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Her Fugative Futa Stepdaughter

A Taboo Futa-on-Female Story

by Madeline Dusk

Smashwords Edition

Copyright © 2018 Madeline Dusk

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

All characters depicted are over the age of 18.

Her Fugative Futa Stepdaughter

A Taboo Futa-on-Female Story

Hoping it was the appropriate response, Tara nodded. It usually was, but a shocked gasp of 'no' was sometimes expected instead. She hadn't really been listening for quite some time. Mrs. Gardner's account of the minutiae of the latest PTA meeting had been considerably less than fascinating.

Trying not to sigh, she took a sip of her sweet ice tea. She should have known better than to come into the kitchen for a refill. The risk of being cornered had just been too great. Or she should have brought her stepdaughter with her for back up. But she had no idea where Hanna had run off to. She gave a wistful glance out the window. Out in the back yard, Tom was in the middle of some story. She'd long ago heard all of her husband's anecdotes, but right now even a repeat sounded entertaining.

Tara grimaced internally. Why had she agreed to come to this again? She could think of much better things to be doing on a late Saturday morning than brunch at the pastor's house. After all, they'd see everyone here tomorrow in church anyway...

But Hanna had wanted to come. Tara had raised an eyebrow at that and let her mouth twitch up in a wry smile when her stepdaughter wasn't looking. Getting Hanna to do anything church related had been a struggle of late. Of course, this sudden burst of enthusiasm probably had more to do with the fact that Hope had just come home from college, rather than any spiritual awakening. It had been obvious for years that Hanna had a bit of a crush on the pastor's daughter. Tara wasn't sure if it was just a harmless teenage infatuation, or if it meant something more profound about her stepdaughter's sexuality. If the latter, Tara just hoped Hanna would be careful and discreet. She'd have the girl's back either way, but there were some very conservative elements in their small town that would be judgmental at the very least, openly hostile at worst...

"I'm sorry?" she blinked as she realized Mrs. Gardner had just asked her a question.

"Do you happen to know where the ladies' room is, dear?"

"Ummm... yeah..." She did know that... Where was it again? Oh right. Tara turned and pointed down a hallway. "Just down there. Door at the end, I think. No... last door on the left." The one at the end was just a closet.

"Excuse me a moment then, dear," Mrs Gardner said, patting her on the wrist. "I'll be right back. I need to tell you about what Cheryl told Lisa about the new gym teacher."

Tara smiled wanly and watched the older woman waddle down the hall. There was no way in hell she'd still be here when Mrs. Gardner got back. But, out of politeness, she'd wait until the tedious bitch was in the restroom before bolting.

Mrs. Gardner reached the end of the hall and dithered. She'd clearly forgotten the last part of the directions. Tara was just about to call out, when she picked the closet door and pulled it open.

Tara's mouth fell open. Oh shit! Her stepdaughter was leaning against the back wall of the closet, facing the now open door. Her blouse was unbuttoned and her bra had been pulled down, freeing her firm, perky breasts. The long blonde hair that spilled over her shoulders was failing to preserve her modesty. Her youthful tits were gently bouncing, hard rosy nipples swinging up and down. And—oh God!—her shorts and panties were on the floor beside her.

Oh fuck! That was far from the worst of it. Hanna was clearly close to cumming. She was biting down on one hand to stop herself from crying out. The other was resting on Hope's head. Tara swore under her breath. So much for discreet. The pastor's daughter was crouching in front of Hanna, head bobbing level with the young blonde's crotch. She was obviously going down on her... but something about it looked funny.

Tara's eyes widened. What the fuck? Hope's jeans and underwear were around her ankles, and her squat was spreading apart her bare buttocks. The pastor's daughter's asshole was stretched wide, a huge gaping tunnel whose pink walls led hypnotically into darkness. She looked like one of the sluts in the filthy porn Tom sometimes liked to watch. But how? And... was something white bubbling out of the depths of her bowels?

There was a loud shriek as Mrs. Gardner backed away in horror.

"Cock!" she screamed. "She's got a cock!"

What? Tara blinked, trying to process the words as she people come running. Cock? Who had a cock?

Hanna's eyes shot open. Tara saw shock and alarm spread across her stepdaughter's face. But there was something else too—the interruption was too late, the girl was already cumming... Hope was pulling her head back, spinning around... Something splattered against the side of her face. Thick white pearls began dripping down her cheek. But some had missed her entirely, cascading instead against Mrs. Gardner's floral dress. Hope's mouth was wide, spit glistening on her lips... and all down the throbbing shaft of Hanna's enormous cock...

Tara staggered sideways, clutching at the table to steady herself. She looked again, blinking in disbelief. Her stepdaughter had a cock? That wasn't possible... Tara had helped raise Hanna since she was a little girl—she didn't have a cock. But she was staring right at it and it was impossible to miss. It was huge, easily over a foot in length and thick as a man's wrist. It twitched and pulsed, gleaming from saliva and sticky cum—the same cum that was dripping down the pastor's daughter's face. Oh fuck! Her stepdaughter had a cock!

The kitchen was filling with shouting, yelling people. Mrs. Gardner looked like she might be fainting. Tara thought she might collapse herself. The girls were hastily pulling on their clothes. But—Tara giggled hysterically—Hanna's shorts and little pink panties wouldn't fit over her enormous penis...

Suddenly Tom was beside her. Tara felt her husband thrust something into her hand—keys! "Get the car!" he hissed.

Her mind latched onto the command. It was something she understood. Something concrete. Something she could do. As Tom marched down the hall towards his half naked daughter, Tara darted through the growing, chattering throng towards the front door.

Fortunately, they'd parked a little ways down the street, not on the driveway. No one was blocking them in. Tara hadn't run in years, but she sprinted for the car. It was a good thing they had one of the new no contact fobs. Her hand was shaking so much there would have been no way she could have inserted a key into the ignition.

She sat with her hands at ten and two, her heart beating hard in her chest, waiting... What the fuck was going on?

The front door burst open. Tom appeared, his face set in a mask of determination, half-dragging his bewildered daughter behind him. People filled the doorway watching them, but nobody followed. Hanna was holding up her shorts, her huge cock still jutting up out of the front. It was still visibly rock hard. How was that possible? Tara had seen her stepdaughter cum all over the pastor's girl.

Her husband opened the rear door and almost threw Hanna inside. He was already pulling his phone from his pocket as he flung himself into the passenger seat.

"Drive!" he ordered. "Home!"

The wheels spun as Tara hit the gas and the car lurched into the road, accelerating faster than she had intended.

Tom paused from dialing to put a hand on her wrist. "Slow," he said softly. "Don't draw attention. Just get us home."

Don't draw attention? It seemed way too fucking late for that! But Tara took a deep breath and steadied herself. Driving was mostly muscle memory, her body took over. She glanced sideways at her husband. He had the phone by his ear. Who the fuck was he calling? He looked worried, but not shocked. Why the fuck wasn't he shocked? His daughter had a cock! His daughter had just given the pastor's daughter a fucking facial! Tara choked. Oh shit! Hanna had fucked Hope up the ass too, hadn't she? She'd gaped the little slut and had her go ass to mouth... Fuck!

She looked quickly in the mirror. Her stepdaughter was staring down with glazed eyes at the cock jutting out of her lap. She looked pale, shocked and scared. Tara felt her stomach squirm. Oh God! Was this as much of a surprise to Hanna as everyone else? This was still her little girl. What was the poor child going through?

"This is Tom Parsons," her husband suddenly barked into the phone. "File two-seven-three... umm... one-eight... Yeah, Mary Samson's husband. It happened... Public exposure. Really fucking public!"

Tara's hands tightened on the steering wheel. She hadn't heard that name in years. In the back seat, Hanna lifted her head. Her mother had died when she was so young that she had only the faintest of memories.

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