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Mr. Nice Guy – Trials & Tribulations Of Being Nice
by Kennie Kayoz
Copyright 2017 Coyotes Publishing
Smashwords Edition

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Catch 22

I don't understand it.
I've always been a nice guy.
When people get to know me that's what they say.
They want to take friendship to the next level.
I agree with it.

They put sex on the table.
I brush it off.
They try it again.
I brush it off.
I hear them say "all anyone wants is sex"
I continue to brush it off.
They tell me "You don't love me"
I tell them "I want to be with you for you, not because of sex"

Apparently translation to that is "I don't love them"
If I rushed in and went for sex
I would get told "that's all you want, you don't love me"
No winning with some people.

I can see me being single for the rest of my life.
No matter how long or short it maybe.


Never Gets Anywhere

This world is made up of ruthless people.
If your not that you get walked on.
When your nice, you get walked on.
Treated like shit and dumped on.

When good things happen, they come with a cost.
They happen with a struggle.
Could be the smallest thing.
But it happens after a big struggle.

Others will look at you like your twenty steps back.
But it's just the challenges of being a nice guy.
We're always the ones who get overlooked.
Always the nice guys.

We hope that what we do will get us promoted
It never does.
We hope that how we are will get us looked at.
But always single.
When someone does date you.
They think your just nice to them, when you start showing your nice to all.
Some can't handle it.


Dead Inside

Being a nice guy means your dead inside
Passed by in life, just start going numb.
Never let them see you cry.
Just let yourself decay from inner to outer.

It's a tough thing to be.
Even harder not to show you pain.
Being nice means many lonely nights.
Painful days and wet eyes.

Never let them see you cry
Never let them see you cry
It's lonely at the bottom.
You get passed on by friends.

Many days and nights alone.
But that's the life of being a nice guy.
You bite your lip till it bleeds.
Not allowed to show them anger.
Never let them see you cry.


Mistaken As Weak

Been often mistaken as weak.
Not saying I'm the strongest physically.
But a common misperception of a nice guy is weakness.
I kid you not, we aren't weak.
We are just nice.

Always lending a listening ear.
Or a shoulder to cry on.
Never asking for anything in return.
Just wanting to show compassion.

Very gentle people, is who we be.
We make some of the best friends
We make very great boyfriends.

Always kind and considerate
Treating all with respect.


I'm A Fuck Up

Might be a nice guy, but I'm a complete fuck up.
Can't do anything right.
Keep doing everything wrong
Keep messing up.
Not just a one day thing either.
It's a everyday thing.

I'm mid 30s
I can't take care of myself.
90% of the time I feel like I shouldn't be left alone.
Simplest tasks I fuck up.

I should have stayed in bed today.
Put the covers over my head and forget about the world.
As the world forgot about me.


Another Day

Today is another day
Full of trials and errors
Full of success and failures
Had major anxiety problems the day before.
Had a few minor problems today.

Just trying to get through each day.
Sometimes it's just not easy.
Other days it does seem easier
At times people push me away
At times people test me.

But I try and put it behind me.
I try to sit back and keep my cool.
It's not always easy for me.

Let's see what tomorrow brings


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