. They saved his arm.”

William: “Whatever, Laura still won’t go out with me. I was a loyal boyfriend.”

Brandon: “Didn’t you ditch her at the park when the kid at school came after her?”

William: “I gotta go.” Walked away.

Jessica: “I just want this all to be over. And I’m not going anywhere near the Horror House ever again. Once was plenty for me.”

David: “I just can’t believe that little punk Neean Radd is the kid at school. When he hit me with the hammer, I swear it felt like he was a linebacker on the football team.”

Jessica: “It must have been a special hammer that his dad manufactures.”

David: “True, but still.”

Tyler: “I want to make a video and become a millionaire. I’m going to ask one more time. Is anyone going with me to the Horror House tonight?”

Everyone: “NO!”

Basketball Practice

Adam: “Morgan was way too cute to be the kid at school. I knew it wasn’t her.”

Connor: “Of course it wasn’t. She was next to me in the basement getting hit with the hammer.”

Adam: “Why didn’t you tell the police that?”

Connor: “I don’t know.”

Adam: “Speaking of cute, Neean’s twin sister Miri is hot!”

Connor: “Yeah. For a psycho-clown-mask-wearing-escapee-from-prison-during-her-brother’s-funeral-type of person.”

Adam: “Well, yeah. That’s what I meant.”

Cheerleading Practice

Shelby: “Morgan was sooooo setup by the police.”

Laura: “I should have done more to help her. We were becoming close friends.”

Mariah: “At least she’s proven innocent.”

Laura: “Right. And the kid at school is still out there.”

Trinity: “Along with his freaky twin sister.”

Laura: “Yeah. It’s like two old school killers are on the loose.”

Shelby: “Hey, William told me that he still wants to get back with you.”

Laura: “Tell William that the Earth is now filled up. He can return to his alien planet.”

Trinity: “Haaaaa.”

Laura: “Seriously. I have enough problems without William sending me text messages every five minutes.”

Shelby: “I thought you were going to convince William to defend Morgan?”

Laura: “It’s too late. Morgan is innocent and doesn’t need protection.”

Trinity: “Are you kidding? She needs it more than ever!”

Laura: “Why?”

Trinity: “The kid at school is going to want her dead!”

To be continued…

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Part 7

Morgan kept running until all of her strength was gone. The good news was she’s just a few blocks from home.

The bad news was she’s at the park.


Morgan stumbled to a bench and plopped down, attempting to catch her breath. Sweat drained down her face, stinging her eyes. Every muscle ached from what she had gone through since the kid at school became a reality.

She kept her eyes moving, waiting for Neean to suddenly appear, clutching his shiny hammer and running at her with all the hate and evil he could muster up.

Sure enough, he appeared, but not on the sidewalk. He strolled from between two houses across the street, marching towards her like Jason, or Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, or…

Run you idiot!

Morgan didn’t know why she waited, but it was like she had been hypnotized. She forced herself up from the bench and ran towards her house.

Her feet felt like they were in mud rather than a sidewalk. Neean was much faster and had endless strength. He had been on the football team and currently training on the cross country team.

Also he alluded everyone with his theatre skills.

A few extra activities at school, along with his passion for horror movies, was all it took to create a gifted killer.


Feeling almost relieved, yet once again out of strength, Morgan flew through the front door, up the stairs, and just about fell into her bedroom. She turned to lock the door, but something was wrong.

Where was she?

Morgan had trouble catching her breath. She looked around the large bedroom, remembering the last time she was here, there had been a mask of Ghostface from the movie Scream along with his black cloak on the bed.

Morgan suddenly realized where she was…

The Horror House.


But how?

The Horror House drew her in. It was becoming more powerful by the day. Brooke had warned her this could happen. ‘My advice is to stay away from that house as much as possible. It won’t stop trying to lure you inside. Its energy is terrifying.’

Morgan couldn’t move.

The hallway floor began to squeak. He was coming for her. The Horror House and the kid at school were melded into one evil.

Morgan looked at the window. She could open it and jump. The fall may break her legs, but at least she would be alive.

The door slowly opened.

A boy appeared, holding a video camera by his face.


Morgan stepped forward. “Tyler? What are you doing here?”

Tyler pointed the camera at her and stepped into the bedroom. “I could ask you the same thing. Why are you inside the Horror House?”

The hallway floor creaked again.

Tyler turned, still holding the camera up, now facing the kid at school.


Neean raised his hammer. “Keep the camera steady.” He swung, connecting on Tyler’s skull.

Tyler fell backwards like a piece of wood; holding the camera all the way down as he landed on the floor.

Neean picked up the camera and spoke into it. “Don’t be afraid. There’s a skeleton inside all of you, just waiting to come out.” He placed the camera on the dresser, pointing it towards Morgan. “I just realized something. You smell different when you’re awake. Maybe it’s the sweat? Either way, you smell much better in your bed.”

Morgan began to tremble.

She had two choices. Try to open the window and jump out before he got to her, or go right at him and risk being killed by the hammer.

Neean sniffed the air. “This room smells like my grandfather.” He looked at her. “Actually, it smells like him after I dug up his body and explained why he had to die.”

Morgan wasn’t going to let Neean continue with his creepy words just so he could make another horror film. She took in a deep breath.

Neean smiled. “I can’t wait to hug your heart.” He gripped the hammer. “Come on. Let’s do this.”

Morgan felt a rage of desperation and anger in her veins. She ran forward, screaming like a warrior going into battle.

Just before she reached Neean, his body was pushed forward. He tripped over Tyler then hit the floor and smacked his face on the hammer.

Morgan kept running towards the door.

Laura was standing there.


Laura shouted, “Come on!”

Both of them headed down the stairs. Morgan felt like she was running blind with fear. She held onto Laura’s shirt and just kept running.



They were surrounded by wax statues of the eleven students who were trapped in the basement. One of the statues was broken into pieces with blood splattered over it.

Morgan remembered it was a statue of Shawn.

But why were they in the basement?


Morgan looked at Laura, who was now staring at her own statue.

Morgan whispered, “Why are you here?”

Laura turned. “I don’t know. Something made me come here. I guess deep down I figured you needed my help.”

Morgan knew that wasn’t it. The Horror House spoke to Laura and convinced her to come here, so the kid at school could murder her next.

Laura looked around. “Who made these wax statues? Where are we?” Her voice began to tremble. “Are we in the basement? Why are we in the basement?” Laura became hysterical. “Why! Why! Why!”

Morgan looked around for a weapon. On a worktable, she noticed a rubber hammer with a red top. She then noticed the words, Clowning Around burned into the wood.

“Hey ladies,” a voice said from the darkness. Miri walked forward, strolling to Morgan while holding a clown mask. “Welcome to the basement.” She looked up to the ceiling. “Oh good. My brother has the video going.”


Laura took a step towards the basement steps.

Miri stared her. “Mmmm…the last time I saw a body like Laura’s, I was beating it to death at my youth prison.” She looked at Morgan and stood face-to-face with her. “And then there’s sweet Morgan. The girl who keeps getting away.”

Miri gently kissed Morgan on her cold lips, then slowly reached for the rubber hammer and placed the clown mask over her face. “Should I start with the front or the back?”

Morgan hadn’t moved. It could have been fear, or she was utterly out of strength.

Despite that, what would be the point? The Horror House brought her here to die, along with Laura.

Miri held the red rubber hammer with one hand and touched Morgan’s bloody cheek with the other hand, gliding her fingers up and down. “My brother will take care of Laura.” She continued gliding her fingers, now touching Morgan’s lips. “You and I are going to be as close as bathwater.”

That was enough for Morgan. She slapped Miri’s hand away, turned, and…

The rubber hammer bounced off the back of her head. Morgan felt the world slip away as she dropped forward to the basement floor.

To be continued…

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Part 8

The video showed Laura tied to her wax statue; mouth covered with Duct tape. The kid at school walked around her slowly, singing why he walked. “I love all the colorful stuff she wears. And the way the wax sticks to her hair.”

Laura squirmed, but couldn’t break free.

Neean continued singing. “I hear the sound of a gentle scream. And smell her skin in the basement air.”

Neean swung the hammer, just missing Laura’s head, connecting on the wax statue head and knocking a chunk away.

Neean sang his song with more gusto. “I’m getting some good vibrations. My hammer is giving me excitations!”

He swung, cracking another piece of Laura’s wax statue away from the head. Laura attempted to scream, but the Duct tape prevented her.

Sweat matted down Laura’s hair and hot tears drained from her eyes.

Neenan hopped up and down on his toes while singing. “Bop bop…good vibrations!”

He swung the hammer, hitting Laura in the stomach. “Bop bop…excitations!”

He swung again, hitting her on the arm. “Good…good…good…this is my good vibrations…

The hammer connected on her skull. She fell unconscious, but suddenly her eyes popped back open. The basement swirled around her as the pain seared through her head.

Neean’s voice became a whisper. “Close your eyes…It’s almost over now. Your soft smile will match your bloody eyes.”

Neean swung the hammer, smashing it into her skull, breaking it to pieces like the wax statue.

He stepped closer, still singing in a soft voice, “What a sensation…” Neean kissed her bloody lips. “What a good vibration…”


The video of Laura’s death was posted during the night. Everyone at school had seen it, which spread to a thousand views, then turned into a million views.

Police tracked the upload from the video to a laptop at the youth correction facility. They discovered a broken lock to an office located in a separate building next to the prison.

Police also found videos of Chane Radd and Detective Unser doing some pretty sick things together.


It was obvious the kid at school, Neean Radd, had been videoing his father having an affair, probably so he could later use it as blackmail and free his sister Miri. But the girl from T.I.P.S. who helped Morgan, had already exposed Chane and Detective Unser, so the blackmail scheme was useless.

It was also obvious that Neean wanted the police to track down his latest horror video to this office. It kept him safe and embarrassed his father even more, which was an added plus.

As the police were collecting evidence, another video suddenly went live.

This time it was Morgan.

Standing in front of her was a clown with a red rubber hammer.


Police raced to the park near Morgan’s house. One of the officers had recognized the swing Morgan was strapped to, with the yellow caution tape around the swing to keep kids away until a new swing was constructed.

Both of Morgan’s hands were tied above her head on the chains of the swing. Her mouth was wrapped with some of the yellow caution tape.

In front of her was a wax statue of Miri the Clown, holding a red rubber hammer with the words, Clowning Around burned into the wood handle.

On the ground, next to Morgan’s feet, was Tyler’s dead body.


As the police rolled in with sirens blaring, they climbed out of their cruisers, guns raised, heading towards Morgan.

An officer gently pulled off the tape from Morgan’s mouth as the others secured the park.

“Where’s Miri Radd?” the officer asked as he undid her hands.

Morgan was barely conscious and fell limp into the officer’s arms. She then whispered, “No one is safe.”


Austin sent invite messages to those who were trapped in the basement and almost killed by the kid at school. It was also to honor Laura who was brutally murdered in the Horror House basement.

They decided to meet at the youth correctional facility, since the government shut it down and transferred all the youth prisoners to other facilities around the country. Chains had been put over the doors to keep people out.

Austin parked his car and waited.

William was the first to arrive. Despite Laura not dating him anymore, he was still crushed after watching her being tortured and killed with a hammer.

Connor then arrived with Jacob, Alyssa, David, and Brianna.

A few minutes later Jessica pulled up with John who had been released from the hospital.

The only one who hadn’t responded was Morgan.


Austin walked with the group to the front doors of the building, looking at the chains.

Jessica: “Why would we meet here?”

Austin: “It’s the only place where no one would expect us to come.”

Jessica: “Do you mean Neean and Miri?”

Austin: “Yes.” He looked over the group. “Has anyone heard from Morgan?”

Connor: “The last I heard, she was taken by the kid at school.”

Alyssa: “No, Miri the clown-freak took her.”

David: “Someone told me the police are at the park. Maybe Morgan is there?”

Jacob: “I heard Tyler went to the Horror House and never came out. If Laura was murdered in there, then Tyler must have been killed as well.”

Alyssa: “The cheerleaders were talking how Laura was obsessed about going to the Horror House again. Why would she do that?”

Brianna: “This is exactly how all the problems started. If you don’t know the facts, then it’s just gossip that fuels the evil around us.”


William: “I don’t want to talk about Laura, or even think about what she went through.”

John rubbed his arm, which was wrapped in a thick white bandage. “My arm is a reminder of what I went through, along with Laura, Morgan, and all of you. If we’re here to try and forget what’s happened, that won’t work. If we’re here to hunt down Neean and Miri, kill them, and move on with our lives, then I’m in.”


On the far end of the building, a door creaked open. Everyone turned, staring at it, waiting for someone to come out.

Suddenly, at the same time, all of them received a text message. (Except for Jacob, because he doesn’t own a cellphone.)


To be continued…

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Part 9

Jessica dialed 911. “There’s nothing to discuss. If we go in there, we’re dead. I’m calling the police.”

No one argued.

Then about three minutes later, they could hear the sirens heading towards them. Every available police officer would soon be here, surround the youth correctional facility and search room by room for Neean and Miri Radd.


Morgan was in the hospital bed, feeling so weak, she could barely move. An IV was in her hand, pumping much needed fluids into her veins along with an awesome painkiller that was making her feel like she was floating on clouds.

A few minutes later, she could hear her own breathing, drifting to a better place.

Or was it someone else breathing in her ear?

Morgan’s eyes peeled open. She turned her head, seeing a clown face next to her.

Miri had a large pair of scissors in one hand and the red rubber hammer in the other hand. She cut a piece of Morgan’s hair, then slurped it in her mouth like she was eating spaghetti. “Mmmm…taste like strawberries.”

Morgan was so drugged up, she couldn’t move.


Miri placed the scissors down and leaned close to Morgan’s face while gently placing the red rubber hammer on Morgan’s stomach. “I’m here…next to you…under your bed, in your closet, standing over your while you sleep…I’m everywhere.”

Miri placed her fingers on the IV in Morgan’s hand then pressed down, forcing the needle deeper into the skin. Morgan squeezed her eyes shut, then opened her mouth to scream, but nothing came out.

When Morgan opened her eyes, blood had been draining from her hand and soaking the bed along with a hot pain from the needle stuck deep between her finger bones.

A nurse arrived in the room, checked the machine, then noticed her IV. “What in the world did you do?”

Morgan looked around, but Miri was gone.


Emily received a text message. “I’ll give you $1,000 to smell your hair. Please! It’s an emergency!”

She didn’t recognize the number and quickly typed back, “Who is this?”

“I’m the kid at school…the one you created.”

Emily: “I didn’t create you!”

“Oh yes you did. I never would have been this powerful if you didn’t start talking about me.”

Emily: “I’m calling the police!”

“The police are busy looking for me at the youth correctional facility. It’s just you and I, here alone.”

Emily looked around. “Where are you?”

“Brushing my teeth with your toothbrush. I wanted to know how you feel when you wake up and when you go to bed.”

Emily gripped her cellphone and walked out of the bedroom.

The next text message said, “That’s it. Keep coming.”


She looked up and down the hallway. Her parent’s door was closed.

Emily took a step towards the bathroom door, then another.

Text Message: “Almost there.”

She gazed at the message on her phone and stopped, then once again looked up and down the hallway.

Where was she?

Time had slipped away.


Emily was confused. She had been inside her bedroom…

Or maybe she wasn’t at home.

Was she in the Horror House?

A text appeared on her phone. “RU Next? I’m waiting.”


Emily slowly walked to the bathroom, stepped inside and closed the door. She kept the lights off and gazed in the direction of the mirror over the sink.

A voice whispered, “You’ve been a bad girl.”

Tears drizzled from Emily’s eyes. “I started rumors about the kid at school. It’s all my fault. And a long time ago, I testified against Miri and said she should be put in jail for life. I was there when she dressed up like a clown and attacked those middle school kids.”

The voice whispered, “How do you want to die?”

Emily reached up in the darkness and blindly touched the mirror glass, rubbed her fingers down to the sink and pulled her hand back. “What are my choices?”

“A hook like in the movie, I Know What You Did Last Summer.”

Emily sighed. “What other choices?”

“A chainsaw like in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Or you could be killed like in The Slumber Party Massacre. Maybe large fingers made of knives could murder you in your sleep like in A Nightmare on Elm Street. Perhaps a pickax like in My Bloody Valentine. Maybe a strange and torturous death like in Final Destination. Or a machete like in Friday the 13th. You could be buried alive in wax in some sort of tribute to the House of Wax movie. Maybe wait until prom like in…well…Prom Night. Possibly murder you Michael Myers style like in Halloween. Or just chase after you with large clown teeth like in the movie IT.”

Emily tapped her fingers on the sink. “All great choices, but I have a suggestion. How about killing me like the kid at school with a shiny hammer that says, Good Vibrations.”

“No problem.”

The door flew open and the hammer smashed into her nose, causing such horrific pain that Emily saw visions of hundreds of people being brutally murdered.

Neean continued swinging the hammer, beating Emily to the floor, shredding her muscles and cracking her bones until there was nothing left except a bloody corpse.

When Neean turned around, he was greeted by a girl in a hospital gown with a bloody IV needle in her hand and a bloody tube dragging on the floor.

Morgan ripped the hammer away from Neean and began wildly swinging.

She was like a girl possessed.

Beating him as if he were the devil himself.

Morgan turned on the light, seeing Neean’s bloody body on the floor next to Emily.

After catching her breath, Morgan kneeled down, raised the shiny hammer and continued beating the kid at school, making sure that even his soul would never return.


When the police showed up, Morgan was still beating pieces of his flesh that had separated from Neean’s body.

They dragged Morgan away, put her in an ambulance, and took her to a mental hospital in Millington.


A few months later, rumors surfaced of Miri starting her own Clown Cult which began in South Carolina and quickly spread throughout the United States. You can do a Google Search by typing, “Creepy Clown Sightings” and learn more about Miri’s growing clown organization.

You may be wondering if Miri will come back to town as the next Kid at School.

The answer is no.

Miri the Clown deserves her own book series.

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