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Single Daddy Next Door Bundle 2: A Man of the House Collection

Jillian Cumming

Copyright 2017 Jillian Cumming

All Rights Reserved

Author’s Note: All characters depicted in these stories are 18 years of age or older.

Table of Contents

Single Daddy Temptation

Tempting the Daddy Next Door

Biker Daddy Next Door

Submitting to the Daddy Next Door

Dominated by the Daddy Next Door

Single Daddy Temptation


I’m not sure when I decided I wanted my daughter’s best friend, Megan.

Sometime after her 18th birthday, I know.

Because after that, Megan started spending a lot more time at my house, hanging out with my daughter, Eve.

The two became inseparable, like sisters. They’d always been fairly close, growing up. Plenty of sleepovers and all that.

But now it seemed different.

I don’t think things were going very well for Megan at home. Her own dad wasn’t the nicest guy, and her mom was constantly away on various business trips.

I think she’d decided to stay out of college for an extra year. Experience life without school or something.

Eve, as it happened, was going to school that fall so maybe they just wanted to spend as much time together as possible.

Except that I started to notice Megan. Not like I noticed Eve or any of the other girls. But as a woman.

I sat at the breakfast table with the local newspaper held between my hands, opened up to the sports section. I could smell the rich aroma of my morning coffee.

The light coming in through the french doors that led out to the back patio was pleasant and warm.

Eve came bouncing into the kitchen, her regular chipper self. Face all smiles, eyes all twinkles.

“Hey, dad!” she said.

She went over to the kettle and started boiling the water that I’d loaded into it when I got up. Eve wasn’t a coffee girl. Always tea.

Her mother had been the same way.

“Hey,” I said, sparing her a glance over the top of my paper.

Eve plunked a couple of tea bags from their covered dish on the counter into the red ceramic tea pot, then covered said pot with a big fluffy cozy to keep it all warm.

I saw her glance at me. Saw her bite her lip.

My heart sped up a little. Here it comes, I thought. We’d been going through this ritual almost every day for the past two months. The two months since Megan’s birthday.

“Dad…?” Eve said.

“Yes?” I said, still not lowering my paper.

She came up behind me and hugged me around the neck, which put her mouth close to my ear. I could feel her pretending to read the latest statistics for the new starting pitcher for the Cubbies.

“Do you mind if Megan comes over today?” she asked.

I reached forward and casually turned the newspaper page. There was a big, full color photo of a fastball pitch.

“I don’t see why not,” I said. My heart beat a little bit faster. Because I’d decided I wasn’t going to wait any longer. Maybe it happened at work yesterday. Maybe while I’d been sleeping.

All I knew was that when I woke up this morning I’d made up my mind. And when I made up my mind, things got done.

No more of the little flirtations we’d been having. The private little chats while Eve was out of the room. The little touches on the arm and chest that drove me wild.

No more teasing.

“Great!” Eve said, “Oh, one thing… Do you mind if she sleeps over?”

I swallowed hard. Things were coming together nicely. I folded the newspaper and set it down on the table, then turned to look at Eve. “What’s wrong with her own bed? I swear she sleeps more often here than at her own house!”

I saw the quick look of panic that flashed across Eve’s face. Neither of the girls had told me what was really going on. How Megan’s dad was a drunk asshole, how home life wasn’t so good.

Because they both knew I’d go over there and put the steel toe of my work boot up Megan’s father’s ass.

They were probably right.

But I also didn’t want to interfere unless someone did come out and tell me the truth. Came out and actually asked for help.

I thought part of my attraction was this protective instinct I had for her. Some part of me had already claimed Megan as my own.

And like any other real man, I needed to stake my territory. It was some primal, hind-brained instinct.

So we played this sleepover game. The one where they pretended everything was all right and Megan just wanted to spend her time here rather than at home.

I think Megan also hadn’t yet mentioned anything because she didn’t just enjoy Eve’s company, but mine, too.

Girls could be so coy at that age.

“Please? We’ll be quiet, I promise!” Eve said.

I breathed in a deep breath and then let it out in a long-suffering sigh. “Fine.”

She squeezed my neck in another hug and I patted her arms. She danced away and pulled her phone out of her pocket.

“Thanks so much! I’ll let her know now!” Eve said.


Megan arrived not long after that. I didn’t intrude. Gave them their space.

I came out and said hey to Megan was she came through the door. I caught her setting her knapsack by the shoe rack before slipping out of her sandals.

She really was a beautiful girl. Played on a bunch of the sports team back in high school: volleyball, basketball, gymnastics. And it all showed.

Her body was taut and smooth everywhere it should be. A little small in the chest, but that just tantalized me more.

She had lovely strawberry blonde hair, a pretty face, and sweet blue eyes that smiled along with the gentle, pouting curve of her lips.

Today she wore a pair of those high shorts that just about let her high, firm ass fall out the ball. Above that, a crop-top tee that exposed her navel and the flat smoothness of her youthful stomach.

“Hey, Megan,” I said, leaning against the doorframe that let out from the foyer into the front hall. I hooked my thumbs through the belt loops of my jeans.

“Hey, Mr. Morgan!” she said, standing up quickly.

When she stood like that her high, firm breasts did a little bounce. She looked me in the eye for a second before dropping her gaze to the floor. She brushed a few stray stands of hair back behind one ear before a second furtive glance in my direction.

"Thanks for letting me stay over," she said. This time when she looked up I made out the barest amount of blush in her cheeks.

"Any time," I said, "Eve's up in her room. Don't let me keep you."

"Oh, you're not!" she said, coming up and touching my arm just above the elbow. She offered a sweet little smile followed by another one of those quick glances into my eyes and then down at the floor.

That close, I could smell the sweetness of her shampoo, like strawberries. My heart beat hard and my jeans felt a bit too snug.

She let go of my arm and went past me, rounding the corner that led to the stairs. I watched her go. Watched the way her firm, round ass worked in those shorts of hers.

Then I left them alone, like I said.

Because I knew that Megan would come to me. She always came to me. Always to talk around her problems. To be near me. I could read the signs.

I watched a few matches on the TV that night. I'd long ago converted our basement into a large recreation area which included a couple of big plush leather couches and a big HD projector screen.

Did all the work myself, too. The only way to make sure the work was done right was to do it yourself. And it came out pretty nice.

Just after 11 that night Eve came downstairs in her PJs, which for her consisted of one of my old t-shirts that hung all the way down to her knees.

She padded down the stairs in her bare feet, barely making any noise.

"Gonna head off for the night, dad," Eve said, coming up behind me and giving me one of those hugs ago. I reached up and held her arm gently.

"Night," I said.

She padded back upstairs and I heard the bathroom door close and the hushed flow of water from the sink while she brushed her teeth.

I heard another set of footfalls down my stairs.

"Mr. Morgan?"

I looked over my shoulder. "Hey, Megan. What's up?"

It was the same as always. The sneaky, clandestine visit with me when Eve wouldn't suspect anything.

Megan's PJs of choice were a pair of loose PJ bottoms and one of those slim spaghetti-strand tank tops. Her nipples poked hard against the thin fabric, and her hair fell in lovely disarray around her shoulders.

"Mind if I sit?" she said, nodding at the couch.

When I nodded back at her, she came over and sat at the other end. She stuck her hands between her thighs and looked down at her lap.

"I just wanted to say thanks again for letting me sleep over. There's just a lot of... stuff going on now."

"Happens with every teen as they turn into adults," I said.

"I don't think it does," she said. She glanced at me. That rosy blush returned to her cheeks.

"Well you know I'm always here if you want to talk," I said. Except I knew she wanted to do much more than just talk.

Upstairs, the toilet flushed and we both heard the noise of the bathroom door opening.

A panicked look flashed across Megan's face and I knew she didn't want to get caught down here alone with me.

She stood up and darted for the stairs. At the foot, she turned back around, one hand on top of the newel post.

"Do... Do you think it'd be okay if I came back down in a bit?"

We both knew that in a bit meant after she was good and sure that Eve had already gone to sleep.

“No problem,” I said.

She smiled, that blush of her growing and deepening, and then scampered back up the stairs.

I got comfortable and threw a talkshow on while I waited. I thought of the way Megan's nipples pressed against the thin and smooth fabric of her undershirt.

I wondered what sort of noise she might make if I took one of those nipples between a thumb and forefinger and pinched. Lightly at first but then harder.

My cock started hardening and I felt that familiar tingle of desire that started deep in my balls and then travelled up into my stomach.

I wondered how firm those little tits of hers might feel in my hands and I got harder still.

So I waited. I kept the volume on the TV pretty low and I could hear all the little familiar creaks of the house settling in the coolness of the night. I knew all those sounds by heart.

So when I heard something different, I knew what to expect.

Soon, I heard Megan padding down the stairs on her bare feet to rejoin me in the basement. By that point, my desire had turned into the smoulder of a glowing ember. Relatively calm, but able to be breathed back to full intensity at a moment's notice.

"Mr. Morgan?" she said. Whispered. Breathed, really.

I glanced back at her from the couch and then shifted over, "Come on over, Megan," I said.

She did, rounding the couch and then sitting so that she leaned against the opposite armrest. She pulled her knees up to her chest and hugged them close.

I don't think she'd ever looked so youthful or enticing as she did at that moment.

I could feel the rapid beat of my pulse as it rushed past my ears. Could feel that low and insistent pull of instinct and desire.

And I knew that Megan felt the same way.

She kept biting her lower lip. Pulling it between her teeth and pressing them down into that plump, sensitive flesh until the normally rosy skin there blanched white. Then she'd let the lip slide out, the tip of her tongue flicking out absently over the little indents left by her teeth.

She kept glancing up at me.

"You can tell me, whatever it is," I said.

She smelled good still. That strawberry scent from her shampoo, of course. But also her own natural scent, coming through over the course of the day's activities. That was youthful too.

I breathed her in and felt that tingling tightness in my balls again.

"I just wanted to say how thankful I am you let me stay over so often," she said.

"There's more than that," I said. I was getting tired of the games, the coyness.

She brushed some hair back behind her ear and looked up at me. Her face was all flushed. Her throat, too. And her chest.

She looked lovely. Lovely and ripe for plucking.

"It's so much better here than at home," she said. It was more than she'd ever said before.

"I figured," I replied.

She looked shocked, giving me that how could you know? expression.

Then she shivered, “It’s cold down here.” She hugged herself and I saw the goosebumps standing up on her arms and shoulders. I wondered what it would be like to run my lips gently over that pebbled flesh.

“Plenty warm over here,” I said.

She glanced back up the stairs, making sure that Eve hadn’t somehow heard and followed to spy on her.

When she saw no one there, she didn’t waste any time scooting on over. She shoved her legs against mine, leaned into me.

I lifted my arm and put it down over her narrow shoulders. She let out this little contented sigh that traveled all the way down my spine to my cock, which twitched in the well-worn pair of plaid PJ bottoms I wore.

“You’re so warm,” she said, snuggling in harder.

She’s trying to seduce me, too, I thought. I wondered how long she’d been planning this. Wondered how long it had taken her to work up the courage to finally make her move.

I looked down at her lithe body. Was she wet already? I thought I could put money on yes.

Her hand dropped on my thigh, almost casually. Her fingers spread out less casually and gave the lightest squeeze.

I swallowed hard. I could feel my cock hardening. Soon it’d be pressing against the loose fabric of my PJs. Her hand crept up, slowly.

“I wish my dad was like you,” she said. She had her ear pressed against my chest. No way she couldn’t hear the increasing beat of my heart.

“How’s that?” I said, just enjoying the smell of her again, so close to me. The warmth and presence of her pressed against me. The way our bodies fit together so nicely.

I squeezed her shoulder and she let out the sexiest little moan that made my cock tingle.

“You’re what a man should be. You know how to do things with your hands. Work on stuff. I see how you are with Eve. Strict but caring. And you’re so big and handsome.”

Her hand crept a little higher on my thigh. I made no move to stop her.

“You want your dad to be big and handsome?” I said.

“I want you…” she started.

“I know,” I said.

She shivered again, let out another one of those little groans. She writhed against me and I knew those youthful needs of hers had taken her over. She kissed the part of my chest left bare by the neck of my shirt. Sweet little needy pecks with those soft lips of hers.

Her hand crept up higher. Her fingers brushed against my hardening shaft. When she felt it she gasped in earnest.

I sucked in a little breath of my own.

She moved her hand over the bulge of my manhood. Traced it with her fingers.

“You’re so big… I didn’t think you’d be so big…” she breathed, still kissing me.

“Have you ever been with a man before, Megan?” I said, enjoying her inexperienced but earnest groping. My cock enjoyed it even more, reaching and breaking through half mast quickly. My pants became constricting and uncomfortable.

“No…” she said, “I want my first time to be really special. I want it to be with someone who knows what they’re doing.”

I smiled, “And you thought of me.”

She gripped my cock through my pants and I groaned. She kissed my neck some more. Then she tried to reach into my PJ bottoms.

I grabbed her hand, stopped her. She looked a question at me.

“Not yet,” I said.

“Don’t… Don’t you want me, Mr. Morgan?” she said.

I put my fingertip under her chin and lifted her face so she couldn’t look away, “Yes. Call me daddy,” I said.

I kissed her. Her lips tasted like strawberries. She started breathing quickly, her body trembling. I I turned my body to face hers, pulled one of her legs between my knees.

I put my hand over her navel, traced my fingers up until I cupped one smooth, firm, and small breast. I squeezed.

She groaned. Her mouth opened and I sent my tongue between her lips. She grabbed my shirt and squeezed handfuls of it between her fingers. She kissed back, earnest but inexperienced. She tasted so good.

I pulled the neck of her tank top down, exposing her breasts. She groaned again. Her groan turned to a whimper when I moved my mouth down and took one firm, pink nipple in my mouth and sucked. Gentle at first, but then harder.

Her body writhed against mine. Her hand found my cock again, started squeezing and stroking it. This time, I grabbed her wrist and guided her down under the elastic waistband.

I almost came when her dainty little fingers found my shaft and squeezed.

“Stroke it. Squeeze it and stroke it,” I told her, shifting my mouth across to her other nipple. I left the first one glistening with my spit.

“Okay, daddy. Like this?” she said.

She squeezed and stroked. The more she did it, the harder I got. Her fingers couldn’t touch around me when I got fully hard.

“You’re so big,” she said, looking down at me while I kissed the sensitive flesh between her breasts. Her face was flushed, her forehead furrowed. Her body writhed against the couch, against me. “Won’t it be too big for… you know?”

Without warning, I shifted us down so that she lay across the crouch, one of her legs hanging over the side. I lay between her and the back of the couch on my side.

She gasped.

“Too big for this you mean?” I said.

I ran my hand back down the taut smoothness of her belly. My fingertips pushed beneath the elastic of her PJ bottoms, then the elastic of her panties.

Her mound was smooth, not a hair on it. I groaned myself when I felt the smooth warmth of her skin.

Then again when I pushed my middle finger between her lips and found silky warmth and wetness.

I pushed just the tip of my finger into her.

Her eyes squeezed shut and her mouth dropped open. Her back arched, lifting her hips up off the couch as though trying to force more of my finger into that tight wetness I found between her thighs.

“Yes, too big for that, daddy,” she said, “Oh, it feels so good… Do you like it? Is it good for you?”

I smiled at her earnestness, at her worry that she might do something I wouldn’t like.

“Don’t worry, baby, I’ll make sure it’s good and wet first. Get you nice and loose first.”

“How?” she said.

She kept taking these deep, gasping breaths that lifted her chest and shoulders. Her breasts kept thrusting up. Her nipples, still slick with my spit, trembled a little they were so erect and hard.

“No more questions,” I said.

I couldn’t resist taking the nipple closest to me into my mouth again. Suckling on it. Biting down just a little. Just until she moaned and shook beneath me.

My middle finger continued teasing her wet little pussy. I traced circles around her opening, loving how wet she already was.

And when I moved that fingertip up until it brushed against the firm little bean of her clit, she squirmed and moaned against me.

I thought she was probably wet enough for me to slide right in, but I didn’t want to. Not yet. I wanted to know how she tasted. I wanted to feel her how body shudder when I pulled her clit between my teeth and flicked it with my tongue.

“Don’t move,” I said, sitting back up.

“Okay, daddy,” she said.

I pulled my finger out from between her legs. The entire length of my digit glistened enticingly with her juices.

I kneeled beside the couch. Slowly, I undid the laces of her PJs. Then I grasped the waistband and drew them down. Just the PJs. I pulled them off, revealing her long, shapely legs. Which I kissed.

They were so smooth against my lips.

She kept squirming and writhing on the couch, alternating between pushing her head back into the cushion and peering down at me.

Then I reached up and grabbed her panties. They were white cotton, and the thin fabric covering her mound was translucent from her moistness. The damp fabric clung to her lower lips, tracing the outline of her mound for me.

When I pulled them down, the crotch stuck to her pussy. My cock tingled when I peeled the panties down off her.

Her pussy was so enticing. Flushed pink, engorged with her desire. The lips had parted slightly, letting me see her inner pinkness. Letting me see the little bean of her clit poking up. She glistened with wetness.

I ran my lips up her inner thigh until the intoxicating scent of her sex filled my nostrils. I’d thought about teasing her, but that scent changed my mind. Touched some primal part in me.

I needed her. I wanted to devour her. And I did.

I was merciless.

I started with nice long laps, my tongue flat against the wet lips of her pussy. I lapped bottom to top, bottom to top.

She writhed on the couch. Her hips twisted and rolled, trying for more pressure.

Then my tongue slipped between those lips, running up and down her slick slit, pushing hard against her clit each time.

On the fourth stroke she came for me.

“Daddy!” she said between clenched teeth. She grabbed a throw pillow and pulled it down over her face.

Her thighs locked around my head. I kept licking. Merciless with that little clit of hers.

She shuddered all over. Bucked hard. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her hard against me.

I watched the way her smooth, flat belly sucked in until I could see her ribs and then filled with air. Deep, shuddering breaths while she screamed her pleasure into the pillow.

Her juices ran almost freely, and I lapped them up eagerly. I wanted to reach down and stroke my cock, but I couldn’t without letting go of her. And I thought she might actually buck herself down off the couch.

Then her thighs relaxed and released me from her grip. I pulled back a little, my lips numb and my tongue tingling.

Her pussy was even plumper than before. Wetter. My cheeks glistened with that same wetness.

She moved the pillow off her face. That rosy flush was still in her. Every inch of her, actually.

“I need you now, daddy, I don’t think I can wait any longer. Will you fuck me? Please, daddy?” she begged.

She moved her body as she did, spreading her thighs apart for me, offering her youthful innocence to me.

“You’ve been a good girl.”

I said. I stood and pushed my pants down. My cock sprung out fully erect and trembling.

Her eyes widened again. “You’re so big. Are you sure…?”

“It’ll hurt a little at first, but then it will feel good,” I said.

I mounted the couch. Mounted her, shoving one leg farther away to better expose her glistening cunt.

My cock throbbed when I watched the way spreading her legs like that spread the lips of her pussy farther apart.

I ran the bottom of my shaft along her sopping slit, getting some of that wetness on my cock.

“It’s so hard!” she said when my cock touched her, “I didn’t know they could get so hard.” She smiled. Giggled a little. My cock tingled.

“It has to be this hard when you’re this tight,” I said.

“Don’t you need to wear something? A condom?” she said.

I’d been wondering she’d ask about that. Before, in my fantasy about this moment, I’d figured I’d go grab one from my stash at the back of the little drawer in the downstairs bathroom.

But I thought about the smooth slickness of her bare pussy against my naked cock. Thought about the silky heat and tightness that waited for my inside of her.

I didn’t want to dull that feeling at all with a rubber. In fact, I wanted nothing more than to empty my balls as deeply in her as I could.

Just the thought of knocking Megan up like that, of claiming her as mine, was enough to steer me away from the idea of protection.

“Just shut up and take it,” I told her.

“Okay, daddy, I trust you. Please, do it. I can’t wait any longer!” she said.

Neither could I.

I used my thumb to angle my cock down so that the tip slid down between her lips. She gasped when I brushed past her clit.

Then she groaned when I pushed against her pussy.

The groan turned to a wince as I felt her begin stretching around me. I pushed most of the head in, then pulled it out. The next thrust was harder, forced more of me into her. Into that silky hot tunnel of delight.

And God, was she ever tight. If I hadn’t been absolutely rock hard I don’t think I could’ve pushed inside of her.

But you have no trouble getting rock hard when a beautiful 18-year-old girl is spread-eagled on your couch, her bald pussy flushed and wet, while she begs you to take her virginity and fuck her.

On the third thrust I felt the thin film of her virginity. I pushed harder. It was elastic, stretching. Stretching.


I pushed through it and up into her. Every muscle in her body went tight and her ass arched up off the couch, forcing me even deeper inside of her.

She squeezed her eyes shut, mouth dropping open again. Her head thrashed from side to side.

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