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Draining Daddy’s Dick!

Kim Clove

Copyright, 2017, All Rights Reserved

This is a work of fiction. The characters in my stories are 18 years or older.

Daddy started eating my pussy nice and fast. He’d told me he was going to punish me for being a slut. What had happened earlier was he’d caught me with a guy from my college; Jake Jones. I was nineteen years old, virgin, and horny. Jake had taken me out on a romantic date; dinner and movies, and once the movie was finished he had taken me to his car and driven me to an empty parking lot where we made out. I had never seen a dick before in my life, being a good girl of course, and I was so eager to get ahold of Jake’s and try it out. I was also nervous, but the nervousness made me hornier and hornier, and then I unbuttoned Jake’s pants and had started to go down on him when headlights filled the interior of Jake’s car.

I came up from his cock; my mouth having just started to suck the twitching, big shaft, and I stared with wide eyes out the back window of the car. The headlights were blinding, and Jake and I squinted nervously as a dark, large figure stepped out of the big truck and walked quickly towards our vehicle.

“What the fuck?” He said in a panicked voice, and then fumbled for the keys to start the ignition. Before he could do so, the window shattered and a big beefy set of arms grabbed Jake by the collar of his shirt and pulled him through the window. He was held up by the collar with one hand and slugged in the face with another; the balled up fist colliding with his jaw and making a cracking noise as Jake screamed and dropped to the ground.

“You punk. My daughter’s a virgin at nineteen, and I’m not going to have you spoil that. She’s going to wait until marriage, do you understand?”

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