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All Yours




All Yours

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All Yours

Griffin, the successful, debonair CEO of a multimillion dollar company thinks he has the world wrapped around his dominant little pinkie. He looks down on his domesticated friends and their bargain basement suits and sleep deprived eyes. He’s within striking distance of reaching the top of the company, so he bids his time, enduring the slow humiliation of fetching his boss’s whiskey at the corporate bar.

However, this trip to the bar will be nothing like the ones in the past because he meets an alluring woman whom he uses for his sexual pleasure and then walks away without a backward glance. Little does he know that meeting her will change his trips to the corporate bar forever.

All Yours

The meeting went on way longer than I expected and it was now 9 pm. I couldn’t believe the audacity of that man, he assumed I’d perform whatever menial task he wanted because he was the boss's son. No one should tell me what to do, especially someone who wasn’t my boss. I don’t take commands unless my job relies on it. I prefer to be in charge.

Exiting the boardroom, I headed to the fully stocked bar. The bartender nodded to me when he saw me enter. I was a regular and we were now on a first name basis. These visits were mostly on behalf of my boss. I was about to order a whiskey when I was interrupted by a woman wearing a simple blouse and skirt. The skirt went a little lower than mid-thigh, showing just enough to make everyone interested in what was underneath.

“Whiskey, please,” she said, her voice sultry as if she were trying to seduce everyone who heard it. She glanced at me, looked up and down, smirked then looked away. I was immediately interested. The way she carried herself made the assumption she was Aphrodite and we were her followers. I knew I wanted this woman, if for just a moment.

Confidently walking closer to her, I struck up a conversation, hoping to get something more out of this interaction.

“What’s a girl like you doing here all alone?” I started, flashing her my most dazzling smile. As the bartender handed her the amber colored whiskey, she sipped it, and then looked at me with slight curiosity.

“My brother left me here because he didn’t want to be seen out with his little sister. Pretty mean, right?” She pouted, having me fantasize of all the things I could do with her cute little mouth.

Seemingly reading my thoughts, she leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “At least now I get to spend my time with you. Will you spend time with me?” She casually leaned against the bar making her perky breasts stand at attention, slowly sipping her drink, staring at me seductively.

I smirked, nodding my head to the side, “Follow me, Princess.” I turned and headed toward the hallway of the flawlessly polished floors. I didn’t check to make sure she was following because I knew she would. We walked silently, not bothering to get to know each other because we both knew it wouldn’t matter in a few minutes.

Once I reached our destination, I took out my key and opened the door while looking around to make sure no one saw us, I gently guided her inside the storage closet and locked the door behind us. Slowly, I turned around and lustfully surveyed her physique. She was tall, the top of her head almost reaching to my collarbones, and slim with curvy hips. Now that we were alone, I had finally gotten a full visual grasp of her features without being called out for staring too long.

This curvaceous woman didn’t look nervous or shy at all. She seemed submissive, I grinned. I love submissive women. She waited patiently for me to tell her what to do.

I said one word to test my theory, “Strip.”

And she did. When she got to the bottom half of her clothing, I ordered her to leave her skirt on.

Without hesitation. She did exactly as she was told. Again, I was pleased.

Once she was naked in front of me, I started slowly loosening my tie, kicking off my shoes, and then neatly folding my clothes into a precise pile. I could feel her eagerness to get started but I wanted to make her beg.

She was trying to stay still but clearly becoming impatient, fidgeting with a strand of auburn hair. Her hands reached forward to encourage me to hurry. I lightly tapped her hand in warning, letting her know not to interfere with my pace. She quickly retreated back to her previous position and waited for my instructions.

As soon as I undressed, I could tell she was impressed. My many hours at the gym were definitely paying off now. I permitted her her fill then pointed to the ground in front of me. No words were needed, she got to her knees and took my cock in her hands. She slowly started stroking my length, leaning forward to lick the tip, before taking as much as she could into her pretty, crimson painted mouth. I brought my hands forward, fisting her hair, petting her locks gently before roughly gripping them to hold her still shoving the remainder of my cock into her mouth.

“That’s a good girl. Take my cock, Princess,” I groaned, thrusting my hips slowly and deeply. She glanced up at me with watery eyes but didn’t try to stop me. I enjoyed the velvety sensation of her sweet mouth, with her lips tightly wrapped around me. She sucked and licked the underside of my cock like a true professional. When I felt my balls tighten and lift, I pulled her mouth off my cock and lifted her up to her feet. She didn’t even flinch when I wrapped my hand around her throat and simultaneously squeezed her ass. I kissed her, gently at first, then more viciously. She moaned against my mouth when I reached under her skirt and plundered her pussy. I could feel her wetness seeping before I even touched her most intimate parts.

The inside of her thighs was wet. When I stuck a finger inside her, it was like hot, velvety heaven. Her mouth separated from mine and she rested her head in the crook of my neck while I fingered her eager pussy. She moaned loudly when I inserted a second finger. I grinned into her hair, pleased that I could make this woman weak at the knees with just my fingers. I could feel her thighs tremble while I used my thumb to circle her clit. Her legs got limp and I had to hold her up to continue to delve my fingers inside at my leisure. Pulling back, I saw her face was flushed and her eyes were closed.

I stepped backward, slipping my cream-coated fingers in my mouth for a little taste as I lay on the conglomerate’s expansive storage room floor.

“Sit on my face, Babydoll.”

She followed my command eagerly, moving quickly to spread her pale creamy thighs alongside my ears, then scooted back placing her dripping, wet pussy directly over my hungry mouth. Leaning forward she began sucking my throbbing cock as I inhaled the exotic aroma of a woman in need.

I moaned while licking her clit, making lapping and circular motions with my tongue causing her thighs to tremble with ecstasy again. She must to have really relished my slapping her ass because once I did she moaned so loudly that I worried people might hear her. I quickly raised my hips shoving my cock down her throat to muffle her moans. Her pussy juices dripped down my cheeks as she moaned against my cock with her overwhelming orgasm. I spanked her curvy ass and simultaneously thrust up into her mouth. I felt my balls contract a second time, knowing I was getting very close to my peak. I started fucking her mouth roughly, while holding her head up by her hair. She sucked my cock deep and hard. Her hands gripped my thighs, squeezing and pulling me closer. One last long, hard thrust and I unloaded my cream down her throat.

She stood, wiped the corner of her mouth like a good girl and glimpsed at me innocently. I smoothed her hair because it was a hot mess, reminiscent of a wild night of sex. Her body lightly tanned and nude except for the skirt pooled at her waist. Her thighs and the ground beneath her were soaked in her juices. She looked absolutely gorgeous, like a proper sex Goddess.

I jumped up and grabbed two towels tossing one her way. While I cleaned myself the whole experience replayed in my mind. Once I was done, I got dressed with my back to her. I could hear her getting dressed as well. As we turned to the door I palmed the door key and turned the internal lock allowing us to escape the confines of our secret sex room.

As we walked out of the room, I casually asked, “So what’s your name?”

She smirked, making her way to the side of me and slightly flipped the back of her blouse up as she walked ahead of me in silence.

I walked out of the glass high rise, enjoying the sight of the enormous Christmas tree sparkling with so much gold tinsel and lights that even the highly polished floor reflected its luminescence. I had a slight sprint to my step as I exited the building to go home mulling over the weekend’s activities. My only required task was judging the company’s Christmas beauty pageant and choosing the next Miss Claus for the Holiday Parade.


“Dude, whassup?” Derek asked, motioning for me to join him at the counter of the bar.

Three other well-dressed men did the upward head tilt in greeting but didn’t say anything as I approached.

“Ahh, nothin’ much. I’m stuck judging the Miss Claus Pageant tomorrow. Another trite errand my boss thinks is worthy of my Ivy League MBA,” I reply, with a mocking sneer plastered across my face. I liked emphasizing my education to my Neanderthal friends who partied while I studied and now were in lower management positions.

“I don’t know why you wouldn’t enjoy ogling pretty women, sure beats my weekend plans. I’m up to my ass in dirty diapers and Christmas decorations,” Derek replied as the other men laughed at our exchange punching Derek on the arm in comradery.

“Well, I’m going to shove off…to get my beauty sleep,” I said, in an ironic tone. I knew none of them were getting very much sleep with all the chaos they had at home thanks to teething toddlers and midnight food cravings.

I left them standing there to grab a Uber to my quiet, immaculate home. I should’ve felt elated at the serenity, but a little seed of loneliness had grown instead.

The next morning, I dressed in my most exquisitely tailored suit and a festive red tie. I had to look my best if I was going to be around lovely women who might be vying for my attention. I checked my wallet to make sure I was fully stocked.

When I arrived at the hotel ballroom, the concierge greeted me, ushering me to the judges’ seating area.

“Mr. Crawford, please, this way,” the little man said in a hushed tone, leading the way ahead of me.

As the contestants were called by the Master of Ceremonies, each was paraded in front of the raised stage. Each of their Miss Claus outfits was skimpier than the last and I could feel my cock start to harden.

When the fifth contestant was called, I looked down to shift my appendage to the side to accommodate its growing length. I looked up toward the stage to see that the next contestant was the beautiful woman who had pleasured me in the storage closet. She was dazzling in her red Santa hat, trimmed in abundant white fir. Her dark auburn hair draped down the upper curves of her fur covered breasts in her heart shaped Santa themed bodice, with its thick black belt across her flat belly, ending in a fur trim just extending low enough to cover that pretty pussy.

The memories of the previous evening added a sparkle to my eyes as a huge grin spread across my face. I put in a vote of ten points for her, honoring both her exquisite look in the Miss Claus outfit and the naughty gleam in her eye. I knew my perfect score would put her over the top and she would win the pageant. I hoped that she would be extra grateful for my vote of confidence.

After she was announced to be the winner, I joined the other judges in congratulating her.

“Congratulations, Ms. Reynolds,” said one of the other judges.

My mouth dropped open at the realization that she was my boss’s daughter. I felt a little justified because my boss made me work overtime all the time and now I earned myself some payback with all the naughty things I had done to his daughter the night before.

The Master of Ceremonies handed me a dozen pristine red roses to be given to the winner of the pageant. I looked down at them and then stepped forward through the throng of judges congratulating her on her pageant win.

“Miss Claus, may I present you with the winner’s bouquet and invite you to meet with me regarding your Holiday Parade duties?” I said, handing her the roses and bowing slightly in front of her in mock deference.

The Master of Ceremonies stepped forward. “Ms. Reynolds, please let me introduce you to our lead judge in the pageant and your father’s CEO, Griffin Crawford,” the little man said, then stepped out of the way to fade into the background.

I could see her eyes widen a little bit when she heard my title. I thought that she was impressed by my position in the company, so I smiled slightly and stepped a half a step toward her.

“It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Mr. Crawford,” she said, flicking her tongue out seductively. That little gesture almost buckled my knees.

“Yes, Ms. Reynolds, would you have time to meet with me about the parade tonight?” I asked, my voice cracking halfway through the sentence.

“Yes, certainly,” she replied.

I took her elbow and led her away, my finger surreptitiously brushing the side of her fur covered breast as I ushered her to the side of the stage and down the steps.

“I have a suite upstairs.” She whispered. “It would be best if I changed before our meeting.”

She separated from me long enough to go to the small dressing room in the back of the ballroom to grab her fur covered clutch.


I followed her as she led me to the elevator and pressed the “P” button on the panel and inserted her key card to unlock the elevator controls to the Penthouse suite. I looked into her eyes, before taking the two steps toward her intending to kiss her. She silently pointed to the elevator camera and I understood, stepping back slightly.

I watched her flounce off the elevator into the plush hallway leading to the suite. My feet sank into the deep, fluffy carpet and I looked around to the museum-quality art on the walls.

I followed her to her door, waiting, almost impatiently, as she punched the keycard into the door and pulled me in by my arm.

I looked at her eyes, not sure of what exactly she was inviting me to, but it became clear as she slid the furry bodice of the Miss Claus outfit down over her plump, round breasts.

I took charge, knowing what she wanted.

“Princess, leave the rest of that on for a few more minutes.” I instructed.

I stepped toward her, taking her by the length of her luscious hair and pulling her head back so that I could lick and kiss her neck. She groaned, putting her hands on my shoulders to steady herself.

“Are you going to be my naughty Miss Claus for the rest of the weekend?” I asked, my voice gruff and deep with desire.

She dropped to her knees in answer, deftly unbuttoning my elegant trousers, and unzipping my zipper. Her soft feminine hand reached inside my tight white underwear to free my thick erection.

“Suck it now, Princess,” I commanded. The command was unnecessary, but I said it to reestablish I was the one who was in control of the rapidly heating sexual situation as my heart thumped loudly in my ears.

I groaned aloud as I looked down on my open pants, her hand and mouth were on my cock as she knelt there with her white creamy breasts perched above the innocence of the furry Miss Claus outfit as it pooled around her knees on the carpeted floor. This was the perfect mix of naughty and nice that all men dreamed about.

I fucked her mouth by advancing my hips slightly, feeling the familiar boundaries of her velvety throat and pushing just a tad bit beyond the reflex point to feel her swallow slightly.

After a few minutes of her slurping my length, licking the underside of my cock and trying to reach my balls with her talented tongue, I tugged upward on her hair to indicate that she should stand and follow me.

I led her in the direction of the bedroom, past the lush living room, open bar, and office area. When we reached the bedroom, the white four-poster King-size bed was adorned by large plush pillows and draped with purple silk sashes. I pushed her gently onto the bed, making her fall onto the bouncy bed onto her elbows and her legs opened naturally to show me her white thong with a wet patch.

I looked around, at the posts at the end of the bed to find the beginning of where the purple sashes were tied. I turned my attention to them, untying two of them from the end of the bed and then slipping off her thickly furred knee high boots. I placed the boots on the floor very slowly, deliberately lining them up beside each other precisely like little soldiers.

I turned toward her. Her face was a mask of desire, need, and impatience, but she said nothing to hurry me through my process.

I tied the purple silk to each of her ankles and then to the posts at the end of the bed. I stood back and looked at my handiwork, enjoying her lovely body in such a position of helplessness.

I went to the upper part of the bed and liberated two more purple silk sashes, tying them to her wrists and then to the upper posts. Now, I could do what I wanted to my naughty Miss Claus without any perceived resistance.

“Now, you are my personal sex toy, Miss Claus,” I stated.

I stripped down slowly, deliberately, folding and laying each of the items of clothing on a nearby settee and making her wait through the endless moments until I returned my attention to her.

When I was completely nude, and my tool was standing upright and ready for action, I kneeled onto the bed, running my thumb lightly over the wet patch of her thong revealed by her spread legs enjoying the evidence of her desire.

I then roughly grabbed the top of her silky thong and wrenched them down her thighs hearing the delicate fabric rip under my fingers. The ripped fabric only circled one trembling thigh now and her glistening bush was open for my perusal.

I knelt between her thighs, enjoying the fragrant aroma of her tangy sweet salty juices. I dipped just the tip of my finger in the glistening cream at the bottom of her lower lips and then brought my finger to my lips to lick it. I used the same finger to find and rub her clit lightly as she began to squirm to force more contact and delve my finger deeper into her folds.

I knew what she wanted, but I wasn’t willing to be rushed. I had all weekend to enjoy her and she was going to endure every bit of sweet sexual torture. I would tease, partially please, stop, back off, be rough, gentle, commanding, and split her with my thick tool inside her tender pussy, mouth and ass until she couldn’t walk for a week. I would not be rushed and at any point that she tried to rush me, I would only slow down even further. She would learn that her pleasure was at my command and that I was giving it at my own whim.

I made my touch even lighter, feather-light on her clit, just a whisper of contact making her groan, moan, and try to grind her hips toward my touch.

“When you rush me, I will only go slower. I am your only source of pleasure here, so you had better behave,” I said, getting up and turning around to go out to the bar to make myself a Scotch. I took my time, knowing she was waiting expectantly.

When I returned Scotch in my hand, I ran my finger down the sweating glass, gathering a little cold drop of condensation on my finger. I advanced toward my lovely bound sexual slave to spread that droplet onto her hot clit, causing her to shiver and moan. She stopped short of thrashing, knowing it would stop my attentions.

“That’s good, Princess, endure it. Push your feelings to the side and endure what I want to do to you. I’ll do it by my terms, always,” I said as I set the drink on the floor and lowered my face to her bush.

I flicked my tongue out, warming where I had rubbed the cold droplet of water. She moaned bucking her hips slightly toward my mouth. I delved down to her lower lips, flicking my tongue into her hot hole and spreading her outer lips with my hands.

She moaned and trembled, bouncing her bottom a bit, fucking my tongue deeper into her hole. I flattened my mouth over the entire expanse of her tender folds, centered my tongue over her clit and hummed deep from within my chest while I slipped one thick finger into her velvety hole.

She began bucking wildly and I could taste the ooze of her desire on my mouth, lubricating my efforts with deliciousness. She went silent and still for a moment and I paused my humming to let her recover.

“Please, please,” she moaned breathily, begging for my cock.

I looked down, my turgid length was more than ready. I slipped up her body perching myself above her, taking the tip of my cock and just delving it into the creaminess of the outside of her lips, then using my cock to spread that cream up to her clit. She was panting, moaning, her head arched back swinging from side to side.

I teased her hole, parting it for a moment, barely delving inside a half-inch while brushing my thumb over her clit. She was helpless, bucking her hips toward me, trying to force my length inside. I kept teasing until she was grinding down toward me, straining the strength of the purple silk sashes.

Finally, when she could stand no more and my balls were getting heavy, I slid inside further, filling her with my length in one deft stroke. She gasped deeply.

I could feel how incredibly tight she was around me, the pressure was intense and it made my balls ache even more. She began moaning, bucking, thrashing with abandon as I thrust hard, deep, and long into her creamy depths.

She was in a frenzy, with her bound hands forming fists then claws and back to fists again. She tested the boundaries of her silken bindings. When she would grasp in my direction, I would slow down or withdraw my cock, teaching her why I shouldn’t be rushed.

I could tell she was a smart girl, because she caught on quickly, letting me take my time to enjoy her with my impressive girth. Her face was twisted in longing, filled with desire, need, and want. I enjoyed how she held back her response lest I’d slow down to delay her pleasure and torture her furthermore.

My cock was throbbing at this point, so I knew I needed to take the pleasure up a tiny bit to top her off. I began fucking her fast, hard and deep until I felt the quakes inside her belly and sheath. Her hands did one deep clawing grab as she bucked forward in escalated orgasm. I felt her pussy spasm, the quakes milking me.

I collapsed on top of her as my pent up orgasm spewed inside her in thick jets. I lay my head on her bountiful breasts and the fur of her outfit until I could recover my faculties sufficiently. I then gently untied the sashes at her wrists and ankles and lay in her arms and enjoyed that moment of sexual gratification. I had to concede that round one went to her, but I had much more rounds in me for the weekend and I was determined to exhaust her completely.


The following Monday, I received an email from my boss to meet him in the large conference room. I was sitting in the elegant conference room with all the other upper-level employees. Mr. Donald Reynolds Sr. walked in with a leather binder in his hand and sat at the head of the conference table.

“Welcome, everyone. I know you have much to do and I won’t take a lot of your time. Go ahead and break the seal on the packet in front of you. We will be going through a restructuring to accommodate the growth of two new divisions, Corporate International and Corporate Domestic,” He said in his gruff tenor voice.

All the managers looked around at each other in surprise. Then we each took our pen and opened the circular seal on the packet in front of us. The corporate organizational chart was laid out on the first open page.

I gasped when I read the chart, Donald Reynolds Sr., President, Donatella Reynolds, MBA, Ph.D., Vice President, then Griffin Crawford, MBA, CEO.

“May I introduce you to your new Vice President, my brilliant daughter, Donatella, who just received her MBA from Columbia, to add to her Ph.D. from Berkley. She will be taking over the expanded department of Domestic Operations. Please welcome, Donatella,” He said, standing.

Everyone in the room rose to their feet, clapping enthusiastically. I was delayed a couple moments as I rose slowly, watching as Ms. Reynolds walked into the room in her beautifully tailored business suit and six-inch kitten heels. My jaw dropped as she rounded the table to take her place at the head directly opposite her father. That was supposed to be my seat for my next promotion.

So, she’s now my boss. I gulped, trying to swallow my pride. Then I grinned at her and leaned forward to adjust my growing erection hidden beneath the table.

At least I knew how she liked her whiskey, three fingers and neat. I shrugged and tried not to smirk through the rest of the meeting thinking about how my new Vice President looked with her pert breasts in the air veritably begging for me to pleasure her. Absently, I fingered the highly-polished gleam of the conference table and wondered what it would look like to see Vice President Reynolds bent over the table, her beautiful face reflected in the polished surface while I was behind her giving her an in-depth hard lesson on how we could use crowd-sourcing to gain internal and external innovations from our investors.


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