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A Fantasy including

two Figurines


Bo Widerberg

All characters in this story are fictitious,

and any resemblance to real people,

living or dead, is coincidental.


All rights reserved.

It wasn’t more than a week ago, since Barbara Small, by the doctor’s order, had been told she could leave the hospital, and go home. “There is nothing wrong with your mind.” He said with a knowing face, and signed the papers for her insurance.

Now, last Tuesday, she got this feeling in her head, back again. It wasn’t like a head-ache, it felt more like she had been asleep, and had just woken up from a nice, or pleasant, dream. It felt like someone wanted to talk to her. As she lives alone, she went out to her living room, to look around. But of course, she was alone, and there wasn’t anybody there. Looking at one of the figurines that stood on one of the shelfs on her entertainment center, a gift from her late husband. She was now certain it was that figurine that tried to talk to her. Then in her mind, it came back, she heard the same voice again, “You must drive down to the town center, there is a man down there waiting for you. He is a tall man, and blond, with wavy hair, and dressed in a business suite. He will be there for another fifteen minutes, take your car, and drive to meet him right away, Miss Small.”

Feeling confused, Barbara wasn’t sure what to do. Then this figurine standing on the shelf, turned towards her. “This man has what you are missing. Together with him, your fantasy, or imagination, will be unlimited. Go right now Miss Small.” Then the figurine, about a foot high, turned the way it had always been facing towards the coffee table and the couch.

As she was already dressed, Barbara quickly picked up her small handbag, and the car keys. Then she hurried out the door. She was lucky with the traffic, and reached the town-center in less than five minutes. She parked her car, and looked around to see if she could see this blond, and tall man, that the figurine had told her should be here. Before she started to walk towards the park, a man came and introduced himself, to her.

“My name is Clyde Leeward,” he said as he smiled at Barbara. “It may sound funny, but an old figurine I have at home told me to come here today. It described you excellently.” This person said in a nice modulated voice.

“Well, Mr. Leeward. I have also an old figurine at home, and for about ten minutes ago, this figurine told me to meet you here. It described you, and told me you were waiting here at the town center. I must say, it feels sort of funny to have a meeting, or a date, like this, made up by two figurines. Should we go in to the coffee house over there, for a cup of coffee?”

“I was just about to suggest the same. A cup of coffee might be nice, with a donut, or a cake of course. However, Miss Small how old is your figurine? And where was it purchased? My own was bought in Colombo, a city in Ceylon, the island south of India for about ten years ago, I was about to throw it away once, but for some reason I never did, it was like something stopped me, and I have kept this old item ever since.”

“Well, Mr. Leeward my late husband, he passed away a few years back, when he was younger he traveled a lot, and my figurine was bought on the same island, and he was there ten years ago, and he gave me this figurine to my twenty-fifth birthday. Funny how the two figurines were bought in Colombo, a city on the old Ceylon. Today, that island is called Sri Lanka.”

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