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"How to Start Writing Successfully"

Step by step how to write what you like and publish it.

Xavier Antonio Ayala Andaluz



Guayaquil, Ecuador

April 2017

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This book or manual could be said, it has been written in a simple and explanatory way for those people who want to write and do not know how to start? Or, do not know what to talk about? And by the way, it explains the process of its edition and the steps to publish successfully and how to do the job of promoting it. I have tried to touch all the points involved in the process of writing, creating and selling your book. Writing is personal opinion and sometimes helped with research work on a particular topic, teach some knowledge or simply tell a story that entertains and has or not messages in its background, but in writing.

Xavier Antonio Ayala Andaluz

How to start writing?

Do you want to start writing and do not know how or what about..?

Write say it is not for everyone and you need to know.

Well, if everyone can, of course, how to lay it out and leave it ready for publication is something else, but it is not science either. And yes, everyone can write, write is to think about something, is to teach something or just tell a story that amuses and entertains and in many cases you want to leave specific messages.

Anyone who has a story to tell can write a book, either for the sake of fun or to publish it and everyone can see it.

If you have creative ideas in your head while you read your favorite books or you are relaxed in the park, consider writing your stories.

So take some time, sit back and think about what people like to read.

Well the best way is to do it about what you like or know.

There are many people who have written poems or various thoughts and have them out there, somewhere written either by hand, or in some lost and forgotten file on their electronic equipment. Collect them, give them an order, and just join them.

Put a title to that group of things that you have written, of course, should be of the same theme. If they are poems, poems, if they are thoughts, then all you have, may also be here opinions that you have on various subjects.

 The important thing is that you can group them in the same genre. In fact many people start by this classification. You can talk about the subject that you want: Love, friendship, lack of love.

Now if what interests you is the genre of thoughts, it is the same, and one can reflect on the subject and motive that you like. If the thoughts and phrases are yours, put your name, if they are not, always put the source that yes, you never attribute something that is not yours, be honest with this.

If you're more of those who like to tell stories, do it, just start at the beginning. You do not know how to do it?

Well, it's like when you go to the movies and tell your friends, family how the movie was?

 You start to tell the movie. So it is if you want to write about an original story, a story of yours, that you created it.

Many people, authors suffer from the white page syndrome. It's that first page you're going to write on and you do not know about what?!

You have that blank sheet, the urge to write, the best intentions ... and ... now? What to do? What to talk about?

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