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20) 2armz the don- newest world order

2armz the don

Newest world order

Made by Anthony domanski

Intro to the rise of 2armz

Plotting my own resurrection

Finishing off the past, with a future of a very worded future, with my words coming back with a blast, when the moment people think I will be dead, a new book will come out and be read.

I believe strongly in the illuminati, im just here to make it clear im here to finish what was start in the past, knowing words is a very creative way to change today society, in bliss of society I am dead but alive I been gone only to survive one day at a time, when people tried to make decision for me, only one who has true power that one is god.

While you tried to dictate my life, I pulled back, silently realizing how to survive in one day at a time.

One day at a time is all we have, be glad your in it alive, make each moment count, free your self from life energy suckers, be your own person today in one day at a time. Let them struggle in there own misery, karma will get them its just due time. Here are my word I speak them loudly at the same time silently, when you are reading this now just make it one day if need be one moment just to survive your

Own life.

Had so enemies

Thinking people is after me

over the years developed so many enemies

people came after me, when really just wanted to be free.


hell cant tame me sorry tricks finally achieving my peace, going to leave a legacy behind me

chorus 2

I wonder if there will be ever peace on the street

my world consists of peace elementary mathematics painting a perfect world in my loneliness. This mess gotta stop, never will the day I fight again. Just with words and my pen. That is why they call me the don with the creative pen. When you think I am quiet I will rise again. Got much love for yah but I am focused on a life of a manageable peace.

Chorus 2

I wonder if there will be peace on the streets, you cant keep me quiet or still for long. A lot of people did me wrong in the past coming back with a blast, I will and am going to resurrect in my homies who die from a one nation. Remember 2armz was be hind of makavellie and anonymous with the one nation.

Just another way to express of being schizophrenic

Sometime I feel the shame of having schizophrenia

At times I can piss people off and get people mad at me

That is why it is cool to have a form of recovery in you

To be able to change from the crazy life. When things change it finally sinks in against your illness and come to terms you can win. But lead a very happy positive life. Some times life creeps up and haunt you. But there are ways to just have a good day. When you realize that things been ok with or with out you. Perception could lead you to live life as a mad hatter. But lately been coming on top while I have a lot of stuff happening had to take action on my old dramatic life and put a stop in it. Struggles will always continue on from my leasons could be a blessing eventually like me you will change and win.

Life is a game of chess

Life is like a game of chess with each you make you got to protect your friends the moment you don’t you will loose you friend to your enemy. But how will you ever know that unless you play the hand. When the time comes you will be glad you did. The only way to have the upper hand and the other player as well. Not to give them a game of hell but stalemate. What I have come to learn it takes to much energy being enemies with anybody. There is too much misery that comes with it. Sometimes it is just good to break in even. It definitely beets stress.


Me 2armz has come time is now. I aint going to lose but only to rise from doom. Coming back in 2030 when someone will take interest in my poetry of resurrected doom. I see in 2030 a world in peace finally at ease feel me no man will become lonely. Every woman will have a good man to marry. Since there will be no wars and economic break through. Taking life to the next phase. Life will finally be ok. Just of having good days. Dear lord please make this day come for better ways.

Of no political corruption just a good life of spirituality. 2armz is taking a shot by sparking the fire of minds to come. Where lately its been a social media. Hell no aint going back. That is why I continue on with imagination. For peace justice and of course the American way. There will be no dreams but dreams to finally to come true I can’t help but to write and hopefully one day be from all this insanity


I remember when not to long ago, my only solution came from anger. Danger came with that fame of the Aryan gang came too. But soon I was just left with me in this lonely world. Knowingly I couldn’t carry this hate baggage sooner or later I had to get peace of mind. Little by little one by one I would watch my friends pass on by due to my anger. So I became a stranger in my own world. Determined to get peace willing to get what it takes just to get ease. Praying to the good lord I could not seem to keep. Self will keep me trapt in my life of panic attacks finally that’s when I had enough of me. Became perfectly ok with everything around me. There where no more trials. I was no longer the judge kept an open mind with a little willingness to try to change. To my surprise my anger is slowly begging to die. Im finally today being ok with me today. Everybody have a peacefull day keep trying on your quest for peace.

Damage is done

I look back at the damage that the damage has been done. Some has done by me others couldn’t stand to look at me in my misery. So they would rather cut all ties with me letting let friendship and even family not by side. So finally tonight to my victems of my past who tried to get the best of me finally I am free of you. Never ever going back to you. You can stay in my past to the ones who treated me badly or wanted nothing to do with me. So I can finally say its done its over I have some sympathy only in my prayers I wish you luck in your journey I hope what ever you do makes you happy that I couldn’t do. But on a serious not I noticed once you left me I felt better never again will I go back to that road of hate. But a life of victory in success peaceful life no more struggling in my destiny of a happy life. For once I got peace of mind now its my time my time to shine. Not to go back to the past.

Trying  to change 

Trying to change, seems to be a daily thing.
With me lately, just keeping it simple seems to get easier, which is a good thing, now I have no more enemies .
In the the past was such a hard thing to do, just to get by one day at a time.
I am a one man mission, just trying to survive.
If poetry is my ticket out, of this great life, so be it. 
I'm living the life of exctacy haters hate this side of me, and will try to bring me to there own misery. 
No way I am going to let that happen, just living a great life today.

My greatest mistakes

My greatest mistakes is when I stop the paper and pen, especially when you try to change me, make decisions, for my recovery.

I believe strongly in spiritual law as well science law both agree on gravity what comes up must go down, but when it comes to spiritual law, when you make drama karma has away of coming back at yah.

So its best to let people be, and grow in spirituality.

Don’t feed into negativity.

It will only bring you down suck the life out of your energy. So if you learn a way to be just to be you. For today you can be recovered like me too. Don’t give up the fight the life. Its always a struggle to survive. So let no one stop you from your peace. Create your very one imagery of your life of who you want to be, don’t let any body say you cant make it. Only you can make your self fail. So take that first step and succeed. Break free.

The rise of a mad man

Lately its been about social media, controlling peoples own destiny, but not me I am here to set people free to back to the American dream. Which seems to be a dying reality.

Sadly we are at a stage in life media is controlling the world. Just bringing awareness up too you. But I am a mad man. Got a master plan even after death. My last breath wont be for nothing. Someone will pick up my book take a look and see what I have created the rise of illuminati. That no one can stop not even me. That is why I am doing this after death. I will not rest till I see a one nation from east to west 1 country that is the only way will be free. No what this world is about paper money and greed. Think about it indeans survived of land for years till the white man came and turned land into in economic greed. We togeth survive on our land as long we get a roof over our head and food in our bellies it can be done.

Lifes not to be so serious

Dear god, I am here to have a little fun, my life just begun. I didn’t come here to quit but to succeed and win it. I will blur every last word in my breath till the very last breath till they finally take me. When they do come ill be ok with it. Im ok with today with what it has to bring im finally leading into destiny my own way. Thugging till I die I have no fear learning from my past mistake I don’t take life so seriously no more. There for I will succeed in a dream of a one nation.

The reason why I could speak freely

I dont title my self as a lable. I just create to have fun I put all my experiences into one poetry and just have fun. We are in a time where imagination seem to be a dying breed. Replacing it with social economic greed.

The time for a change dimmers the candle light, as the flame flickers away. The days grow short, where its seems fun is a challenge a stress these days.

So light up the flame for a new day just to have fun your way bring good in the world today. Life is to short hate everyday. We are all innocent as a babe. Till we start screaming and go our own way.

My only friend is a pen

Growing up as a kid was a lonely experience. My friend seemed to come from a paper and pen. Writing about my troubled times. Growing up I had a lot of enemies ploting my death. Didn’t seem like it would end. When it went away, I became a symbol in my own mind would take awile make peace with this in time.

I would write a lot of cool stories including a lot of poetry. My words of wisdom became like a palm reader. Leaving a legacy behind me.

The boxer

Street club

Every time I ask how I got this way, to be the fighter I am today. I take a look back at my life, things even as a teen where a constant fight for me. I learned as a youngster to learn use my mind. To be free from crime. There where times I should in jail, but thanks to my mind I escaped hell, I am a fighter in all areas in my life.

Only to come out a champ amped up for victory sooner our later what worries me is someone taking my title away in life that will be the end of me. There wont be a shout but a whimper that comes not in light but a cry in darkness I will then be a fade out.

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