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Her Aunt’s Guy 4

By Gina Candy

Copyright 2017 Gina Candy

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Her Aunt’s Guy 4

Aunt Lane worked three nights a week as a nurse, twelve-hour shifts, all in a row. Kindy had been forced to stop doing what she did for four nights. It was hard. She kept thinking of Reddick, Aunt Lane’s boyfriend, whose house they all lived in. He was a little more than double Kindy’s age, but he was so muscular. He was the best looking person Kindy had ever seen.

So for four days she hung out with the two of them. She and Aunt Lane did a couple of girly things. They went shopping one evening and saw a chick flick another evening.

Then, finally, the workweek rolled around again for Aunt Lane.

She left a little after six that night.

Kindy was back in her room when she heard Family Guy playing in the other room. In the few weeks Kindy had lived here, she’d learned that Reddick loved watching reruns of that show on Netflix. He didn’t play it while Aunt Lane was around, though. Aunt Lane hated that show and became bitchy if she even heard it playing.

Kindy loved it. But she was more interested in the hunk of a man watching it.

She went into the living room where he was sitting at one end of the sofa. She sat on the far other end and watched the show too.

They watched a few episodes, laughing, eating low fat popcorn and drinking Diet Soda. At some point after nine, she looked over and saw Reddick’s head tilted back and his eyes close.

She was pretty sure he was out.

It had been maddening being there with him. She’d so wanted to touch him. She’d wanted him to touch her. And now that he was unconscious, she went ahead and moved to his side of the couch. Then she slowly inched over more and more until her side was brushing his side.

He was wearing his pajama pants and an undershirt. She took his arm and carefully put it over her shoulders.

She waited like that for a little while, and he didn’t stir.

She felt so small beneath that big hard arm. She could smell his cologne, or maybe it was aftershave. She pretended that he was her boyfriend.

She put a hand on his leg. That was even harder than his arm. It was hard to believe a person could be that hard.

She rubbed his leg for a while. When he still showed no signs of waking, she lowered one of his hands to one of her breasts. Then she moved one of her hands to his cock.

His cock was hard too, like a brick. She gently stroked it for a while.

It felt so good in her hand. And the nipple of the boob his hand was on was really hard.

She felt like her whole body was swelling with want.

She took his free hand and moved it between her legs.

He did something he’d not done before. His hand was moving. He was rubbing her pussy.

She was pretty sure he was still unconscious. He was probably dreaming, she thought.

He was squeezing her tit too.

Having her pussy and tit massaged at the same time felt better than anything had ever felt.

She kept rubbing his cock too. She could feel it reacting. It would throb here and there, like it was taking a breath.

One of his hands moved. It went down her shirt and under her bra. Two fingers pinched a nipple.

She couldn’t have held back if she wanted to. She felt the burn inside grow out of control. She felt the inner throb.

Then she felt another throb. It was and outer throb. And it was coming from Reddick.

His cock throbbed continuously.

Then she could feel dampness through his pants.

She couldn’t believe it. She felt so proud.

She’d made Reddick cum.

Sure, he was asleep, but in her mind, it still counted.

She left after that. She went back to her room and read until she too fell asleep.

Author Bio

Gina Candy has a very checkered past. She’s kept company with shady people and met many strange characters. She’s developed an unusual and usually perverted fascination with all things erotic. She hopes her fiction will please and possibly offend you.

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