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Taken – The Wrath of Mabon

Episode 4

By Keegan Kennedy

Published by Kennedy-Empire Media

Copyright 2017

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Chapter 1

Anger and confusion gave way to fury and realization.

With Mabon at his side, Gram tensed as he scanned the faces of his four teammates.

Outside of Shirley’s Pizza and Wings, the tension between all was so palpable that it seemed to have a pulse of its own.

Cade and McCarley were snarling. Buck’s expression was surly, but he’d always looked like that, even as a kid. Tripp was red-faced and appeared more confused than anything else.

Gram was in the grips of a complete flashback. In his mind, the football player saw his former friends. Their shadowy faces were twisted with hatred. He heard them saying faggot and queer. Gram felt the ghost pains from their kicks, stomps, and punches. And he remembered their fading voices as they’d left him for dead.

Gram could taste his own blood. He felt the agony of his broken limbs. He could see the moon above, shrouded in clouds, as his vision faded to black. He recalled the life draining from his body.

And then there was Mabon. That was when Gram’s evacuated strength and vitality flowed back into his body.

Gram remembered everything!

With his brown eyes narrowed, Cade Tucker stepped forward aggressively. His shoulders were rigid, and he puffed out his chest. The dark-haired jock shoved his sleeves up his arms, revealing his bulging biceps. “Who’s this?” Cade asked, his eyes scanning Mabon’s tiny form. “Your boyfriend?”

Gram didn’t answer. He only felt the fire burning in his chest and the blood boiling in his veins.

Mabon glanced briefly up at Gram before taking a step toward Cade and the others. “In your most horrific of nightmares, you have never conceived of a threat as great as I!” As his voice rose, the immortal lifted his right hand. “You will all pay dearly for what you have done!”

“Shut up, kid!” Buck yelled at Mabon. “You barely even crack five feet!”

Like Cade, Buck had olive skin—a trait of his partial Cajun heritage. The most muscular of all four, he was also the tallest, but Gram still had five inches on Buck.

Mabon laughed ruefully—something that seemed to confuse the four attempted murderers. “I could turn you inside out with a flick of my wrist, mortal!” Mabon hissed. “Care to test me, Buck? You will find that your internal organs cease to function if you wear them outside your skin!”

Still confused, Tripp was more cautious than the others, saying nothing.

“What’s wrong, Montgomery?” McCarley asked. “Are ya that big of a faggot that ya gotta have this little bitch fight your battles for ya?” Swinging his right arm so quickly that Gram didn’t register it, Mabon backhanded McCarley across the face. All watched as McCarley was flung backwards. Ten feet to their right, the blonde kicker landed on his ass.

Tripp ran to McCarley’s side to help him up. “You okay, man?”

The prettyboy blond was winded, his blue eyes wide with shock. His hand moved to the bruising spot on his right cheek. “I…I don’t know. I think so.” McCarley regarded Mabon with fear and incredulity.

“Please make me hit you again, McCarley,” Mabon dared, a malevolent smile spreading across his face.

“Enough!” Gram boomed, taking a step in front of Mabon. “I need no one to fight my battles for me!”

“Ya sang a different fucking song last night when we kicked the shit outta ya!” Cade bragged, an evil smirk on his face.

“How come ya ain’t even got a scratch on your damn face?!” Buck demanded.

Gram wondered the same thing, too. “Clearly, you didn’t do as much damage as you thought ya did!” the blond quarterback lied.

By this time, McCarley and Tripp had rejoined the others, McCarley keeping a noticeable distance from Mabon.

“That’s bullshit, Montgomery!” Cade was now standing within inches of Gram. “We fucked you up last night! I don’t know what kind of emergency room shit went down or how you came out without a scratch, but this ain’t over! We don’t tolerate faggots on the football team!”

Gram laughed. “This isn’t about my being gay!”

“It’s not?” Buck questioned, sounding more doltish than usual.

“Course it is!” Cade grumbled, looking nervously at his co-conspirators.

Gram looked at all of them. “Cade lied to y’all. This is all about Coach Steele choosing me as starting quarterback! This is about you coming in second place, Cade! This is about you being a fucking beta male!” Gram shoved Cade. “This is about you being a whiny bitch and jealous that I’m stronger and more skilled than you!”

Cade’s face twisted into a bitter scowl. To Gram, it looked like his former best friend had taken a bite from the sourest lemon ever.

“What? Ya got no reply for that?” Gram taunted, looking at Buck, McCarley, and Tripp. “I bet you guys didn’t know that Cade manipulated you into this shit because he’s jealous of me!”

“Shut up!” Cade barked. “Shut-the-fuck-up!”

“Or what?” Gram growled.

“Or…or we’ll finish what we started!” Cade declared.

Gram folded his arms across his massive chest. “The four of ya couldn’t take me down last night, so you better bring a fucking army next time around!”

“I’m gonna kill you!” Cade snarled.

“You ain’t gonna kill shit!” the quarterback retorted.

“What the hell’s going on here?!” a woman’s voice came from behind.

Everyone turned to see a female security guard with the name Dixie Lee sewn into the chest of her uniform.

“Nothing, Ma’am,” Gram said, forcing a smile.

“Yeah, we’re just leaving,” McCarley said. He looked at Gram one last time. “You better watch your back!”

“It’s you that needs to be worried!” Gram yelled. “Because I’m coming for you – I’m coming for all four of you!”

“All of you will pay!” Mabon hissed. “And Tripp.”

The stocky red-haired jock regarded Mabon with wide eyes.
“Tell your stepfather, John, that Mabon sends his greetings.”

“What the fuck’s that about?” Buck asked Tripp.

“Nothing,” Tripp said, his face burning hot.

“Enough!” Dixie Lee, the security guard, yelled. “Get on outta here, all of ya!”

As Cade, McCarley, Buck, and Tripp stormed off, Gram grabbed Mabon by his elbow. “You have some major explaining to do!”

Chapter 2

The orange glow of the chamber fire illuminated the tense scene.

On all fours, Jason was crouched on the massive bed with the stone columns for posts. Completely naked, the blond man had a terrified look on his face. Standing protectively in front of Jason, Nathan was guarding him with both arms raised and an unwavering erection jutting up from his groin. Wilson appeared ready to blow his top.

Standing there in only his locked metal chastity, Ryan wasn’t sure if he’d heard correctly. How in the hell did Nathan accidentally take Jason as his bonded mate? I didn’t even know that was possible.

Jeb was incredulous. “Pa, did I hear ya correctly?”

“Ya heard right!” Wilson growled. Trembling with rage, Jeb’s father pointed accusingly at Nathan. “I loan our dignified guest here my slave, and he goes and claims my property as his! Under different circumstances, bonding with another master’s slave would be grounds for execution!”

“Has your pride blinded you to your place, Wilson Fitzpatrick?” Nathan asked archly. “You should rein in your bluster before you do irreparable harm to our kinship!”

“Please don’t hurt Nathan!” Jason pleaded from the bed. “Aside from Ryan, he’s the only one to treat me with the slightest bit of kindness in this castle of horrors!”

At Jeb’s side, Ryan was shocked by his fellow slave’s plea. Whenever Jason wasn’t drugged, all he would talk about was how much he hated Wilson and wanted to escape. Now, Jason was begging Wilson not to hurt Nathan—a complete departure from the disgruntled slave he’d been an hour ago.

Still, Ryan was confused. When he and Jeb bonded back at Jeb’s mansion in the wild swamps near Forsaken Cove, Ryan was his captive—Jeb’s human claim. To achieve the bonding with Ryan, Wilson had given his son a non-sexual transfer of aura. Although Ryan had been already falling for his captor at the time, Jeb bonded with Ryan on purpose, unlike what had just happened between Nathan and Jason.

“Shut up, bitch!” Wilson hissed at his slave. “You’re lucky I don’t disembowel you for your betrayal!”

“Be careful how you speak to my mate!” Nathan boomed, his voice seeming to shake the stone walls of the bedchamber. “And you will not touch my Jason ever again!” The older immortal briefly glanced back at the blond man cowering behind him.

Ryan could see the genuine affection in Nathan’s bright green eyes.

Nathan continued. “He’s my first bonded mate, and I feel a deep connection with him already.”

Wilson’s ire was aimed at Jason now. “Only the Five Gods could know how you pulled this off! This has to be some sort of witchcraft. How else could a slave as ornery and disagreeable as you tempt our esteemed guest by waggling such a loose hole at him?!”

“If you don’t cease with these insults, Wilson, I will strike you down!” Nathan shouted.

Jeb put his hand on his father’s shoulder. “Pa, calm down!” He lowered his voice. “Don’t forget Nathan has five centuries on you and the power of third-generation blood flowing through his veins.”

“I know this! I’m no fool!”

With his teeth bared, Nathan glared at Jeb and then Wilson. “You should listen to your son.” The incubus relaxed his posture. “Now, if you’ll stop accusing Jason and me of betraying you, I would like to express my genuine shock as to these turn of events.” Nathan ran his fingers through Jason’s short blond hair. “So, shall we discuss this like true hexian alphas or would you prefer to escalate these tensions until blood is spilled?” Nathan took a step toward Wilson and Jeb. “And just so there are no misunderstandings, the blood spilled here will not be mine, Wilson.”

Wilson’s gaze moved between Jeb and Nathan. Finally, he exhaled. “Fine. Tie and gag your new mate!” he spat bitterly. “And we shall all reconvene in the receiving chamber downstairs.” He turned to Jeb. “Do the same for your boy, my son. Mortal claims are to be displayed as trophies and not heard when hexian-kind discuss the business of the masters!” he proclaimed imperiously as he stormed out of the chamber.

Chapter 3

“Gram!” Mabon called out, running after him.

It was dark, but security lights lit the parking lot next to the Riverwalk. The hexian immortal could move at nearly unfathomable speeds if he chose to do so, but the area was too crowded. Also, Mabon wasn’t sure how much Gram had figured out yet, so he didn’t want to show too much of his hand by outrunning an athlete who stood at 6-foot-10. Instead, he purposely trailed the angry teen by several feet.

Several more calls to Gram went unanswered.

Once Gram reached his truck, he spun to face Mabon. “You can fucking stop yelling my name! I hear you!”

Mabon looked up into his eyes. “If you heard me, then why did you storm away?”

“Because you lied to me!”

“How did I lie to you?”

“You told me those assholes didn’t mess me up, but they did! They fucked my shit up!”

Mabon rolled his eyes. “You can’t believe those idiot boys! They were probably drunk or high or both!”

“You’re lying!” Gram snarled. “When I saw their faces, it all came back to me!”

Mabon had known this. He’d seen the realization in Gram’s eyes. He’d hoped that the recovered memories had confused Gram, but as Mabon was coming to know, Gram Montgomery was way sharper than the succubus had originally given him credit for.

Gram leaned down, getting in Mabon’s face. “I remember my bones breaking! I remember the way they crushed me with their feet! I remember the taste of my own blood!”

Mabon was silent.

“Are you not gonna even bother to deny it?”

The immortal was left with little choice. “Under these circumstances, I won’t waste your time or mine by coating the truth with sugar.” Mabon’s gaze was unflinching. “You were dying, Gram. If I hadn’t come along, you would be dead by their hand.”

“So you saved me? You didn’t just happen along like you said earlier.”

“Of course I didn’t just happen along! Nothing is as haphazard as that.”

“Tell me why you saved me!”

“You were dying, and I couldn’t let that happen.”

“But I was nothing to you.” Then Gram remembered something more important. “How did you save me?”

“I healed you.”

“No shit! How did you do it?”

The immortal’s bright green eyes blazed brightly.

“Fuck!” Gram jumped back from Mabon, bumping into the side of his truck in the process. “How did you make your eyes glow like that?”

“I suspect that a part of you has known all along,” Mabon said, taking a step toward Gram. “But I am not human.”

The football player had regained his balance. “Stay back!”

A woman holding the hand of a little girl was walking by. Overhearing Gram’s proclamation, she studied them as they passed.

“Do you want the whole town to hear you?” Mabon asked irritably.

“I don’t give a shit about the whole town!” Gram yelled. “I want to know who and what you are!”

“If you want to know, stop screaming at the top of your lungs and making a spectacle of yourself!”

“You’re not from this back-ass little town, so why would you care?”

“Let’s leave this place, Gram. Take me for a ride, and I’ll explain all to you.”

“Hell no! I’m not taking you anywhere until you tell me everything!”

“Fine,” the small immortal said through gritted teeth. “I am from the realm of Hexatopalie.”

“Hexa what?”

Mabon threw up his hand for silence. “We are known as hexians for short. Not dissimilar from humans physically, the stronger of my kind are powerful beings.”

Gram was incredulous. “You’re from another planet like an alien from outer space?”

Mabon rolled his eyes. “I didn’t arrive here in an aluminum spaceship if that’s what you’re thinking, but my kind, for the most part, are not from this world. My race is descended from the Five Gods, who reside in the realm of Hexatopalie.”

“So your people are like gods?”

“To humans, perhaps we would seem that way. I, myself, would be classified as a demigod, as I was sired by Rogan, the Erect God.”

“You’re like some half-god person is what you’re saying.”

“Yes,” Mabon said, not wanting to get too much deeper.

“So are your people just arriving here?” It was obvious from Gram’s wide eyes that he was trying to digest the information. “Are you part of some expeditionary force for an invading army?”

“You must quit thinking in the terms of a bad science fiction movie,” Mabon said, walking away from the truck.

Gram followed close behind. “So what’s the deal then?”

“We are not here to take over this planet, at least most of us aren’t.”

As they walked off the pavement onto the soggy ground, a chilly wind came off the Gulf, causing the Spanish moss hanging from the trees above to sway.

“Then what are you here for?” Gram asked, the anger and panic gone from his deep voice.

“We have been visiting this world since before proper human civilization began. Tens of thousands of years, actually. The oldest of our structures that remain are the ruins of Göbekli Tepe.”

“That crazy place in southeastern Turkey?”

“Yes,” Mabon said, stopping on a small hill that overlooked the Gulf of Mexico in the distance. “Impressive that you knew that.”

“Thanks. It was only discovered a few years ago by archeologists.”

“Mathias was the hexian who helped found human civilization in that part of the world. For centuries, he governed there, ruling as a god-king.”

“You mentioned his name!” Gram exclaimed. “I remember that, but then you quickly covered and said he was someone from your village back in Norway. But why would you mention someone who’s been dead for thousands of years.”

Mabon recalled this conversation, but Gram still had it wrong. Gram hadn’t heard Mabon say Mathias’s name—the fledgling incubus had read the immortal’s mind.

“Mathias was murdered,” Mabon clarified, “but only a few days ago, Gram.”


“Mathias was over a hundred thousand years old.”

“That’s impossible!” Gram shouted. “Humans can’t live that long.”

“Hexians are not human.”

“Oh, yeah.” As the moon broke through the clouds above, Gram scrutinized Mabon. “Just how old are you?”

“I’m 4,918 years,” Mabon replied simply.

“But you don’t look a day over fourteen or fifteen.”

“Appearances can be deceiving, Gram.”

“This is all so unbelievable! If hexians or whatever your people are called helped establish civilization on this planet, how is it that humans don’t speak of your existence?”

“Some do. The Catholic Church for example. Fearing our power, they made up their own names for us. They deemed to call my kind incubus and succubus. They proclaimed us demons to scare the commoners.”

“Demons?!” Gram gasped.

“Come now, Gram. You are too smart for those lies,” he said, reaching out to touch Gram’s chest. The football player took an alarmed step back from him. “Why do you recoil from my touch?”

“Because this entire scene is fucked-up!” Gram continued to back away.

“Where are you going?” Mabon asked.

“I gotta process this. I need a minute.”

“You need sixty seconds.”

“No, I mean that I need to get outta here, without you. I need some time alone.”

“You intend to just leave me here like some common mortal stock with a used-up ass?” Mabon asked disgustedly.

“Yeah, I’m gonna do whatever you just said,” Gram replied as he took off for his truck.

The immortal didn’t pursue. Instead, Mabon sighed raggedly as he watched Gram drive away.

“This situation is seriously getting on my nerves,” Mabon said to himself. “Now that Gram’s off sulking or brooding, it’s time I ramped up the pressure on this miserable little town. But one could have all the powers of hexian-kind and still not cover everything I need to. This is worse than herding a bunch of sore-assed boys away from all the platters of cocaine at the sex party.” Mabon looked up at the rising moon. “Perhaps, it’s time I recruit some trustworthy allies.

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