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“Happy Birthday Babe” Erin said to me as she handed me a card.

“Thanks dear but you know that we never exchange gifts” I said with a smile as she handed me a card.

“I know but once you open it you will understand why I got you this, so go on, open it.” Erin said nudging at me.

“Okay, okay I will just calm down” I said as I opened the envelope and pulled out the card. It was a very nice sappy birthday card. When I opened the sappy card to read the inside I saw a gift certificate to Splendor.

“Thanks for the card dear but I have no idea what this place is” I said a little confused after reading the name on the gift certificate.

“It’s the new spa that opened up and they have massage therapists on staff. You have been complaining about your back and neck being in pain so I thought it would be the best way to help that.” Erin said with a big smile on her face.

“Oh babe that’s amazing of you to do this but you know that I don’t really like going for massages” I said trying my best to be thankful but not hurt her feelings.

“I know but I’m tired of hearing you complain about how much pain you are in all the time so I figure you could go or, I could smoother you with a pillow while you sleep. It’s your choice” Erin said. I started laughing after she said this because as much as she was joking I knew that she was just a little serious.

“Okay you win I will go but you didn’t have to get me the deluxe package” I said.

“Well the place is new and it was a good deal for it. Besides I figured that this was my best chance at getting you hooked on massages so I went for the Cadillac of packages.” Erin said with a smile.

“Then I will call tomorrow and book an appointment to get in with a massage therapist.” I said leaning in to give Erin a kiss on the forward “Thank you again for this birthday gift.”

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