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Mom's Helping Hands 2: Deep Tissue Massage

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"Bo, you're sore from the football game." Jill told her 20-year-old son, with concern in her eyes.

"Mom, I'll get over it. It's just some sore muscles." Bo told her, pleased with her concern, but he was a man and he was always taught that a real man takes the pain.

"Nonsense! I took massage therapy in college when I was young. So I can help you by relaxing your muscles." She said, rolling her eyes at his masculine pride.

The young man rolled his eyes, then sighed. His mother had a point and her soft, motherly hands would feel good on his flesh.

"We can go to my office and I'll give you a personal massage to help you feel better. I know you're proud, but it's a mother's duty to make sure her son has everything he needs." Jill explained to her son as she drove him to her office.

Once inside, she took him to a private room and told him to get undressed. She gave him a towel to cover himself so he wouldn't be so embarrassed.

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