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Eat What You Want and Still Lose Weight

Easy to Utilize Diet & Lifestyle Tips

Dueep Jyot Singh

Healthy Living Series

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Table of Contents


Some Points about Dieting

Clean Eating”

The 75:25% Diet

Binge Eating


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When a friend of mine asked me why I was writing this book, when she knew very well that I did not advocate dieting – as in starving yourself – I told her that there are a number of people out there, who are so used to dieting in order to lose weight or to look for any other way and means, in which they can lose weight, and that is why, if they really have to do this, they had better do it sensibly, systematically and get permanent results.

You are going to find some examples in this book, taken from classic stories, and because I am more familiar with UK and American classics, they are going to tell you about some exercise routines and lifestyles of times gone by, more than hundred years ago. We may find it amusing, but there was a time when every youngster was encouraged by his mother and father to take up physical training as an exercise routine in order to keep healthy throughout his life.

Unfortunately that is not being done nowadays because parents themselves could not be bothered to keep fit in exercise or workouts. Also, at that time, the lifestyle, the diet was totally different, and it is not being followed today. Many of the healthy foodstuffs which we use to eat 150 years ago have been removed from our diet list today, because some doctors somewhere said that it is unhealthy for you to eat this particular diet and you believed him. Instead, you have substituted unhealthy supplements, manufactured in chemical labs and which are being marketed by these quack doctor doors all over the world because according to them, these are going to keep you healthy. And you believe them because you have been brainwashed since childhood, into believing that whatever you read on the Internet or your doctors tell you is exactly right.

So, if you are a person who has gone on to a diet, at least once in his/her life, think of it. So what did you go through? Eating boring and bland foods and the problem was that you would have to eat these boring and bland foods, throughout your life, after you had achieved your goal of losing a given amount of weight. That meant that you would never be allowed to eat the healthy foods, which made life worth living.

It was possible that these healthy foods never came into your diet list, since childhood, because possibly your parents had decided that they were not good for you because somebody had told them that it was not good for them. And I think it is very surprising, socially and psychologically, that whenever I went to lands of plenty where there was plenty of food available, there were also people, who definitely did not eat that food because they were going through the mode of self starvation, all in the name of dieting.

It may have been all right in the 20s and 30s, because the world had just come out through World War I. So looking like a skeleton was all right, and accepted. Here, not being able to eat food because it was not available was thoroughly justified and natural. But then the countries which had been affected became slowly more and more prosperous, is it surprising that the eating habits did not change, and the people still remain weak, sickly, and were not eating nourishing meals. That was because by that time the social trend was, remain sickly and thin and weak looking, because that is fashionable and that is supposedly attractive.

Now 100 years down the line, this is still very much the mindset of the generations that have been born since then, because they have not learned to take advantage of the food they have around them in plenty, because they have been brought up on tales of deprivation, starvation, and even near poverty.

I remember reading one of my favorite author’s works, – Lloyd C Douglas Green Light, available to download free on Project Gutenberg – in which this doctor got into the habit of diagnosing the ailments of all the people he came across, naturally and as a matter of practice, during his leisure time.

Paige groping into his seat down in the third row centre. The comedy carried on, noisily overplayed but amusing. The ingénue was fairly good, Newell thought, but thinned down cruelly for thirty-two. Women at that age had to be careful. Couldn't stand continued starvation, especially these blondish types. Odd thing about that: brunettes could take more punishment; seemed to be strung up better, neutrally. Room for some intensive thinking on that subject: relation of pigmentation to nerve-structure. This Clarissa Montrose ought to be carrying at least fifteen pounds more. Knife-edged clavicles, ash-white elbows, acute pelvic definition, and breathed only from the top.

"And you thought I was Jerry's wife!" twittered Clarissa coyly.

"All the eggs she can hold, a quart of milk a day, and keep her quiet," Newell heard himself saying to the nurse, outside her door.

"Angel!" cooed the leading man, tipping up her lean chin with his fingers.

"Not yet," reflected Newell, "but she's going to be." He pulled down the sheet, applied the dangling end of his stethoscope to the upper tip of her right lung. "Say 'ninety-nine', Clarissa.... Now, take a deep breath. That's good. Hold it!" He moved the bell of the stethoscope across to the pitifully flabby left breast and listened to the regurgitation of a gallant but not indestructible heart.

"We won't tell Jerry yet," counseled the leading man.

"He might not approve."

"I know I wouldn't," meditated Newell, "if she were my sister. Your kidneys are full of copper, Mr.—Mr.—er—" He consulted the program. "—Mr. Romaine.... I'll want another specimen of that, nurse, to check up on that albumen cast we got yesterday. Might have known what we'd find, of course. Big, spongy ankles, puffy lower lids, cloudy cornea. Drinking too much hard stuff.... No more red meat, Mr. Romaine, until I tell you. And your highballs for the next six months are going to be made of sauerkraut juice with a little dash of spinach."

"My mistake!" Jerry was expostulating as he blundered into the scene while Clarissa was being kissed.

"You're making a bigger mistake than that," mused Newell, eyeing him critically. "You'd do well to have a dental X-ray. I saw you wince when Clarissa clutched your arm a while ago. If you don't look out these focal infections are going to make one solid chunk of you, from your neck to your heels, by the time you're fifty-five."

Newell's entertaining pastime of conducting these imaginary clinics was growing on him of late. Sometimes, as he sat in a hotel lobby or a railroad station, he diagnosed everybody in sight, fervently wishing he might verify the more abstruse by laboratory tests.

This book was written about a dedicated doctor in the 20s and 30s, and he proposed to keep his patients healthy and not starve themselves. How many of these doctors can you find in today’s world? Not many, I guess sadly.

Remember the word diet means “What You Eat”. It does not mean What You Do Not Eat. However, today the word dieting is synonymous with not eating food, or maybe eating a given number of ingredients, according to a particular diet chart. And because you are eating just these foods, you are preventing yourself from eating the necessary and essential ingredients and nutrients, which are required by nature to keep your body healthy.

Also, you are going to notice that any diet plan is based on really small helpings. Where were those helpings of childhood, when you could eat whatever you wanted, and food was not dished out to you, on a plate, in just tiny spoonfuls. A little bit of broccoli, a little bit of boiled chicken, a little bit of some milk product like cheese, notice that all the supposedly healthy diet foods are in the quantity of a little bit except perhaps salad which is in abundance.

But all these things are uniformly suggesting just one thing – they are utterly bland and they are utterly boring and they are utterly being thrust upon you, by some so-called dietitian who seems to know best. And because you believe in him, you are eating your food, broiled, steamed, or baked, when in the days of your childhood, and youth, when you did not know about faddy diets like the South Beach diet, the Paleo diet, the vegan diet, the Atkins diet, or any other diet somebody thought up so that somebody else could starve, do not you remember that you felt healthier, with more energy, and definitely more fit.

Steaming food, it is what everyone is doing, my food may be fairly bland, but it is nutritious.

Until somebody decided that it was dangerous to eat large portions of food and you had to be put on a diet immediately. That is because mankind has the tendency of not letting anybody else alone, and enjoying himself. He is starving himself so the rest of his family should also starve and lose weight or become slim and trim, or any other excuse.

The parents in the 60s began this and the new parents in the 80s continued this, and now the millennial generation is deeply entrenched in bad eating habits, based on continuous dieting, watching weight, making sure that they try out the latest so-called diet, which promises them to lose weight and so on.

This book is going to be controversial, and all these so-called diet gurus are going to go gunning for my neck, because I intend you to live, eat, eat as much as you want, eat what you want, and forget about if you eat this, you are going to die, if you eat that, you are going to suffer from heart problems, for these people. I say, prove it. If you cannot prove it, and cannot deliver, shut up and let us live our own existence, the way our ancestors lived, without getting all crazy and neurotic about starving oneself when it was not necessary.

Some Points about Dieting

What you eat today is going to determine the state of your health tomorrow.

This is being told to you, but everybody around you, including the media. But they may not tell you that depriving yourself of these particular means that you are going to suffer from starvation, malnutrition, and essential deprivation of nutrients required by you to keep your body healthy. So that is why, when we were children, we were told to eat up everything which was placed on our plates, and then we were given second helpings if we still felt hungry. We were never overfed. And we had healthy appetites and we never suffered from childhood ailments – except, of course, when we came down from the healthy atmosphere of the mountains to the town and cities, on vacation, and came down with mumps, measles, chickenpox, and all civilization related ailments!

And we had a 100% natural diet. We ate biscuits, chocolates, ice creams, butter, eggs, and everything else, necessary for a child to enjoy his childhood, and we never thought that these were supposedly unhealthy. Anything we were given, we ate it with thanks. That is because in our culture, and places I visited, food was always considered to be sacred and holy and never to be disrespected or disregarded or said no to. The idea was if you said no to food today, it was possible that the God, who gave you food decided that this person was not thankful enough or grateful enough and so you called ill luck to your family.

However, just five years to 10 years later, the trend had started that all of these foods were not good to eat. That was definitely not so. They were perfectly healthy. It was only the ingredients which were used in their making, like refined sugar and margarine and refined flour, which had absolutely no nutritional value but did more harm to one’s health, which caused people to suffer from ill health. And this was blamed on these particular foodstuffs. Interesting, how these foodstuffs became unhealthy, all of a sudden only in the 20th century!

Just look around yourself, this once and listen to what everybody is saying. Somebody’s going to be talking about the no fat diet, because it has helped him so much. The other is going to be arguing about the Atkins diet, because no carbs means supposed to good health. What makes this laughable is that carbs are necessary to keep you healthy. And you are preventing yourself from eating carbs, which include delicious potatoes, which are one of the healthiest foods known to man. But why would Dr. Atkins want you to eat something which makes you happy and healthy?

The people who are following the paleo diet do not want you to eat bread, because according to them, the people living in the Paleolithic age did not eat bread. Says who? Have they seen the amount of bread, grains, cereals being dug up by the archaeologists, especially when the Paleolithic man decided to become a farmer and grain grower, instead of a hunter? So, who says he did not eat bread. They also say that he did not eat products made of milk. So one should ask them to do a bit of reading, before they begin spouting up things, which they read on the Internet and have absolutely no valid truth or basis behind it. And they should stop making clowns of themselves, trying to make converts on half baked knowledge, the more people that starve with us, the merrier…, No bread, no meat, no milk, no healthy foods, because somebody said the Neanderthals and the Paleolithic man did not eat these items…

I guess he started this idea up as a joke, but before we knew it, everybody decided that there must be some truth in it. And that is why all these occasional diets, crop up on the Internet, and are followed by people because according to them, they are going to become as young looking, as thin, as attractive looking as a person who is 30 years younger than them, and does not have their own gene line and bio– physiological makeup.

So what is sauce for the goose is definitely not sauce for the gander. And that is why, if you enjoy eating, who is to stop you from enjoying steak sandwiches, bacon, guacamole, and pizza? I just want to ask you, who says that these food items are unhealthy. Your doctor, you say in a very guilty tone.

Interesting, that these foods were eaten for millenniums by people, and nobody said that this was junk food. Steak – meat, eaten by the Neanderthals, when roasted on the fire. Sandwiches – bread baked by them on their ovens or hot stones, bacon, cured pork, used for food by people all over the world for millenniums. Pizza – base made up of whole-wheat bread, with this spread of tomatoes, sprinkled with greens, cheese, meat – if the meat is laden with preservatives and other chemical additives, including MSG, you are going to get fat, because they are going to act adversely upon your natural system. And that is the reason why your doctor says I told you so. Instead, if you had eaten this pizza, made of toppings you prepared right at home, who could call it junk food?

The reason why so many people supposedly get fat on junk food is because the ingredients which are used in the preparation of these foods are chockablock full of dangerous chemicals and preservatives. There is nothing natural about these particular branded foods, or these ingredients which you are piling on a healthy whole-wheat bread pizza base.

Have you noticed that many of the diet programs today tell you that you can have a cheat session, where you can indulge in the foods you want to eat? That is because they have begun to understand that more and more people are getting disillusioned about starving themselves and they want to keep people dieting. Why start dieting in the first place? So give me one good reason why a person should starve himself, just because he is following a fashionable diet, and then one fine day, in the week, he can binge out on his favorite foods as a reward to himself?

So how many of these food sources are you not eating, just because somebody told you that they are unhealthy, including eggs, meat, and dairy products?

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