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Candy Vamp 4


Frank Arciszewski

Smashwords Edition

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Deep in the South American rain forest. The year is 804 A.D. A village consisting of huts made of mud with hay roofs, structured on the mountainous terrain. The region is tropical, lush with plant life, trees, and animals.

The men wear loin clothes made of animal skin and the women wear a similar bottom, with a top to cover their breasts. The men are true warriors, always armed with a spears and display tattoos along their arms and shoulder.

A group of women in their early 20’s congregates by a large fire and the hot topic is which warrior would make a good husband.

A group of warriors in their 20's stand across from the women talking about the sexual acts they want to do to those women. The warriors are large and muscular from combat training and battles. Many of the warriors have scars from past battles.

Two scrawny men of the tribe doesn’t yet take after their warrior brothers with very little muscle mass and no battle scars to brag about. The two scrawny men sit away from the others, watching the two-gender group flirt with casual glances.

Smallest of the two is Xavier, early 20’s and the typical Latin features of dark hair, eyes, and caramel tan skin and no tattoos.

His friend is Javier, slightly taller and twenty pounds heavier. Even though he’s a runt and not warrior worthy, the tribe relies on his skills as an all-around handyman. Javier catches Xavier staring at the prettiest of the girls, Marianna, the tribes’ princess with a body that women envy and men desire.

Hector is the largest and most feared warrior of the tribe, glimpses at Marianna. She flirts back to him with her eyes and body language.

JAVIER: What are you staring at, Xavier?

Javier grabs Xavier's arm.

JAVIER: Hector will kill you.

XAVIER: I'm not afraid of Hector.

JAVIER: (snickers) You'd better. Do I need to remind you that he's our next chief?

Xavier watches Marianna giggle with her friends and casually glance over to Hector. Hector notices that Xavier is also checking out Marianna. Javier pushes Xavier as Hector gets up, heading toward them.

JAVIER: Now you've done it. He's coming over here.

Both scrawny men gets to their feet as Hector approaches them with his fellow warriors behind him. Javier places himself between Hector and Xavier.

JAVIER: Hector, do you need your spear sharpened?

Hector easily pushes Javier aside and stares down Xavier.

HECTOR: What are you staring at?

XAVIER: I can't look among our people?

Hector punches Xavier in the face and Xavier falls to the ground. Hector’s friends laugh as he looks back among them.

HECTOR: You are not worthy of a warrior to look the direction of Marianna.

JAVIER: Come on, Hector. Xavier means no harm. He's slow minded. You know that.

Hector glares at Xavier. Xavier gets to his feet and wipes blood from his mouth.

JAVIER: I can put a metal tip on your spear. No one else has such a weapon dipped in poison. It'll kill your enemy within seconds.

Hector glances at Javier and hands him his spear.

HECTOR: Have it back to me in the morning.


Hector grunts at Xavier and leaves with his warriors. Javier turns to Xavier.

JAVIER: What's your problem? You know Hector doesn't like you. Why do you purposely antagonize him? One day, I won't be here to protect you.

Xavier glares at Hector from a distance and wipes the dirt off himself.

XAVIER: I'm tired of him striking me. One day, I'm going to stick his own spear into his cold heart.

JAVIER: Shut up!

Javier glances at the group of warriors. Xavier glimpses at Marianna. Marianna smirks at Xavier and apologizes to him with her eyes and a head nod. Javier grabs Xavier’s shoulder and turns him away from her before he finds himself burying a hole for Xavier's body.

JAVIER: Help me with the spear.

That night at Javier’s hut. Xavier sits on a tree stump while Javier works on Hector's spear.

XAVIER: Why is Marianna interested in the likes of Hector?

Javier holds a pan, melting metal over a fire.

JAVIER: Hector is the biggest and meanest warrior of the entire tribe. He's stronger than an ox. He has straight teeth and perfect hair.

XAVIER: Sounds to me that you're interested in him.

Xavier grins as he looks over to his friend.

JAVIER: I say it the way I see it.

XAVIER: There's more to a man than strength and looks.

JAVIER: Not here, my friend.

XAVIER: I have to go.

JAVIER: See you tomorrow.

Xavier leaves the hut, passes a group of young boys ranging in the age of ten to fourteen, and greets Xavier. Boy #1, the largest of the group leads his friends and stops in front of Xavier.

BOY #1: Are you going with the others to battle tomorrow?

XAVIER: Who are we battling?

BOY #2: The Comonga tribe. They are east of the river.


BOY #1: I don't know.

XAVIER: So, we fight with others for no reason.

GROUP of BOYS: Yeah.

XAVIER: I have to hunt.

BOY #3: (laughs) They won't allow you to fight.

Boy #1 slaps Boy #3 on the chest.

BOY #1: Who are you to judge him?

The others laugh and leave Boy #1 and Xavier. Xavier nods to Boy #1 and leaves. Boy #1 catches up with the other boys. As Xavier walks away, he runs into Hector and falls to the ground. The warriors with Hector laugh with him.

HECTOR: Watch where you step, you may get hurt.

Xavier stands and wipes the dirt off himself.

XAVIER: You're a big man, picking on someone much smaller than you. That must make you feel tough.

Hector's smile disappears while chuckles are faintly heard among his friends. Hector punches Xavier in the face three times and mounts Xavier as he falls onto the ground.

Hector friends cheer him on as he continues to reign down on Xavier with punches to the face. Xavier passes out and Javier tackles Hector, knocking him off Xavier.

Later, Xavier comes to and Javier is lying on the ground beside him. Xavier slowly comes to and sits up. He realizes that a spear is sticking in Javier’s chest. He sits over Javier and shakes him.

XAVIER: Javier! Javier!

Xavier gets to his feet and pulls out the spear from his friend’s chest.

Later that night, Xavier cautiously enters Hector’s hut, wearing a bow, a sack of arrows, and the spear that killed Javier. Hector snores on his bed of hay as Xavier, intensely nervous, slowly approaches Hector.

Xavier stands over Hector enraged because of the death of only friend. Hector snorts and rolls over facing away from Xavier. Xavier steps back, thinking about leaving the hut. Hector snorts again and rolls onto his back. Xavier steps closer and raises the spear.

A drop of sweat from Xavier drops onto Hector's chest. Hector opens his eyes just as Xavier lunges his spear toward his chest. Hector swings a sword, blocks the spear, and jumps up.

Xavier quickly exits the hut with Hector following. Xavier is a much faster runner than Hector as he races through the village. Hector trails behind him with the sword rose high, yelling and Xavier disappears into the forest.

HECTOR: You return and you will be buried beside Javier! You hear me!

Early morning... Xavier hikes through a forest with a bow and arrow, quietly following a large deer from a distance. The large buck approaches a stream and drinks. Xavier slowly reaches back, grabbing an arrow from his leather bag. The buck looks around and continues to drink from the river.

Xavier strings up the arrow and slowly draws the arrow back to his cheek. The buck continues to drink and just as Xavier releases the arrow, a loud rumbling approach from the sky, the buck flees, and the arrow goes astray.

A small spacecraft crashes into the water and the impact of the craft, splashes Xavier. Xavier falls to the ground, confused at the strange object that has fallen from the sky.

He approaches the shoreline and the craft glows bright under the water. Then the craft slowly emerges from the depths of the lake.

Xavier steps back, hiding behind a tree. The top of the craft opens; Xavier peeks around the tree. A large being stands within the cockpit. The being looks like a man, except more muscular, very pale skin, black hair and eyes, and stands over eight feet tall.

Xavier turns away as the being looks his direction. Xavier nervously sighs and peeks around the tree and the creature stands over him, gasping for air. Xavier freezes in his tracks, looking at the large stranger that appears to be dying.

The creature falls to his knees, and now they are face to face. The creature quickly grabs Xavier by the head and closes his eyes. The creatures hands glows on Xavier's head.

RANDY: He was the last of his kind and offered Xavier the chance to live forever. As the Alien pierced his fangs into Xavier's neck, he received the back-story of alien vampires from a world far away. Not long ago, a visitor of the planet Fordran was welcomed with open arms. Little did the being know, is that this creature was a parasite, a leech. This creature spread a virus among their planet and within days, the planet was infected. Many died and those that didn't die from the virus fed off the blood of others.

The creatures' eyes glowed red and as his fangs pierced into Xavier’s neck, the virus transfers to Xavier. The red in the eyes of the creature changes to brown as he dies.

The eyes of Xavier turn red and gasping for air, exposing large fangs. The creature collapses to the ground and slowly turns to ashes.

Xavier is hauntingly amazed as his body transforms very muscular and his facial features enhanced; straight teeth, long perfect blonde hair, clear complexion, and his height increased a foot. Xavier laughs, feels and admires his newfound body.

RANDY: With Xavier's rebirth, he returned to his tribe to face Hector and avenge his friends’ death.

That day... Xavier punches Hector in the face and he flies back ten ten and tumbles to the ground. The entire tribe is shocked by Xavier's new strength and appearance.

Even worse, Marianna is frightened by Xavier, which infuriates him. Xavier picks up Hector by the throat with Javier’s spear in hand and lunges it into his chest.

The tribe gasps when Xavier's eyes turn red, exposes fangs, and lunges his fangs into Hector's neck. Women and children scream in terror. Once Xavier gets enough blood from Hector’s veins, he drops him to the ground.

The Chief orders his warriors to attack Xavier. Xavier disappears and twenty soldiers fall to the ground with broken necks. Xavier re-appears and glares at the Chief.

XAVIER: Call your men off!

The Chief ignores him and motions for more men to attack Xavier. Marianna is convinced that Xavier is a demon. Hector begins to transform into a vampire... Xavier grabs a sword and decapitates him and Hector turns to ashes.

Xavier is livid and quickly kills every warrior that confronts him; stabbing them with spears, bites and breaks their necks with ease. Xavier realizes that he's lost control and made matters worse, now being feared as a monster, which was not his intention. Xavier glares at the chief and disappears.

The chief looks around armed with a spear. Xavier reappears in front of the chief, eyes blood red and fangs out. The chief stabs Xavier in the chest. Xavier looks down and back away at the smiling chief.

Xavier punches the chief, knocking onto his back. Xavier pulls out the spear of his chest and drops it. The Chief is flabbergasted that the wound disappears. Marianna steps Xavier and her father.

MARIANNA: No... Devil!

Xavier stops his attack at the chief. Xavier looks among his frightened people. Boy #1 that spoke with him yesterday is one also confused, angry, and scared. Xavier remembers his passive attitude toward battle before this morning and he looks around at all the dead warriors that had fallen by his hands. Xavier screams and takes flight into the morning sky.

RANDY: Xavier left his only home for over a hundred years. When he returned, he realized that the old passive Xavier is no more.

Present day... Candy, the curvy brunette vampire and her best friend, Crystal, the dangerous blonde vampire and witch, enter a club in downtown Chicago. Most of the patrons are first generation Russians still embracing their homeland. Russian folk music plays as Candy and Crystal walks through the congested dance floor.

Candy leads Crystal to a private room, guarded by two large Russian mobsters. Candy and Crystal looks up at the two large mobsters.

CANDY: (speaks Russian) I have to speak to Alexander Brokov.

One of the Russian mobsters speaks into a headset.

CANDY: (speaks Russian) It’s Candy.

CRYSTAL: (speaks Russian) And Crystal.

Moments later, one of the two large mobsters leads the two vampires into the private room. Two Russian strippers entertain a room full of Russian men.

Candy looks over to the large back table and smirks at Alexander, a husky, bald man in an expensive business suit with a woman seated on each side of him. Alexander gets out from the table and approaches the vampires.

ALEXANDER: (thick Russian accent) My dear friends, Candy and Crystal!

Alexander kisses both vampires on the cheek and leads them back to the table. Alexander tells the two women in Russian to go mingle in the room. Once Alexander, Candy, and Crystal sits, a glass of vodka is placed in front of both vampires.

ALEXANDER: How are you?

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