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The Ashes of Humanity

The Book of High Justice


Yurih Dakota


I am writing this book as a humble final reminder for the benefit
of those who will come after us. My effort is to unveil and present

you the subject of Justice as the final remaining link between us

and what was considered once decency. I believe that those who

will read this book in the future will understand the essence of

decency that we used to value in the past. As all things it was

destined for humanity to reach this point but with Justice the

balance can be preserved to some degree. If Justice is thought

and honored within families (by parents initially) I believe there

will be societies that can still work as a whole.

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There are many Values that do hold societies and individuals together but as some of these values are deemed outdated or worse when they are replaced by their evil counterpart in a society then the essence of humanity will fall, I will try to demonstrate you that the only remaining Value that can still run societies is the Value that of Justice. I know already that few will be just in the future and they will be known as the “trustworthy ones” but I hope to imprint at least in a few pages of paper the essence of dignity for maybe some in the future will benefit from it. When values such as shame, honor, dignity, restraint, humility, kindness are replaced with, pride, belittlement, “open-mindedness”,ruthless -ness and they are view as something pleasant and favorable as it is today, when they come under the disguise of

misleading words such as self-confidence, intelligence, authority, leadership, clever money-making tips (meaning earning a livelihood through deceit and fraud) are praised in our society then the last resort to maintain humanity and to be able to work together will be Justice. Because no-one has ever approved deceit in business transactions and no-one will ever do. So the Just and the Honest will be popular among people for the safety of their transactions. But Justice is not only restrained in business but has to be extended in character, in speech, in fair dealing, and also in dealing with oppression. Yes, indeed also in dealing with oppression. For example if a type of evil has been done to an individual, to avenge that evil by doing the exact same thing is Justice and it is Just and Fair.

But on the other hand if he does twice the evil then he has done more injustice and he is to be put in the position of the oppressor. Even avenging your enemy can be done fairly and Justly. But to maintain patience and not repaying back the injustice done is of much more value and indicates the greatness of character.

Parents should take in particular care is raising their kids with an understanding of Justice in business and also in character and in speech. Imagine children who will grow up with the value of Justice in their minds then imagine every single individual holding firmly unto the value of Justice in the same way, then imagine a whole society in the same way.

Chapter 1


Why the value of justice? It is because it is directly related with our wealth and business. And a man will be most considered about the safety of his wealth more than anything else. So this will make justice seem as an extremely valuable characteristic in an individual. For centuries wars have been fought, brothers have severed their ties, family members has gone as far as killing each other, for the sake of wealth (whether it is land, gold, houses, authority) Personal wealth has and will remain always an important matter for mankind, and through this, justice will be a preserved value in society.

Many times people can laugh at the injustice done to someone else but if you have noticed when the injustice concerns a thief committing a robbery, everyone is enraged and thinks about ways to punish that thief if he is caught. This is a natural instinct in mankind, and this instinct is yelling for Justice in every single individual. The understanding of justice is instilled within us, whether it is practiced or it isn't, we can tell the difference in between.

Among kids, it is present from a young age, even if their parents never thought them of this, upon injustice they say “he hit me first or he started it first” Truly justice is of a great value to humanity. As we have demonstrated that the understanding of justice is instilled within us from a young age let us look what corrupts and suppresses it. The good values that have turned into their evil counterparts in relation with the wish to maximize one's wealth leads the individual to turn into injustice in order to be successful in his pursuit.

So the desire for maximizing wealth can cause at times injustice to be practiced, but on the other hand the desire to protect ones wealth causes fairness and justice to be practiced. With wealth being in the center of attention, it makes it like a double edged sword which can cut very sharply on both sides. Hence this makes always the poor folk who do not own much wealth to be fair and just.

If we are to make a short summary, economic laws of governments have truly done great good to the general masses as they lead the capitalistic societies to poverty, because that ensures people will preserve justice and fairness indirectly. I am sure many will disagree with me in this point because they still have the desire not to be bound by economic laws that impoverish them, though I would ask them kindly to look at the greater picture and try to see that truly they have done great good to the people unwillingly.

So the citizen will always speak about and support “fair wealth distribution” and “fair market” which both in reality have never existed. Because we know capitalism ensures that the poor folk stay poor and the rich get wealthier. Fair wealth distribution has never been the objective. Even though support organizations such as UNICEF and many other alike have been created through lies and deceit they never seem to fulfill their purposes. They are even supported in their fraud by economic laws, in countries like England, the law states that an organization operating through donations is only obliged to pay at least 10% for charitable purposes. In other words they can keep legally 90% of the donations for themselves.

How unjust! Manipulating even the charity of the folk...

People create dog-protection organizations while children are being abused. Is this justice? They say they care so much about third world countries and they spend 200 trillion euros to make space rockets. Is this justice?

So one has to realize that what was missing from the beginning..... was Justice.


Justice can be applied in many matters and in our daily life. It is not so obvious because it is not spoken about often. When the daily environment of an individual is just then only there can be a healthy environment for the upbringing of children and the happiness of an individual. For example if a family has two children and the father buys a gift for one child, it is only just that he buys at the same a similar gift to his second child.

The character of the individual is just when he treats everyone in the same fashion, if he changes his attitude depending on the person he deals with, this is considered “double-standards” and hypocricy. However to deal from high morals to higher morals in order to show respect (for example treating ones parents in the best manner) is considered favorable and royal.

In business to use tactics for decreasing the customers of a competitor is highly unjust. If one practices justice he should wish everyone to earn equally. Even by being jealous of someone else's success is unjust. There should be mutual respect and understanding and pleasure for the co-existence of a successful business within a city.

To wish for a fellow citizen to own what you own yourself is just. To wish for him to be lower than you and to wish for him to have less than you can not be justified in any manner therefore it is deemed as unjust, also this has been forbidden in many religions and viewed as a major sin. Similarly to wish for your neighbor to live with the same living standards as you is just. However to strive too hard to reach a high living standard which is fairly impossible with capitalism, is injustice committed to your self, as the current system makes it impossible to collect high amounts of wealth.

When we talk about “Just distribution of wealth” let us clarify the term and offer an explanation that is pleasing to most. Wealth by itself has no worth, if 1000 cold coins lye on the street within an abandoned city where there is not a single soul, those 1000 cold coins have no worth at all, only when humans start occupying the city and start picking up those coins, only then, they are valuable. So let us establish that humans are of value, and only with humans other things can be valuable. Suppose only one person picks up those coins. Now it is incumbent upon this person to distribute the wealth justly. Wealth will not distribute itself, someone has to do it, and has to do it justly.

The wealth has to be distributed justly to those who can not work, to the orphans without a family, to women without a husband, to handicapped citizens and to the elderly. So, as in the above example if the individual who has no sense of justice, he will not distribute the gold to the needy folk mentioned.

Overall for justice to appear in societies all individuals must be just and must come with a set of morals and a specific character, in previous times these morals and characters were praised hence I believe it promoted their preservation by this praising. Such as, bravery, manhood, truthfulness, sacrifice, independence, human-rights.

I do not know how well the term charitable will be understood in the future, therefore allow me to give you a humble explanation of the term.

Charitable: A person, who is willing to help without asking in return, someone who wishes for his fellow-human to do well in society, someone who is ready to sacrifice something of his in order to be helpful to a friend, someone who puts first a friend and puts second in need himself, and all these he does it from his heart because his heart contains love for mankind and love for well-being.


Chapter 2


So now that we have established that lust for wealth is the main motivation for injustice committed

we can move on to other sources of injustice that are highly dangerous for the well being of a society and also discuss how to revive justice. I believe it is utterly important to keep praising the good morals whenever they are spotted in an individual or a society. As praising can be viewed as an oral award and approval. An individual carrying the quality of being “just” carries indeed an high moral with him and should be an example to the rest.

The second ruler after Prophet Muhammed (s.a.) in Arabia was Umar Ibn-al Hattab (r.a), examine carefully his sense of justice at the below passage:

Umar had a meeting with some of his fellows in the mosque at night, and a villager came there to consult him about a matter. He waited for Umar to finish the meeting so he would address the matter to him and ask for his advice. When Umar and his fellows concluded the meeting, Umar blew out the candle that was giving light and took another candle and lit it. The villager who had visited him for consultation asked:

  • Umar, I have not understood why you have done this, you blew out a candle

and just lit another candle, this is strange!

  • The candle that I blew out was bought with government money, and I use it when

we discuss government affairs. Now that we will discuss a private affair I lit

a candle that I have bought personally.

Indeed people like Umar existed, and this type of understanding of justice is needed for healthy societies to operate.

In another narration Prophet Muhammed (s.a) himself is said to have gone to the marketplace and when he reached a merchant who had a sack of dates for sale he put his hands inside the dates and drew them upwards only to reveal the green immature dates beneath the matured dates and he instructed the merchant as thus:

Tell the people that this is a sack of mixed (matured & immature) dates”.

This is a very serious observation as the sack contains two different products of two different prices. Justice in transactions and business dealings is the core of a healthy and safe society. Upon examination of such fairness one can understand how to construct a good and healthy business. Also a merchant who is known for his trustworthy -ness surely will attract more customers.

If we are to proceed with our discussion of the causes of injustice we can not move along without mentioning the destructive effects of jealousy. For large amounts of people to co-exist harmonically, there has to be a strong understanding of brotherhood. If people view each others as brothers and understand that everyone is in need of the same vital elements for survival, then perhaps they will not view each other as competitors but more as brothers.

|Competition in wealth is actually harmful, Not healthy.|

Once everyone starts looking at each other as normal human beings and more of brothers, there will be no room for jealousy. Jealousy is destructive because it is followed by wishing for someone to loose the blessings he has obtained. And this is so -Not charitable.

So far I believe that it is clear that just behavior can spread by everyone individually if it is practiced consistently. It is of no value to lament aggressive criticism for the governments on how unjust they are, people individually make the society and people make the place. If all take care in the preservation of fair dealing then societies will bloom.


I another incident Umar ibn Al-Khattaab, bought a horse from a Bedouin, paid its price and rode off with it. However, after traveling a little distance, he noticed some kind of defect in the horse, so he returned to the seller, requesting him to take it back since it was defective. The man refused, telling Umar that the horse was perfectly healthy when it was sold to him. `Umar, told the man to choose a judge and the man suggested Shurayh ibn Al-Haarith Al-Kindi whom `Umar, accepted to be the judge.
After the judge listened to the Bedouin’s testimony, he turned to `Umar, asking: “Was the horse normal and healthy when you bought it?” `Umar, replied: “Yes, it was.” Shurayh then said: “Then keep what you bought or return it as you took it.” ‘Umar, looked at Shurayh in admiration saying: “Justice should be like this".

`Umar, admitted that the horse was healthy when he took it and he accepted the judgment, making the case an everlasting example of Islamic justice. The judge’s fairness made ‘Umar, appoint him as a judge of Koofah. He rewarded the judge for his justice and fairness and did not jail him for ruling against him, as some leaders may have done in present so-called ‘democracies’.


Ali ibn Abu Talib, lost a shield that was dear to him and later found it in the hands of a non-Muslim citizen who was selling it in one of Koofah’s markets. When he saw it, ‘Ali, said: “This is my shield that fell off my camel on so and so night at such and such time.” The man answered: “No, this is my shield in my hand.” ‘Ali, replied: “No, it is mine since I never sold it or gave it to anyone.”
The man agreed to let a judge decide, which ‘Ali, accepted. They went to Shurayh who asked ‘Ali, for his side of the story. ‘Ali, said that the shield was his and that he had found it with that man; it had fallen off his camel and he had never sold it or given it to anyone. The judge turned to the other man asking his story. The man said that he did not accuse ‘Ali, of lying, but, the shield was his,and it was in his hands.

Shurayh turned to ‘Ali, saying: “I believe you, but we need the testimony of two witnesses to back your story.” ‘Ali, said that there was his aide Qanbar and his son Al-Hassan, to which the man replied that a son could not testify for the benefit of his father. Ali, said: “O Allah, a man who is promised paradise cannot act as a witness! Have you not heard what the Prophet, said that Al-Hassan and Al-Hussayn, were the masters of the youths of paradise? Shurayh said: “Yes, I have, but a son cannot bear witness for his father.”
Then ‘Ali turned to the man and said: “Take the shield, as I have no other witnesses.”
The man, who was a non-Muslim, then said: “O ‘Ali, the shield is yours. What a great religion! I can sue ‘Ali and get a judge to pass a decision for my benefit! I declare to become a Muslim.” He told the judge that he was following the army and had seen the shield fall down and picked it up. ‘Ali, then told him to keep the shield, and on top of that, he also gave him a horse.



Favoring relatives in a way that helps injustice is also an act that leads to further social corruption.
Differiention between relatives and non-relatives or races should be avoided at all costs as these acts hurt other individuals. Hence as it is strongly promoted in this book cultivating relations of brotherhood and sisterhood with all mankind is a pattern that will ensure the security of conducting justice.



At the time of Prophet Muhammed (p.u.h.) there was an old lady who despised the Prophet and every time he passed by her house she used to throw her garbage on him. The Prophet who was a great example of character never said anything, and this matter kept happening every time he passed by her house.

One day the Prophet went by the same route but the old lady was not there. Later on he inquired about what had happened to the old lady and people told him that she had fallen very sick and was on her death-bed lying. Then the Prophet went to visit her and let her know he was there to assist her with her needs. The old lady was naturally moved so much by the Prophet's merciful action that even accepted what he was preaching.

This is a marvelous example of humanity and compassion which indicates that small actions can win people's hearts in a loving way.


Chapter 3


| Charity assures fair distribution of wealth & diminishes jealousy. |

In modern societies paying taxes is viewed as the norm. Many times the high taxation can lead to tax evasion and has been labeled as a crime. Though in reality a very high taxation rate in unjust because is rips off the people from their own personal wealth. And modern societies assume the right to interfere with one's own wealth which is tyrannical. Taxation rates are obliged to be low and according to a person's capability to pay them. With this said also when taxation rates are low charity can be encouraged and social empathy can increase massively.

When a person can give away charity he does it from his heart and the wealth of the heart is proportionate to its charity. Also developing a sense of social responsibility and social awareness is attained through charity, at the same time lowering feelings of selfish-ness and jealousy. Wishing well for all is the highest of morals.

When charity is given to lower stated masses only then money will circulate healthily among the people and distributed fairly or else wealth will feed only the ego and selfish selves of the few.

If a wealth owner gives only 2.5 % charity yearly this will be enough to diminish poverty all around the world. We have to mention that with giving charity and being able to be of help to the less fortunate is associated with great gratification of the self and is accompanied by a feeling of social accomplishment which enhances the character of an individual.

We know that capitalism at times enforces the masses to be very careful with their wealth and to with-hold it however if this is analyzed further removing wealth from healthy circulation in long term will damage the individual himself or his business. Which is where we stand right now at the time of writing this book. It is essential for us to point out that every individual can contribute to a healthy economy alone by being charitable and most importantly this will preserve and encourage at the same time a more compassionate and humanly society.

With-holding charitable acts on the other hand shape merciless and cruel societies reason being that when people who are in great need of even small amounts of wealth will turn to illegal activities and different sources of income. If well-wishing for all becomes the standard in a society and needy people are elevated more and more to the middle class then we can create more space for innovation and developing ideas. There are many individuals with extremely bright ideas and talent which all these are wasted because of the lack of charitable events.


I hope I have been able to demonstrate in this book how

by practicing small virtues can have a great impact on ourselves

and for the benefit of further good. It all starts by looking at the

world with innocent eyes and also teaching others to look at

it the same way. There is hidden pleasure in sharing the

pleasure of another human being and even greater in

assisting someone attaining that pleasure through

our own efforts.

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