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Dr. Hertzenmeierfertzenbuerger

Volume 2


Allister Remm

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“All right you. Strip naked and get into the restraints.”

“Uh, I'm not sure I want to become a brainwashed sex slave. No offense but it's not really the career path I'm aiming for.”

Dr. Hertzenmeierfertzenbuerger's assistant Keri sighed and put her hand over her face. “Lady I wasn't asking you, I was telling you.”

“Okay okay, sheesh! No need to get all nasty about it!”

The woman with the curly brown hair began to strip off her clothes. She placed her arms and legs into the restraints. The doctor walked over and examined her.

“Not the best looking thing is she?”

“Well, she's a 28 year old cat lady who lives in an apartment with five cats. What did you expect?” Keri replied.

“Put her in the makeover chamber!”

Keri put her hand over her face again. Dr. Hertzenmeierfertzenbuerger's makeover chamber was a revolutionary technological marvel. It could alter a person right down to the cellular and genetic level, literally rebuilding them into someone new... when it worked properly. Most times however, the result was something that Keri was sure inspired the Centaurs in Fallout 3.

Keri reluctantly released the woman and led her over to the makeover chamber.

“Uh, is this gonna hurt?”

“Probably. It varies from person to person.” Keri replied.

“Uh, can I just leave please?”

“Don't make me hit you with the brick again.”

The woman climbed into the makeover chamber. Keri sealed the chamber door, then took her place at the computer console that didn't actually do anything useful. Dr. Hertzenmeierfertzenbuerger took his place at the console which actually controlled the chamber and activated it. He pressed two buttons and began turning a dial. The chamber started glowing and making a loud buzzing noise. The doctor looked at a readout on the console's screen. He frowned and banged the side of the console with his fist. He checked the readout again and seemed pleased with it now. He grabbed one of those old fashioned double pole switches and pulled it down.

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