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French Verbs

intensive lexical builder with embedded sentences

Copyright (2018) Hermes Language Reference

Smashwords Edition


This is an intensive lexical builder for French verbs. It presents the most common French verbs, embedded in sentences, thereby appealing to both short-term and long term memory and ensuring rapid and stable memorization. It is addressed mainly to beginner learners; however, intermediate learners could also profit from it, since care has been taken to highlight numerous idiomatic expressions in which these verbs take part, as well as their informal uses.


to be


C’est le plus petit ordinateur qui soit.

It’s the tiniest computer ever.

On ne peut pas être et avoir été.

You only live once.

Elle n'est plus rien pour lui.

She no longer matters to him.



have, get, possess

avoir l'air —look like

avoir du mal – find difficult to

avoir raison – be right


Il a encore sa grand-mère.

His grandmother's still alive.

Quelle heure avez-vous?

What time do you make it?

Elle a beaucoup de sa mere.

She really takes after her mother.

Il va se faire avoir dans la dernière ligne droite.

He's going to get beaten in the final straight.

Vous avez l'air d'avoir besoin d'un coup de pouce.

It looks like you need a bit of help.

Elle semble avoir du mal à se forger une nouvelle carrière toute seule.

She seems to find it difficult to forge a new career on her own.

Un besoin irrésistible d'avoir raison risque de nuire à votre carrière et non d'y donner de l'élan.

An overwhelming need to be right can damage, not enhance your career.



go, get

aller de l'avant—move forward

aller plus loin—dig deeper, go further


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